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In 2013, Grofers, an on-demand online grocery delivery service based in Gurugram, India, which is now known as Blinkit Franchise, was established. This e-commerce start-up platform offers its consumers a range of daily necessities including groceries, bakery goods, baby care products, and many more.

Customers can purchase and request their products using the Blinkit smartphone application at a predetermined time, and Grofers staff will deliver these items to the customers. The business currently runs Blinkit in over 28 Indian cities.

On December 13, 2021, Grofers had successfully completed their attempt at rebranding under the moniker Blinkit.It is regarded among the best grocery franchise in india. The creation of the new name Blinkit is consistent with the objective of the business, which is to deliver goods instantly, or in the blink of an eye.

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Grofers, a combination of the words grocery and gophers, specifically denoted a person who conducts errands, was Blinkit’s prior moniker.

Blinkit Franchise Overview

Business SegmentGrocery
Franchise Fee3 Lakhs
No. of Dark Stores300+
Total Investment Requirement20 lakh Rupees
Other NamesGrofers
Parent CompanyZomato
Year of Foundation2013
Blinkit Franchise Overview

Blinkit Franchise Initial Days

After graduating, Albinder worked for the URS Company in the USA as a transportation analyst. While at work, he met Saurabh Kumar and maintained contact with him without any inclination toward entrepreneurship.

There was a significant void in the delivery sector, as discovered by both Albinder and Saurabh. Given that many businesses were starting up at the time, they both decided to take advantage of the opportunity. In the interaction between retailers and customers, they felt the need to arrange the unorganized hyperlocal space.

At that point, they began to lay the groundwork for their startup. Their plan was to offer on-demand pickup and drop-off services as a one-stop shop for all of the clients’ local delivery requirements. This was done to make it easier for customers to get the logistics from local businesses like grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants. At first, they both assisted customers in getting their goods delivered from local shops and supermarkets.

Blinkit Franchise Vision

The new goal statement for Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers, is “instant commerce indistinguishable from magic.” Delivering groceries to clients instantly and quickly is the only thing Blinkit believes in. Blinkist’s present goal is to thrive in the rapid commerce industry.

Acquisition of Blinkit by Zomato!

Blinkit was acquired by Zomato following several months of negotiations, loans, and what-if scenarios. On June 24, 2022, when Zomato purchased the online grocery delivery company in an all-stock deal worth $568 million, the board of the well-known Deepinder Goyal-led foodtech company finally gave its approval to the acquisition of Blinkit. Up to 33,018 equity shares of Blink Commerce Pvt Ltd were purchased by the board of the latter from its stockholders. This was agreed to for a total purchase price of Rs 4,447.48 crore ($569 mn), according to the company’s most recent BSE statement.

Blinkit Franchise Model

Blinkit, operates on a marketplace business model also known as the hyperLocal on-demand logistics system. It intends to eliminate the necessity for customers to visit their neighbourhood stores to purchase consumer items in favour of online ordering. This startup does not own any supermarkets or storage facilities.

It simply collaborates with the city’s small food businesses and dispatches delivery men to pick up the goods that customers have requested from these establishments. Orders can be placed online or through their mobile application. The local grocery store owners receive more orders thanks to this tie-up arrangement, and Grofers profits from these orders by charging a fee.

Blinkit Franchise Revenue Model

The commission-based income model and Blinkit’s revenue model are comparable. Blinkit has partnered with neighbourhood store owners and business owners to provide groceries and other necessities to the community. On these orders, Blinkit charges these merchants a commission. When orders are placed below 700, a commission of 8 to 15 percent is charged, and when orders are placed below 1000, a commission of 12 to 15 percent is charged. Additionally, Blinkit charges a shipping fee for orders that are less than INR 250.

Advamtages of a Blinkit Franchise

  1. Growing earnings: Blinkit provides quick breakeven and 30% return on investment.
  2. Doing business is easy: Once the store is set up, you can go live for orders in a week and it also has a hassle-free supply chain to manage the store.
  3. Support that they offer: They provide training on warehouse management & operations and data & insights to effectively grow business.
  4. First mover advantage: The grocery retailer Blinkit opened all 100 of its locations in Delhi and the surrounding area. Thus, the first sales will be higher if you open this franchise in cities other than Delhi for two reasons. Due to the fact that it is the only Blinkit retail location in the city and the scarcity, it will generate until competitors obtain a franchise to do the same.
  5. The Indian demand: Blinkit retail store will have something for everyone, so customers won’t have to move from store to store due to lack of availability: fruits, vegetables, nutritional snacks, dairy products, fish, poultry, pasta, and other foods.

What are the Requirements for Blinkit Franchise?


  • Ground floor commercial property with 2000-4000 square feet carpet area
  • Parking space for 15-20 bikes
  • Easy access to park a small truck/ canter


  • Store supervisor
  • Store staff
  • 2 Shifts daily commitment


  • Zero upfront cost
  • Bank guarantee of ₹30-35 lakhs

Documents Required For Blinkit Franchise

One must fulfil the following criteria in order to run a Blinkit grocery store franchise:

  • Standardised franchise agreement
  • Aadhar card, PAN Card, bank details
  • GST registration
  • Store rental agreement
  • Financial and educational background status

Assistance provided by Blinkit

  • Complete inventory management from sourcing to supply, including the return of unsold products.
  • Benefits of a single point of supply for inventories include the avoidance of contract negotiations with various distributors and the ability to pick back unsold items.
  • Business advice on how to run the store, including what items to stock, how to price them, where to put them in the space, and how to advertise it.
  • Billing and inventory ordering software are all needed to run the store.
  • Training of the workforce
  • Support for offline marketing through designs and advice on execution Furthermore, local online orders will be forwarded to the store and delivered by the store partner.
  • A dedicated Grofers Market – Area Business Manager who will serve as the single point of contact for lead generation, onboarding, and managing shop operations will coordinate day-to-day activities.

What does their partner expect from them? Day-to-day retail operations, including staffing and achieving sales goals, Customer interaction, store cleanliness, and other aspects of the experience.

Blinkit Franchise Cost

Total franchise cost of a Blinkit Franchise is ₹2 Lakhs but it will take around 20 Lakhs as investment to make the store ready to go.

Total investmentRs. 20,00,000
Area requirement1000 square feet
Franchise FeeRs. 3,00,000
Break Even point12 months
Return on Investment8 percent
How much does blinkit franchise cost ?

How to apply for a Blinkit store franchise?

There are several ways to submit an application for a Blinkit grocery store franchise:

Send an email with your personal information and a request to purchase one of Blinkit’s franchises to the address listed on the website for Grofers.

You can also get in touch with the Blinkit franchise (zonal) offices and submit your inquiry and details for a response.

Future Plans – Blinkit

Blinkit had bragged that it had roughly 13% of the market, making it the third-largest online platform for food delivery after Bigbasket and Amazon. Bigbasket is the market leader with over 37 percent of the total market share, followed by Amazon with 15% of the market.

Blinkit, a Zomato affiliate, aims to be the company’s online delivery leader.

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