What’s The Chai Garam Franchise Cost & How to get Chai Garam Franchise ?

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Chai Garam Franchise

“Do you want to start your own enterprises without or with prior experience? If your answer is “Yes”, then, here is an excellent opportunity for you to start your ever going on and much profitable business of selling tea. Chai Garam offers Franchise for such interested people”

Chai Garam outlets are very popular in India. It is not only popular in India but well known brand in some Asian countries. It has currently more than 200 retail outlets and kiosks serving millions of customers every day. As per record, it has so far served over 5 million cups of tea.

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Chai Garam Net Revenue

Net revenue of Chai Garam is not available. However, Revenues range less than 1Cr has been recorded for Financial Year 2020.

Chai Garam Specialty

Chai Garam provides freshly brewed made to order handmade chai using garden-fresh ingredients. Its tea is freshly brewed without the use of tea bags or vending machines

Chai Garam offers a wide range of beverages and food items

Chai Garam Founder and Foundation date

The Co-Founders of Chai Garam are  Abhishek Nahta, Bhrigu Dutt.  It was established in 2008. Its head office is located in New Delhi.

It has presence in some Asia countries. It is predominant and one of the leading franchisors in India  Chai Garam Franchisor has over 14 years experience in business development and executions

Chai Garam Franchise: Menu and Top Selling Items

Chai Garam offers a wide range of beverages and food items. It offers 20 types of freshly brewed hand-made teas, 30 flavors of Milk shakes, Coolers and Iced Teas.

 Its food menu has a vast assortment of snacks ranging from Pastas, Sandwiches and Omelettes to Parathas and Samosas.  

Chai Garam Franchise Cost

Chai Garam Franchise initial investment amount cost ranges from Rs.10,00,000-  Rs.15,00,000/-

Franchise Fee is Rs.350,000/- +GST.

Chai Garam Franchise : Area and Man Power Required

The minimum area required is 100 Square Feet. 

To start business as average outlet 2-3 people are sufficient.

Chai Garam Franchise : Terms and conditions

  1. The franchise agreement is for  7 years
  2.  Complete outlet setup and training by the company will be done in 45 days.
  3. Transport, Boarding and lodging shall be included for this period by the company.
  4. Assistance in Setting up the entire supply chain.
  5. Payback Period: 18 months.
  6. Royalty charge is 4% on Sales.

Chai Garam Franchisor’s Help and Support

Chai Garam Franchisor has a team of experts who helps in setting up new Franchisee business.  The team helps from searching suitable best sites to Onsite Sales Support.

Following are the list of support provided by Franchisor.

1. Real estate selection

2.Design fabrication and set-up

3. Logistics and supply chain

4. Interiors artwork

5. Collateral designs marketing

6. HR selection training

7.Franchisee training support

  • IT Systems Digital Integration
  • Inventory management
  • Onsite Sales Support

Chai Garam Franchisee Profit

Average cost of Chai Garam for two people is Rs.300/- exclusive of taxes. Chai Garam Franchise could earn 12% to 20% profit per month of Sales amount.  There are several factors which play important role in profit like location of business, season, duration of establishment, Quality Customer Services and management, etc.  Location of business is prime factors of successful business.

Chai Garam Franchise: Documents Required

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Passport Size Photographs
  4. Pan Card

Chai Garam Franchise: Procedure to apply

Franchise Form is available on its official website https://www.chaigaramcafe.com

  1. Click on the Contact us option.
  2. Enter your name, phone/mob number, e-mail id and location.
  3. Type your message in given box and submit. An Authorized person from Chai Garam Franchisor will contact you.


  • You can email on available email id,
  • A call or What Apps message can be done on given number on the website. 


Chai Garam Franchise is very popular in India.  It has more than 200 outlets in India. As a Franchisee, you will get complete and consistent support form searching of best business site to till actual sells. Its expert team will provide mandatory training in successful start of your business. It gives you quick returns and profit from 12%-20% per month of sales amount that is larger than other types of business.

Is it worth of buying Chai Garam Franchise?

Chai Garam Franchisor provides complete support in from establishing business to actual sales. No prior experience is required. Profit range from 12%-20% of Sales amount/month is thought to be big Profit. It is 100% worth full with going Chai Garam Franchise.

What is the best location for Chai Garam Franchise?

Airports, Metro Stations, Malls and Petrol pumps are best location sites for Chai Garam Franchise.

Who is the owner of Chai Garam Franchise?

Bhrigu Dutt is owner of Chai Garam Franchise.

How many outlets Chai Garam Franchisor have?

There are more than 200 outlets of Chai Garam Franchisor.

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