How to get Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise ? Franchise cost, profit margin

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Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise

Chai is the most common drink in India. You will find chai shops in every corner of India. Chai Kulhad Bar is a new revolution in the tea market, especially in first-tier and second-tier cities. If you want to tap the evergreen tea market of India then Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise is the brand to go with. You will learn here, How to get a Chai Kulhad Bar franchise! It’s cost, profit margin, requirement, and contact details.

What is Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise

Chai Kulhad Bar is a private sector business dealing in the tea and coffee business. Chai Kulhad Bar (CKB) is a brand new concept with world class food and lavish atmosphere, good service and most importantly a very reasonable price. Best food varieties and cafe Franchisee Available with lowest investment and lowest royalty in the segment & it’s amonst the best tea franchise in india .

Who is the owner of Chai Kulhad Bar

The owner of Chai Kulhad Bar is Vishal Parmar. He founded this venture in 2020 and it’s head office is in PETLAD. Chai Kulhad Bar is a franchise-based business model with two outlets in Gujarat. It started to give its franchises in 2020. The franchise tenure is five years, and it takes 30 business days to set up the franchise.

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What are the two models followed by Chai Kulhad Bar

Kiosk Model

A kiosk refers to a small, temporary, stand-alone booth used in high-traffic areas for marketing purposes. A kiosk is usually manned by one or two individuals who help attract attention to the booth to get new customers.

India is home to close to 1.3 billion people, where the fight for space is always going to be the problem for living as well as setting up a business.

This kiosk model is a great option for overcoming the space constraint, as it can be opened in small spaces. One needs a kitchen space to cook, and a counter. The best part of the kiosk model is there are no unnecessary investments other than paying the staff and things required for cooking. There is no extra investment involved for hiring more staff for serving and cleaning purposes, or interior decoration or sitting arrangements or valet parking. The entire focus of the business narrows down to maintaining the quality of the food, being served to the customers.

Cafe Model

“Cafe” is a restaurant that does not offer table service. Customers order their food from a counter and serve themselves. Café is the best franchise format because here people will come to enjoy the different varieties of product listed in the menu as well as the ambience of the café.

Why choose the Chai Kulhad Bar franchise?

  • Unique and different Café business model.
  • Platform for earning from Rs.40k+ (Kiosk model) 60k+ (Cafe model) monthly* (net profit after all expenses).
  • Successfully running 2 outlets at Petlad, Borsad (opening soon in 3rd Nadiad/ 4th Anand) Company Outlets (COCO).
  • Strong supply chain.
  •  Best in class quality.
  • 100+products on the menu.
  • Known for the best quality of Tea, Coffee, mocktails,maggie, Sandwiches, Burger.
  • ROI Kiosk Model 7 months.
  • ROI Cafe Model 11 months.

Chai Kulhad Bar Menu

Chai Menu

  • Classic Chai
  • Ginger Chai
  • Rose Chai
  • Plan Chai
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Masala Chai
  • Elaichi Chai
  • Bournvita Chai
  • Vanilla Chai
  • Pudina Chai
  • Green Tea

Hot Coffee menu

  • Reg Coffee
  • Strong Coffee
  • Black Coffee
  • Beer Coffee
  • Whiskey Coffee
  • Rum Coffee
  • Chocolate Coffee
  • Masala Coffee
  • Elaichi Coffee
  • Brandy Coffee
  • Wine Coffee
  • Irish Coffee
  • Caramel Coffee
  • Hazelnut Coffee
  • Dalgano Coffee

Along with these, milkshakes, mocktails, cold drinks, wraps, rolls, chat, samosa, and Indian fast food are also served.

How to get Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise ?

Chai Kulhad Bar can be a good choice if you are looking to invest in the food and beverage industry. Tea is the most loved product in India and the demand for tea is constant. This Franchise is just 2 years old and they know the taste of youth, students, and tea lovers while maintaining the traditional values by serving tea in kulhads.

To get Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise, one needs to have an available air-conditioned space of 100 to 150 sq. ft for Kiosk model and 300-500 sq. ft. for Cafe model and a compulsory kitchen area; it is vital to have computer connectivity, CCTV set up, and compulsory delivery service. 5 employees are required to cater to the customers of Chai Kulhad Bar.

Requirement of Experience for Chai Kulhad Bar

You don’t require any such experience to have a tea outlet. Chai Kulhad Bar is the option even if you are new in this industry. Experience in food and cafe franchises is of course advantage to running the business. Chai Kulhad Bar franchise provides guidance and training to their associates.

Chai Kulhad Bar Outlet Location

Finding a Location for the Chai Kulhad Bar outlet is not much of a headache. Industrial Area, Residential Area, Shopping Area, Bazar, highways, or any road with public movement is an ideal location for a tea franchise. Chai Kulhad Bar is still peaking its popularity and it will definitely attract customers to your location for having a Cup of Tea and Coffee.

Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise Cost

Kiosk Modle

Franchise feeRs. 1,50,000
Total investmentRs. 3,80,000
Agreement5 years
RoyaltyRs. 3,500 per month
Chai kulhad bar franchise cost

Initial investment for outlet setup: Kiosk model

Furniture and interiorRs. 85,000
Machinery and CrockeryRs. 71,000
Raw materialRs. 37,000
BrandingRs. 37,000
Franchise fee (ex. GST)Rs. 1,50,000
Total investmentRs. 3,80,000
Investment required for CKB kiosk model

Cafe model

Franchise feeRs. 2,00,000
Total investmentRs. 7,08,000
Agreement5 years
RoyaltyRs. 4,500 per month
Cafe model franchise cost

Initial investment for outlet setup: Cafe model

Furniture and interiorRs. 2,27,000
Machinery and CrockeryRs. 1,53,000
Raw materialRs. 70,000
BrandingRs. 58,000
Franchise costRs. 2,00,000
Total investmentRs. 7,08,000
Investment required for CKB cafe model

Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise return on investment

Return on Investment is quite fair in Tea and Coffee franchises. Any exact amount percentage is unknown in terms of profit margin. Chai Kulhad Bar is a good opportunity to start an affordable franchise without worrying about the customer base because tea lovers are everywhere. They are introducing other food – Nasta products to serve with chai. The ROI timeline is one month after the shop was set up in 30 days.

Documents Required to Start Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Proprietor Aadhaar Copy
  • Proprietor Photo
  • Proprietor / Business PAN Copy
  • Business TAN Copy
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Proprietor / Business Address Proof
  • Unit / Shop Address Proof
  • NOC of Unit / Shop

Is the Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise profitable?

Yes, the Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise is profitable. Normally they always find customers at their tea stall or cafes.

How to Apply for Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise in India

Everything is Online. All you need to do is visit their website, you will find a contact form. Prepare yourself with required budgets and shop before contacting them for a better chance. They will respond to you for further procedures.

Chai Kulhad Bar Franchise Contact Details

Chai Kulhad Bar

Company Headquarter

F13, Shaan Aroma Complex, opp. Surya Mandir

Borsad 388540

District Anand

Ph. 9662180337

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