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Content writing service: Regularly placing fresh content on your website is extremely important right now. It has become a major factor in firstly improving, then maintaining your subsequently improved search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) placement.

Copy-writing Agency services UK. – The challenge for most of the businesses is writing the quality content for their websites. It is important to write the content which explains your business. Also, content writers should be aware of how to use the keywords wisely to get the best results in SEO. 

We at predictable marketing make sure the content is well written, formatted, and engaging. That, coupled with ensuring keywords are intelligently placed.

Each website requires unique content and within the website, the content should be engaging as well as not losing the context of the brand /product/service. Some businesses prefer a more articulate script, with others preferring a friendly or sales like approach. It’s important to pitch a given product or service well, with an ‘attractive and catchy introduction’ as concentration levels quickly drop. The first paragraph is absolutely essential to a given web-pages success.

A business should make sure that its features’ and benefits are highlighted. So the text should embody what the specific features’ of their business are; pointing out how this differs from similar companies. Furthermore, it should highlight the benefits of using the service or buying the product from you are. What makes your business or service different and better? There are sure to be a plethora of other organizations offering similar products or services, so the reader of your website needs to know very quickly why it’s advantageous to purchase what you have to offer.

We have found that modern-day customers prefer ‘to the point’ information, rather than verbose difficult to read the content. An over-emphasis on trying to impress with flowery language can have an adverse effect.

Content writing services for websites

With all this in mind, we ensure your content has the ‘knockout’ all-important introduction. Furthermore, it will include features and benefits and be explanatory in a warm, friendly and easy to read manner. Good content writing is an essential service that can set you apart from other businesses or services. Most businesses still wrongly consider it something to be done in house, and this is a mistake you can capitalize on.

As suggested, ‘Get Found’ content writers ensure that your web pages appropriately search engine optimized for keywords and phrases.  They work from the specifications our SEO specialist gives beforehand, having meticulously analyzed and researched the keywords relevant to your business product or service and also we provide the best Content writing services for websites

Our content writing team is lead by an ‘English Literacy Specialist’ and fully qualified former English teacher, moreover with a decade’s experience in the content writing field. With a proven track record, you can be confident that well written, keyword embodied content gets placed and regularly updated on your website

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