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Cupbop Franchise

An American franchise of fast-casual restaurants with locations in both the United States and Indonesia is called Cupbop (stylized as CUP-BOP). They offer cup-bap, or Korean BBQ in the style of street food. In Salt Lake County, Utah, Cupbop began as a food truck in 2013 and has since expanded significantly. The establishment is recognised for introducing Korean BBQ to Utah.

There are 36 total shop locations, six food trucks, and numerous concessions spots in the United States as of May 2022, including the Utah Jazz NBA Arena. Throughout addition, the business has over 100 sites in Indonesia. The chain generated $10 million in revenue in 2020.

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History of cupbop franchise

When Korean cuisine was not represented at a Utah food convention in 2013, Junghun Song decided to launch Cupbop. Soon after, Song and two of his pals started serving Korean food out of a 20-year-old food truck, and they later founded and co-owned Cupbop.

In order to grow, Cupbop opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant close to Brigham Young University and other food trucks during 2015. Because of its distinctive branding, the business was frequently featured on social media and became well-known on the BYU campus. To encourage expansion, Cupbop ran regional gatherings and marketing initiatives. Since its founding, Cupbop has added more than 30 locations throughout the United States, and its annual sales have topped 25 million USD.

When Cupbop was chosen as one of Yahoo’s “27 of the Best Food Trucks in America” and chosen as the top food truck in Utah in 2021, it received praise from the restaurant industry.

The proprietors of the business made an appearance on the US television programme Shark Tank in May 2022 and requested $1 million in exchange for a 3% interest in the business. In exchange for $1 million USD, they agreed to offer Mark Cuban, a wealthy investor, 5% of their business.

Cupbop franchise Menu

Cupbop’s produces a variety of foods. The main item in their meal department is a bowl of rice. It can make a variety of bowls using tofu, vegetables, beef, and other meats.

Along with this meal, Cupbop also serves a variety of traditional Korean dishes like kimchi and mandu, a type of dumpling.

  • Rock Bop (Korean style tangy fried chicken)
  • Combo Bop (Your choice of two proteins/veggies)
  • B Bop (Korean style BBQ beef)
  • Piggy Bop (Korean style BBQ pork)
  • KKO KKO Bop (Korean style BBQ Chicken)
  • Doochi Bop (Fried Tofu)
  • Veggie Bop (Korean style veggies)
  • Noodle Bop (Korean style sweet potato noodles)
  • Ugly Pop Bop (Korean style fried chicken)
  • Mandoo Bop (Deep-fried pot stickers)
  • Kimchi (Korean style cabbage
  • GF noodles (Gluten free noodles)

Who Is The Founder Of Cupbop?

The company Cupbop was founded and is run by Junghun Song. Dok Kwon oversees the Korean BBQ In a Cup as the company’s chief operating officer.

Together, these two have grown this brand into a multimillion dollar enterprise. Every significant state in the US has access to it. The founder’s scavenger and marketing abilities are the true cause of this.

What Happened To Cupbop After Shark Tank?

Dok and Jung stated that they plan to grow their restaurant network if they receive finance at this point. In order for everyone to learn about their service, they will also invest in marketing.

For a few months after this Shark Tank episode aired, Cupbop sales significantly outperformed their previous levels.

The entrepreneur hoped to use these funds to distribute this cuisine throughout the United States and provide better nourishment for people.

In exchange for a 7 percent ownership stake, Mark Cuban invested $1 million in this company, and he is now concentrating more on it. In 2022, Cupbop plans to take its business global through smart strategy and marketing. There hasn’t been any information released on its expansion since receiving funding from Shark Tank.

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The company currently employs between 10 and 100 people, and business is booming. Positive comments about their great cuisine are being received from customers, which is excellent news for this business. They run their significant company from its headquarters in Rexburg, Idaho.

After expanding their business, Jung & Dok has provided work for a large number of individuals, which is excellent for the nation’s economy. Given the intense rivalry in the restaurant sector, their goal is to quickly expand their company to other nations

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