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The story of Food Adda Franchise takes us back to the year 2016 when founder of the company, Mr. Hardik Salva had started a small roadside food shop. During an interview with a YouTuber, he had revealed that he did not wanted to pursue further studies after his 12th as he was interested to start up his own business. However, it was in 2016 when the birth of his fusion fast food franchise company, Food Adda happened.

The company introduced itself as the pioneers of fusion and luxury fast food segment that served various dishes ranging from different types of cuisines. Food available in Food Adda ranged from the flavorful and delicious sandwiches to the local, traditional yet delicious Mumbai Special Pav Bhaji. The company also offered various types of desserts and milkshakes which was the reason for market attraction. Now, the company has got its outlets in more than 14 states across the country with more than 75 stores. 

Food Adda Franchise – How it Started?

As mentioned earlier that the story of Food Adda’s history takes us back to the year 2016 when Mr. Hardik Salva had started a small roadside shop with a mere investment of INR 50,000. Mr. Salva always had a thing for becoming an entrepreneur as he was interested to open up his own business. However, before realizing that his entrepreneurial journey would begin with the food industry he started off with selling clothing. However, it did not end up well for him as the clothing business was facing loss.

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When Food Adda started small in such a huge market it only focused on selling quality food items which was the reason why it became the favorite food restaurant for most people. Managing Director of the company, Chef parth Mehta was an experienced and knowledgeable person and with his help delicious dishes were prepared and sold to the customers. 

By the year 2018 arrived Mr Salva’s roadside shop was doing good business and it was in the same year when he received franchise offers. It was all a new thing for him to understand which is why he took time to understand the different franchise models and how it works. It was a great milestone for the company back then because it received good feedback from the customers and the founder and his team saw this an opportunity to expand his business. 

Food Adda Franchise Menu

Food Adda started off by selling sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, the local traditional food items like Pav Bhaji and such in their stall that too in roadside. However, founder of the company, Mr Salva was lucky enough to receive the support of his friends where one of them was an experienced Chef and others were supportive enough to trust Mr Salva that he could make huge business.

The price range was yet another factor that hugely contributed to the success of Food Adda where the range started from INR 20 to INR 500. Let us have a look at the Food Adda Franchise menu below.

Food Adda Franchise Specialty

Food Adda specialty lies within its unique set of recipes and food items. The team working behind such unique recipes always wanted to serve not just the tasty and delicious food items that could be loved by all age groups but there had to be quality in it.

Food Adda represents itself as Fusion Fast Food Restaurant specialty which simply means combination of elements of different culinary traditions that originate from different countries or regions or cultures. In other words, it simply meant merging different recipes with each other to produce a new recipe. 

Food Adda has brought out several items in their menu some unique fusion items which were unimaginable by other restaurants today. It was a great way to attract new customers giving them an opportunity to try out something new in the recipe. However, Food Adda did not leave its focus from its traditional food items as they were also some of the most demanding food items today. 

Investment Required For Food Adda Franchise 

There are various factors that would vary the investment/cost required to open up a Food Adda franchise like the size and demand of expenditures in recent days. However, it can be assumed that to open up a spacious outlet in a good location could cost you around INR 15 lacs to INR 20 lacs. The franchise fee that the company takes is 4 lacs including GST. The minimum required area should be at least 200 sq ft to open up a Food Adda shop. 

Let us have a look at a detailed breakdown of the investment/cost required for Food Adda franchise.

Food Adda franchise requires a total investment of INR 17,00,000 to get started. The investment is broken down into several categories, including franchise fees (which include 18% GST) for INR 4,72,000, kitchen and machinery equipment for INR 6,00,000, furniture and interior cost for INR 4,50,000, branding and signage cost for INR 50,000, marketing cost for INR 40,000, advance raw material cost for INR 50,000, and miscellaneous expenses for INR 30,000.

Food Adda Franchise Cost

The Food Adda company has got its franchises in more than 14 cities in the country today and they are charging a franchise fee of around INR 4 lacs excluding 18% GST. The table that has been mentioned above is the detailed investment/cost for getting Food Adda’s franchise. Due to its unique recipe and quality food Food Adda has earned a massive reputation in the market today which guarantees profit to its franchise owners. 

The total franchise cost has been expected to be between INR 15 lacs to INR 20 lacs. Various factors that would mix up the exact numbers are size and location and other such kinds of things like the increase in expenditure in recent days. 

How To Apply For Food Adda Franchise?

To apply for Food Adda franchise interested entrepreneurs and partners can easily apply for  it online from the official website. In the official website, the company has provided a separate tab for Franchise where you can click on it to get further details like the application form. After clicking on ‘Franchise’ tab you will be able to see a map depicting the Food Adda’s franchise locations where they have opened up as a franchise. 

Below that you will see the application form where you would have to fill out some basic details. The form is basically an enquiry form about the franchise opening where once after submitting the form you will be contacted from the concerned team for further processing. 

The details that you need to fill out for registering are:

  • Name 
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Location interested to open up the franchise
  • How did you hear about Food Adda
  • Your message that you want to convey to the concerned team of Food Adda
  • Once done filling out the information click on submit button and you can expect a call within a couple of days or more.

Is Food Adda Franchise Profitable?

Food Adda has started working on a massive scale where their franchise outlets are available in more than 14 cities with more than 75 stores all over the country. Let us have a look at the table given below to know the profit margin of the Food Adda franchise.

Particulars Best CaseAverage CaseWorst Case
Monthly sales5,00,0003,80,0002,60,000
Cost of material (30%)-1,50,000-1,14,000-78,000
Rent For Shop-50,000-50,000-50,000
Electricity and water expenses-15,000-12,000-10,000
Employee Salary-60,000-50,000-50,000
Royalty (7% GST)-41,300-31,400-21,500
Zomato Swiggy Commission-25,000-15,000-10,000
Other Expenses-20,000-15,000-15,000
Total Net Profit1,41,00093,00026,000
Food Adda Franchise

With the above table now you can guess whether a Food Adda franchise will  be a profitable business or not. 

How To Get Food Adda Franchise?

Getting the Food Adda franchise may not be as easy as you may think because the investment is huge. However, if you are ready to invest and want to open up its franchise then you can start by registering yourself first by filling out a registration form from the official website from the ‘Franchise’ tab section. 

After registering you will be contacted from the concerned authorities within a couple of days or more. But, you should expect the call or an email from the team for further processing. 

Return on Investment Period For Food Adda Franchise

The details for the return on investment has not yet been revealed but with the best profit margin scenario that a franchise is earning per month the timeline for the ROI could be within two years or less than that. 

Royalty Charged by Food Adda Franchise

The royalty that the company charges if 7% on sales excluding GST. Franchise owners would have to pay GST of 18% as well along with royalty fees. 


Is Food Adda a good option to start franchise?

Ans: Yes, Food Adda is a goof option to start a franchise business since it is a popular food brand in he country. 

How much can be earned with a Food Adda Franchise?

Ans: Food Adda franchises can earn a minimum profit of 70k to 80k per month.

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