How to franchise a business in India 2023

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What Is a Franchise?

A franchise is a kind of license that enables a franchisee to use the franchisor’s brand name to sell goods and services by having access to the franchisor’s secret business techniques, procedures, and trademarks. The franchisee typically pays the franchisor an initial start-up fee and yearly licensing fees in exchange for obtaining a franchise.

A company may franchise its goods and brand name to expand its market share or geographic reach at a minimal cost. An alliance between a franchisor and a franchisee is known as a franchise. The original company is the franchisor. It offers to licence the use of its name and concept. The franchisee purchases the right to use an established brand and business model to market and sell the franchisor’s goods and services. Nowadays, a number of franchise business under 10 lakh are available.

The legal process to franchise a business

When you franchise your business, it indicates that you have done the necessary administrative and legal measures to promote franchise sales, assist franchisees, and expand your enterprise. Your franchise attorney must first draught and issue a Franchise Disclosure Document in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. You’ll also need to register or submit your FDD with the state when dealing with states that want it in order to be allowed to offer franchises.

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Analyze whether franchising is a good fit for your company.

The most crucial stage in franchising your business is to first decide if it is the appropriate fit for both you and your company.You may have a look at best franchise businesses in india for comparison.

Like any wise business choice, deciding to franchise your small business must be in line with your long-term objectives. When you franchise your firm, you embark on a new journey as a business owner and founder to learn about franchising, enter the franchise market, and establish an organisation that will eventually provide training, support, and assistance to succeeding franchises.

Make available your franchise disclosure document

Your FDD should be created and distributed in accordance with all applicable federal and state franchise rules, be unique to your company, and position the franchise you’re offering favourably in the market.

The FDD’s main goal is to tell potential franchise buyers about you, the franchise you’re selling, and your legal obligations to potential franchisees. Franchise buyers can learn more about your franchise company, your management team, your estimated start-up costs, your territory rights, your initial franchise fees, ongoing franchise fees, and other disclosures from your FDD that are required by franchise laws.

Your FDD should be created by an experienced franchise lawyer who has experience working with other franchise brands and who understands how to strategically position your franchise offering because the FDD is a crucial legal document and one of the first ones that franchise buyers will evaluate.

Get your Operations Manual ready

Your franchisees will receive a confidential copy of your operations manual, which you will have initially created as part of the franchising process.

Your franchise system’s operations manual is a how-to handbook that also serves as a vital communication tool for you to share crucial system standards and needs with franchisees.

Because it is a confidential document, the operations manual is not included in your FDD and is only given to a franchisee after they have signed a franchise agreement. The only information about your operations manual that will be disclosed in your FDD is the table of contents and the number of pages.

Get your Trademarks registered

One of the most significant legal rights that you will be offering to your franchisees when you franchise your business is a licence to use your trademarks. Your brand is made up of your trademarks, company name, and logo, all of which may not be legally enforceable if they are not registered with the USPTO. One of the worst scenarios is having a franchisee invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new franchise site only to discover that a nearby business owner is using the same or a similar name and being unable to stop them. Your trademarks will be protected across the country with the correct USPTO registration.

Establish Your Franchise Company

In order to offer and sell franchises, your franchise firm must be established throughout the franchising process and prior to issuing your FDD. Your new franchise firm, which is often a corporation or limited liability company, will be in the business of promoting franchises, assisting franchisees, and earning money from initial franchise fees and royalties. Therefore, it’s crucial that your franchising operations be conducted by a legally separate corporate organisation.

A new franchise firm should be established since it will simplify the FDD financial statement reporting requirements and protect your current company from future franchising obligations. Franchisers are required to include their franchise company’s audited financial statements in FDD Item 21. You will be beginning from scratch with a brand-new business that has little to no financial activity if you establish a new franchise corporation. This implies that it will be simpler and less expensive to produce your initial financial statements.

Your FDD should be registered and filed

Franchise filing states (such as Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and others) and franchise registration states (such as California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and others) each require filing and registration before you can sell franchises there.

Many new franchisors hold the notion that the FDD must be registered with the federal government. FDDs are not federally registered under the franchise laws. Instead, within the states that require franchise registration, they must be registered at the state level. The next step is to register and file your FDD after it has been finished and issued.

Make a budget and a sales strategy for your franchise.

Developing a franchise sales strategy and budget is essential after your legal documents are finished, your operations manual is prepared, and your FDD has been released. Consider your target franchisees, target markets, franchise interest, and a reasonable budget for luring, onboarding, and assisting franchisees.

Why is the franchise model of business trending?

Greater capacity for franchisors to grow

Franchisers can expand their business without making a big investment because franchisees fund their own units.

Name, product, and business model that are well known.

Customers are confident in the reliability of franchised companies like Pizza Hut, Hertz, and Holiday Inn. As a result, there is less risk for the franchisee and more chance for success. The franchisee receives a well-known, reputable company with a track record, as well as standard products and services, standard operating methods, and national advertising.

Help and training in management.

The franchisor offers a well-organized training session that serves as a crash lesson in how to launch and run a franchise. Another benefit is ongoing training programmes for managers and staff. Franchisees also have a peer group for support and idea-sharing.

Financial support.

Being associated with a well-known brand can aid a franchisee in getting financing from a bank. Additionally, the franchisor frequently offers the franchisee suggestions for managing their finances, contacts for lenders, and assistance with loan application preparation. Numerous franchisors also provide payment plans, loans for the acquisition of equipment and real estate, as well as short-term credit for the purchase of supplies. Franchise owners provide a portion of their profits to their franchisees, but they also receive recurring income in the form of royalties.

Advantages of franchising your business

  • Grow your business – You can expand your company at a reasonable cost by franchising as most of people are confused about whether a franchise business is good or bad. You won’t be responsible for paying the costs of hiring new employees or renting new space. Additional sales generate more profit, and if you keep this going in the company over time, you should have a sellable asset for the future.
  • Costs – Each franchisee provides its own funding for the franchise outlet. You earn franchise fees, royalties, or a markup on the products the franchisee sells while they cover all the expenditures and collect the income.
  • Easier management – The franchisees run their own businesses as well, so you have fewer management responsibilities. The finest franchisees will be extremely driven and knowledgeable about the area, which will make your life a lot simpler.
  • Develop your brand – Your brand grows more well-known as you add franchisees. The franchisee’s capital investment promotes your brand.
  • Motivated franchisees – As they have a vested stake in the success of their business and consequently the success of your brand, franchisees are likely to be more driven than a manager.
  • Purchasing power – A bigger company is more secure, and it may be able to get better offers for office supplies, vehicles, and other business expenditures thanks to increased sales and profit.
  • Ideas for future success – Franchisees can offer original suggestions for the brand’s continued growth, possibly detailing prospects you might not have noticed otherwise.
  • Support from others – Having a franchise network can provide support and guidance because being a business owner can be solitary.

These are the key advantages of franchise business, however, you must know pros & conc of franchise business in India for a proper comparison & analysis.

Documents required to franchise a business

  • Franchise Disclosure Document
  • State Disclosure Documentation: Franchise Registration States
  • State Disclosure Documentation: Franchise Filing and Notice States
  • Operations Manual
  • Financial Statements

How to promote your franchise?

Influencer marketing

You can use the impact of influencers by using a form of social media marketing called influencer marketing. Through influencer marketing, small businesses may share their message with people who are more inclined to purchase their product or service and reach an audience they might not have been able to locate otherwise.

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Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, which is currently the fastest-growing type of consumer acquisition, has swept the globe as a crucial component of the marketing mix, giving real benefits to marketers everywhere. Companies have worked with 660 million producers globally over the years, demonstrating that influencer marketing is a field in which each person and company can establish a successful presence. The most important thing is that everyone can (and ought to) find a match.

Influencer marketing is a very effective marketing tactic that generates ROI for companies of all sizes, with returns ranging from $5 on average to $18 per $1 invested for specialists in the area. But as anticipated, those that do it correctly are likely to see a return on their investment.

The necessity of careful influencer selection, appropriate briefing, timing, and negotiation sits at the forefront of outstanding marketing that results in conversion in today’s sea of influencers, millions of firms conducting influencer campaigns, and audiences being overexposed to advertising.

Digital marketing

Competition between businesses is escalating as marketing moves online. Digital marketing tactics must be used in order to face this competition and succeed. Fortunately, there are so many methods and instruments at our disposal to get through these barriers.

Businesses must establish strategies to help entice potential franchisees as the franchising field becomes more competitive. Fortunately, a wide range of digital marketing techniques have been developed to assist companies in luring new franchisees.

The use of digital marketing has grown among franchisees and franchisors alike. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), and numerous social media networks are currently the main focuses of new digital marketing. It’s crucial to have an internet presence if you want to attract new franchisees.

This web presence will increase brand awareness for the business. SEM and SEO are used to increase traffic and keep your website at the top of the search results. Given that 75% of user clicks on search engine results pages (SERP) go to the first 5 results, search engine optimization is essential (Hubspot).

Additionally, the numerous digital marketing channels encourage improved communication between franchisors and franchisees, which boosts the volume of leads received. Possess the ability to reach a larger audience in order to communicate the value and message of your brand.

Being knowledgeable about the development of your organisation is essential while franchising. There are numerous tools available to help you keep track of your leads, progress, strengths, and flaws. How many of my clicks are converting to leads, for example, is a topic that analytics and reporting may help with. Exactly how do these franchisees get to my website?

Where do I need to make improvements in the marketing funnel? The necessary information is provided via analytics and reporting, which is essential for franchise expansion. These technologies also enable you to keep an eye on your rivals and their tactics.

Social media is an effective strategy for raising brand exposure. Various social media platforms are a part of digital marketing and aid in building an online presence. Franchisees’ brand recognition grows thanks to their online presence, raising the value of their business. Social media facilitates marketing control and increases the perceived worth of your business. Additionally, social media creates a forum for dialogue between customers and franchisees. By using targeted advertising, you may locate the appropriate franchisees and improve the relevance of your adverts.

A terrific strategy for luring potential franchisees is email marketing. It is a very efficient way to communicate with many customers, partners, vendors, and leads at once. Opt-in emails provide you the chance to interact with your customers while enhancing the perception of your business. Email marketing’s adaptability is a significant benefit because it enables you to send newsletters, blogs, or brief updates. It’s crucial to maintain professionalism, consistency, and communication while using email marketing.

How much does it cost to franchise your business in India?

If you have anywhere between Rs 3 Lakh and Rs 10 Lakh, you can start with a basic programme, a regular programme for Rs 5 Lakh, and the full franchise development programme for Rs 10 Lakh. Manuals, training courses, promoting your franchise, and franchise recruitment across India could all be included in these franchising costs.

Is franchising business profitable in India?

The franchise industry is booming in India, with almost every local and international company choosing the vast and crowded Indian market. The franchise business model is successful because it generates money for both the franchisee and the franchisor.

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