How to start T-Shirt Printing Business [Step by Step Guide, Plan, Profit, investment]

Many of us are wondering to start fashion related business why because the T-shirt printing business is one of the most fascinated, demanded and profitable business in India as well as in the world.

Let’s try to understand, How can you start T-Shirt Printing Business in India and what should be your T-Shirt Printing business plan also we will discuss about different ways of t-shirt printing business

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How to make T-shirt printing for business

T-shirt Printing business is a most advanced business, here people can do business in many segment like

  • Sublimation T-shirt Selling business [manufacturing and Re-seller]
  • T-shirt Printing business
  • t shirt design for business
  • Photo Shoot for T-shirt business
  • E commerce business

Sublimation T-shirt Selling business [manufacturing and Re-seller]

Manufacturing:  with the increase of fashion business demand, there will be require to manufacture the t-shirt high in demand. so if you are going to be sublimation t-shirt manufacturing business, you can also get good profit for the same.

T-shirt prinitng business manufacturing and reselling

In manufacturing, you can manufacture other product too women’s cloth, baby clothing, men’s cloth and so on.

so wisely this business has huge money and demand in market.

Re-seller:  This is best option for those, who don’t have too much money to investment in T-Shirt manufacturing business.

we have seen a lot of people who are buying the t-shirt and related product from manufacturer in very low price and selling the same to other with very high price. You can get the details about fashion and related stuff by watching the below videos.

T-shirt design for business :

With UI and UX design, a Photo designer can also start design and selling business. There are so many t-shirt printing company available in India who are looking for great designer or freelance designer who can work or sale the some best design for their T shirt printing business.

T-shirt Printing business:

In this business, you can get the T-shirt from manufacturer or re-sellers and printing the same and make it ready for sell.

This business is most demand due to NGO, MNC’s, Election and other related function to promote the brand throughout the nation.

Photo Shoot for T-shirt business:

This is one of the most valuable steps for every ecommerce business, it doesn’t matter that you are with T-shirt printing and selling business or any other related ecommerce business, you need to have world class photo of your product to get more and more sales.

Photoshoot T-shirt printing business
Photoshoot T-shirt printing business

So if you are into this business you can have a great business opportunity in this segment  too

T-shirt Printing Ecommerce business

Nowadays, T-shirt printing business ecommerce is getting huge sales specially in summer and winter sales. there are so many companies like bavkoof, shopping monster are making huge sales in corporate gifting, pad, watches, t-shirt, tank top and lingerie selling.

Create T-Shirt Printing Business plan:

If you belong to any of this business above you can easily start an ecommerce business.

To become most successful entrepreneur in T-shirt printing or any other business, you must ha a reboots business plan to start such business.

To get success, in this business segment, you must have a web store to sell the t-shirt based product. Now question is why T-shirt web store? In India,  we have million of people who active user of internet. so only web store of ecommerce website can help you to reach all the people. Let’s try to understand in depth about T-Shirt printing business plan and online t-shirt business

Research & plan t shirt printing for Business
Research & plan t shirt printing for Business

A- Identify the market Niche

As per our business research, we will suggest you Two steps as below

  • Market based on customers need
  • Market based on Customer Age

Finding the right audience and target customers always help you to get good growth in your t-shirt printing business segment.

if you are already in market of T-shirt printing business, than you must know what kind and age group of audience you have. also you can get an ideas about what extra benefits and value addition you can provide to your existing and new audience. This will defiantly help you to get good number of sales.

B- Consider the financial aspect

before moving into the business, You must understand the financial aspect of the business as given below

  • Project expanse and varying cost
  • Total investment amount
  • Revenue Sources
  • break even analysis
  • Monthly profit and lose
  • Total operational investment
  • Annual profit and loss

C- Decide e-commerce platform

A best and user friendly ecommerce website can only help you to get this business Success. Nowadays, there are so many ways to create website like wardpress, magento, shopify and many more in a rows.

if you are looking to start your own e-commerce store, you can connect with the below link

How to get Good e-commerce portal for your business

Hosting Platform : Hosting platform always help you to get good result online. today’s, there are so many hosting companies are available but there services and supports are not exceptionally well. So before moving toward any hosting, you must have to check the reviews of the services

we will recommend you to get this hosting plan for you.

D- Select the Method of Printing you will use

There are verity of t-shirt printing method, which is available in the market. here in this article we will show you the 4 type of printing mechanism which can you use for T-shirt printing business

Post the all above activity, we are now able to research, buy a t-shirt, Print on the t-shirt, Add the t-shirt on e-com portal and finally launching the portal for public’s to buy

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