How Much Is Kalyan Jewellers Franchise Cost in 2024?

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What is Kalyan Jewellers & what is Kalyan Jeweller Franchise Cost?

Kalyan Jewellers is the name when you are looking for premium gold ornaments. It is an Indian jewelry chain of showrooms that has become so famous today. The company may have been established way back in 1993 but, the ornaments they manufactured then are still appreciated today. 

Today, Kalyan Jewellers not only sells gold ornaments but, they are famous for selling handcrafted antique jewelry. Interestingly, visiting their showroom you will also get uncut diamond jewelry. Uncut diamond jewelry is quite rare to find at least in the Indian market. 

The founder of this jewelry company is none other than T. S. Kalyanaraman. It was his dream to open a jewelry shop and earn a good profit in return. He started his first Kalyan Jewellers showroom in his hometown Thrissur, Kerala. Interestingly, offering unique products and services to customers within two years he earned 7.5 million dollars. 

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Kalyan Jewellers Market Demand and Scope 

After reading out the success story of Mr. Kalyanaraman we surely know what demand the company has today. Within five years of establishment, the company made its name as one of the top jewelry companies in the Asian market. The largest consumer the company received was from the Indian market. This was because India is a land of festivals and weddings and that demand is still high today. 

Ever since the company was established it targeted the right audience and in the right market. It offered products and services that were exactly dreamt by customers. Interestingly, the products sold by them are of unique designs and styles. Looking at them from afar will surely catch your attraction and make you want them. 

The target audience of Kalkan Jewellers is none other than middle-class and higher-class families. Yes, the target audience is the women of Indian society. But, you do get jewelers made exclusively for men or boys in the Indian market. 

Investing in gold or its business must be done with a company that has good scope. Kalyan Jewellers have made its scope and future planning to customers. They are willing to expand their business in the Asian market. This means they are ready to open up more franchises in any part of the country. This will help them to increase their business and capture a good market area in the country. 

Kalyan Jewellers Franchise Benefits 

If a business is doing very well for more than three decades it means they have a good customer base. Now, if you have a chance of getting one of such franchises then do not miss such an opportunity. 

In the same way, Kalyan Jewellers has captured a good market and customers ever since it was established. Today, it has become one of the leading jewelry-selling companies in India.

Now, when you open such a franchise you do face a long list of benefits along with it. Some of the benefits of having a Kalyan Jewellers franchise are the following:-

  • Brand Name– You not only get to do business with the best but, you get a good brand name along with it. This helps you to gather customers for your franchise. 
  • Security– The security of a franchise is often offered by the parent company. You just need to invest in the franchise and everything else will be taken care of by the parent company. 
  • Huge profit margin– We do not know about other business franchises but, if you open a Kalyan Jewellers franchise then there is a huge profit margin. The parent company pays you a huge profit percentage at the end of the month or day. 
  • Loyalty– Opening up a reputable franchise not only brings you customers but, loyalty as well. Many customers of Kalyan Jewellers are quite loyal to the company and that is a great advantage when you are opening a franchise. 

How to get Kalyan Jewellers Franchise? 

Getting a franchise for any business has become quite easy these days. The individual must have or fulfill all the requirements as per the parent company and apply for the franchise.

But, you must do proper research before going for a jewelry business in India. This is because the investment is quite high in these businesses. 

To get the Kalyan Jewellers franchise you must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the parent company. 

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Kalyan Jewellers Franchise Requirements

These are the basic requirements to open a Kalyan Jewellers franchise:-

Area required1000-2000 square feet
Franchise Fee5 lakhs
Infrastructure fee requiredRs 50 lakhs to 1 crore
Business setup time required1-2 months
Compulsory requirements after opening a franchiseInternet, computer, CCTV cameras, trial room, Air-conditioner, and product display

These are some of the requirements that an individual needs to have before opening a Kalyan Jewellers franchise.

Kalyan Jewellers Franchise Cost and Investment 

To open any franchise the budget or capital is very important. That is something you need to provide to the parent company. After you have invested in the right business all the other activities are taken care of by the parent company. 

Now, to open any jewelry franchise in India the total investment is very big. You need to have a big capital or investment figure planned in mind. On the other hand, you get a high return on your investment and profit margin after a few years. 

Now, the total cost of opening a Kalyan Jewellers franchise is between 1-2 crores. The cost depends on the area you are opening its franchise. This cost could go quite high if you are opening a franchise in a busy location. From that investment, a minimum of Rs 50 lakhs to 1 crore need to spend on the infrastructure. 

Kalyan Jewellers Franchise: Kalyan Jewellers plans to add 52 showrooms in 2023
Kalyan Jewellers plans to add 52 showrooms in 2023

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Kalyan Jeweller’s Profit Margin 

Opening a jewelry business in the Indian market is a 90% profitable business. Interestingly, you get enormous returns or profits after investing such huge capital in their business. 96% of the profit is taken by the franchisee and the rest is taken by the franchisor. Now, you can imagine how profitable the jewelry business can be in the Indian market. If you have selected Kalyan Jewellers then that is the amount you will get in return. 

Other than that, after setting up the whole franchise you can expect a return on investment after two years. Everything that you have invested will come back to you after two years and not more than that. 

How to contact Kalyan Jewellers for Franchise?

Contacting Kalyan Jewellers for its franchise is very easy. You can either ask them by visiting their showroom or you can just fill out the franchise form that is available online. Submitting one of their franchise forms online is the best option made available by the company. 

Now, if you fit all the terms and conditions then do not hesitate to fill out its form online. Just visit the official website and you will get a ‘franchise’ tab click on it. Now, you will see a form popping up in front of you. 

The last step is to fill the form with proper details by double-checking them. If you fit their terms and conditions then one of their representatives will contact you shortly. 

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