How to start Karupatti Tea & Coffee Franchise Business in 2023

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Opening up a business in today’s world can be highly challenging. One must do research before starting any business process. Now, we all know Indians are huge consumers of tea and coffee so opening up a business such as Karupatti Tea Franchise it would surely be profitable.

Why Karupatti Tea & Coffee Franchise Business?

Tea is very special in every Indian’s heart. Every Indian thinks that tea and coffee are energy-booster drinks, which surely are. Now, because of such high consumption of tea and coffee, many start-ups & tea franchise are coming up in the market. Yes, this is increasing the competition but, it would surely not let anyone face an enormous loss.

About Karupatti Franchise

Karupatti is a village located in Tamil Nadu, India. This franchise is located in Choolaimedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Here, the interesting fact is that the word “Karupatti” literally means palm jaggery. The uniqueness of this franchise is instead of using harmful white sugar they use palm jaggery in all their food items. Such a nice idea to promote healthiness to their customers.

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Cup inside a Karupatti Tea Franchise
Tea Cup

Other than selling tea and coffee, the franchise sells varieties of organic food items. The “Paruthi Dal” offered by Karupatti is their signature item. Paruthi Dal is the cotton seed milk that the owners believe is a highly healthy and tasty drink. Moreover, the whole concept of Karupatti is only focused to be healthy.

Karupatti Coffee Franchise Menu

To make a restaurant business successful quality and quantity must be looked upon. In fact, Karupatti Raja not only focuses on healthy food but on its quality and quantity as well. This is one of the reasons why people in the local area are highly amazed by such a gesture. Once you visit the franchise you will be greeted with a colorful menu card.

The menu card consists of ten sections and they are Triplets, Raja Special, Sabbath, Paruthi Dal, Ice Cola, Double Dhamakka, Recharges, Healthy Snacks, Coffee, and Tea. Under these sections, you get a long list of food items. Other than their variety of healthy drink options, you are even offered “Healthy Snacks”.

Requirements For Karupatti Coffee Franchise

Investment Required for Karupatti Franchise

When such a unique business has been established in the market the investors must not miss such an opportunity. Today’s generation is fitness-freak so you need to offer them healthy drinks and snacks. The total franchise fee as per the company is only 1.5 lakhs which is highly reasonable in the current Indian market.

All the details related to opening up a franchise are enclosed in the table below:-

Franchise Cost and other details

Franchise Fee1.5 lakhs
Minimum Area Required80-100 square feet
Labor required1-12
Territory exclusivity1.5 km
Training and RecruitmentTraining will be offered by the company, not a recruitment
Payback Period6-8 months (expected)
Karupatti Franchise Cost

Equipment Required for Karupatti Tea Franchise

The necessary equipment along with the initial stock is required to open up any business franchise. Keeping aside the franchise fee all of these expenses must be done. Without proper equipment and stock, the business is nothing.

Now, the asked kitchen equipment and the initial stock by Karupatti Raja is Rs 80,000. To open up a renowned franchise one must invest in the best pieces of equipment. Karupatti Raja believes this is the maximum amount that one will need to spend on equipment and the initial stock.


Every restaurant franchise has its themed interior styling. In the same way, the interior of Karupatti Raja gives dark vibes to customers. Anyone entering the franchise will feel like having tea, coffee, or any other drink.

The interior of any business play a significant role in creating a great marketing strategy. The product value automatically increases when the ambiance feels attractive. So, to create a good and attractive interior the company expects to spend Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000.

Karupatti Franchise Return on Investment

The return on investment (ROI) must be done thoroughly before opening up any franchise. Businesses can be very risky so one must do proper research and look at the ROI properly. The expected ROI for the Karupatti Raja franchise is given in the table below:-

Per Day Sale (Approx)Value of Rs 10,000Value of Rs. 15,000Value of Rs. 20,000
Salary for workers100010001000
Electricity and Rent cost  100010001000
Daily food cost (wastage included)400060009000
Other Expenses50010001000
Per Day Profit as per the value350060008000
Per month profit expectedRs. 1,05,000Rs. 1,80,000Rs. 2,40,000
Karupatti Franchise Profit Margin

Is Karupatti Franchise profitable?

When product consumption (tea & coffee) is always high there is no loss in business. Yes, the Karupatti franchise is a profitable business. The investment is low and customers are offered healthy products so that is a unique selling point.

Other than that, the franchise offers great, delicious, and authentic South-Indian flavors. The interesting fact about opening a Karupatti Raja franchise is the maintenance cost is very low. So, do not lose such an opportunity.

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