How to Start La Pinoz Pizza Franchise – Cost, Profit Margin etc

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What is La Pinoz Pizza Franchise?

Do you know that pizzas are one of the most consumed fast food in the world? Pizza is a food that never goes wasted, everyone loves eating pizzas. Looking at such an opportunity, many middle-class people have opened up special pizza restaurants for local customers.

Interestingly, they might not taste like the pizzas from Italy but, they fulfill the desire. In the same way, the La Pinoz Pizza franchise is one of the most-talked pizza outlets in Chandigarh, India.

You will visit many pizza outlets but, La Pinoz Pizza is surely something different. La Pinoz Pizza was first started way back in 2011 by Sanam Kapoor. He opened his first pizza franchise in his hometown, Chandigarh.

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It was his wish and dream to open a pizza restaurant and serve unique toppings to customers. Before opening up his first outlet he did thorough research on his product and brought in delicious pizza options.

Now, this is what makes La Pinoz Pizza stand alone in the current market. The restaurant found its opportunity after doing lots of research and took it superiorly. Today, La Pinoz Pizza has more than 500 outlets or franchises across India. Now, the La Pinoz Pizza franchise is planning to open up franchises on an international level.

Why La Pinoz Pizza Franchise?

There must be some reason for you to go for such franchises. Now, opening up any franchise requires thorough research on the company you are selecting. You must check their background, current status, political relations, controversies, and many more before selecting a franchise.

Interestingly, going for any food or restaurant franchise is always profitable. Food is something people won’t stop consuming. We can say that fast food has become the latest trend nowadays.

Some of the reasons why you should go for a La Pinoz Pizza franchise are the following:-

  • The pizza restaurant company is and will run successfully like never before. This is because they have found the right opportunity and are implementing it practically. All of its franchises earn good profits even after investing an average amount.
  • All the research and development required for a product are done by the parent company. La Pinos Pizza does not force its franchises to research the correct market or product.
  • After you have confirmed to open up the La Pinoz Pizza franchise, all the processes are done by the concerned management team. You will just need to sign papers and pay for everything that is required rest of everything is covered by the parent company.
  • La Pinoz Pizza sends the best chef to your franchise. Additionally, all the other staff members are trained by professionals.
  • All the food items and related items are offered by the parent company. They provide contact details to trustable sources to get products.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Cost

The average cost to open up any pizza franchise in India lies between Rs 70 lakhs to 1 crore. But, to open up a La Pinoz Pizza franchise you do not need a such high budget. Yes, compared to other food franchises the budget for pizza franchises is slightly expensive. But, once you have invested the profit margin is enormous.

Most pizza franchises do not take franchise fees from their investors but, in this case, it’s the opposite. La Pinoz Pizza takes a franchise fee of Rs 9.9 lakhs from its investor. Additionally, the total setup cost to open a La Pinoz franchise is Rs 18.9 lakhs. Interestingly, the franchise fee is included in the total setup cost asked by La Pinoz Pizza.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Business Model

Ever since this pizza restaurant opened up back in 2011 they have worked hard in every parameter. Now, that is one of the reasons why they are highly successful today. Not all restaurant startups have the capability to open on an international level within 10-12 years. But, La Pinoz Pizza has shown that it can grow rapidly even with a small investment.

Investing in a such franchise gives you the independence of becoming a business owner. Other than that, you need to do nothing all the support is given by the parent company. La Pinoz Pizza is planning to open up more franchises in India and on an international level. This will not only benefit them but, it will become beneficial for your franchise as well. The profit margin will only see an increase if the company is doing well both nationally and internationally.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Profit Margin

When your parent company is planning to open franchises on the international level then, you can expect a huge profit margin. Not only internationally, but the pizza franchise is mostly compared to Domino’s. The company is running quite well on the Indian boundaries as well.

After deducting all the possible expenses we expect you to have a gross profit of Rs 26,600 daily. That means you could have a huge profit near 8 lakhs per month. This is something very interesting, now if a new product is launched and loved by many customers then that could increase more.

Additionally, after giving out salary to workers, electricity bill, water bill, rent, Royalty fee, and other expenses you make a profit of Rs 1,28,000 per month. The profit value is quite huge compared to other food franchises.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Area Requirement

To open up any franchise you must have a good piece of land registered with you. Interestingly, land is the first major thing that an individual must have. If you have landed in a good position then the average profit margin might increase more.

Other than that, the total investment highly depends on the area of your land. The space required to open a La Pinoz Pizza franchise is between 350-750 square feet. If you have more space than that, then that would be awesome for both the parent company and your franchise.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Review

Your product and its cost are the faces of your business. The better the product the more you attract customers around the country. People have always appreciated the product and its cost offered by La Pinoz Pizza.

Most food items offered by the company are compared to the greatest Domino’s. Yes, you heard it right La Pinoz Pizza franchise has become so famous in the current market. The average cost for two people at this restaurant is not more than Rs 500. You can easily enjoy varieties of pizzas at any of their outlets.

How to Start La Pinoz Pizza Franchise?

To start a La Pinoz Pizza franchise you must visit their official website. Various third-party websites are offering Google Forms to open a La Pinoz Pizza franchise but, do not go for them. Many of these are not trusted and could be a fraud for you.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise

So, visit their official website and go to the ‘Franchise” tab. Scroll down below you will find a link for Google Forms just click on that. Now, a Google form will appear, and fill out all the details correctly and submit it. The concerned department will contact you within 24-48 hours for further procedures.

La Pinoz Pizza Franchise Contact Details

For franchise queries you can call on any of these mentioned numbers:-

  • 8699997039
  • 8699997035
  • 9888361510
  • 9998826658 (Karnataka)

Address– Booth No. 10, Sector 9-D, Inner Market, Chandigarh, 160009.

Email ID–

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