MBA Chaiwala Success Story- The Tale of a Failure Guy

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Prafull Billore is a young entrepreneur from Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. At the age of 25, he became a celebrity and social influencer for youth. In public, he is known as MBA Chaiwala. He came into the limelight in media 2020.

He came to Gujarat to study, but his passion for starting his own entrepreneurship led him to quit his MBA Study and started selling tea on Gujarat’s highways. Praful started his tea-selling business for Rs.8000 and at present, he is the owner of MBA Chaiwala Franchise with more than 4 Cr turnover per year.

MBA Chai Wala Franchise
Prafull Billore “MBA Chaiwala”

Early days struggle of MBA Chaiwala

Prafull Billore was born on 14 January 1996 in Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. He is the only son of his parents.  His schooling was completed in Indore. Being the only son of his parents, his parent’s dream was to get an MBA degree from a highly reputed institute in order to get a high-paying job for livelihood. He did from Devi Ahilyabai University,Indore in 1996.

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Praful was very passionate about earning big money and becoming a big person since childhood. Like his parents, he, too, wanted to earn big money, but he had no idea how to earn it. Praful came to Gujarat in 2016 to get admission into IIM Ahmedabad. For getting admission into IIM Ahmedabad, he has to clear the entrance test Common Admission Test CAT.

He appeared twice for CAT, but he failed to crack. Disappointed and dejected, Praful travelled to many states of India. He kept on reading books for motivating himself. He read about the success stories of many celebrities and entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, he studied the market and interacted with many people.

Interesting Student Life of Praful

Praful somehow got admission for MBA courses in another Institute. He studied for a few months and kept on thinking about how to earn money. He thought that after doing MBA, there is no guarantee of getting a high-paying job. A great desire rose to start his own business but what business, but he was not able to decide what business.

Neither he had enough money nor any work experience. Inspired by Mac Donald, he joined the company and worked for around two months. While working with Mac Donald, he decided to start a tea-selling business. He had already quit his MBA classes without notice to his parents.  He had just Rs.8000 in his pocket to start his business.

Talking with a few friends and with the help of local people, he set up a small tea stall and started selling tea on SG Highway. Praful earned Rs. 300 on the very first day. Inspired by the good response from the customer, he thought about how to grow the business.

Early days Challenges of MBA Chaiwala – Prafull Billore

Prafull faced a lot of challenges in the beginning. He had no prior experience of making tea other than just making it for himself. He sometimes added more sugar or chaipatti, or ginger etc. Praful  learned from each failure and improved his skills. To promote his business, he used to  devise new ideas. In the beginning, he put a blackboard and asked the people to write their names and contact details who wanted to hire someone for work.

Among his customers, there were many who were looking for jobs. Thus, many used to get manpower for their work and many get jobs. Soon, he got the trust and support of the masses. He used to organise games for children, ludo, and other games for the entertainment of customers. Sometimes he used to organize singing and poetry sessions to attract youth.

Free Tea on Valentine for Single’ & ‘Mehfil-e-Kavita’

To attract the youth, he used to run various free bee schemes like- ‘Free Tea on Valentine for Single’ organising  ‘Mehfil-e-Kavita’. At his shop, he very often used to speak in English to attract educated people. His popularity grew among youths and veterans. He sometimes raised funds for social welfare like help for cancer people, funds for Underprivileged children, etc.

He also raised funds on various occasions to help in natural calamities. Praful raised funds for Kerala and Bihar Flood calamities. Praful participated in various political campaigns in Bihar and Delhi elections.

MBA Chaiwala Success Story

Prafull active participation in Social and political campaigns highlighted and given opportunities to expand his business. He started franchising his business and became a very big brand in just 2 years of struggle. His brand MBA Chaiwala earned approximately Rs. 3 Cr. in 2020.

His success story was covered by many media channels like NDTV, BBC, Aaj Tak, Zee News, and The Times of India. Many foreign media also gave space in their channel. Prafull became a star and inspiration for youth in a very short time.

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Prafull Billore was invited to talk at colleges like IIMs, IITs, Josh Talks. He was also invited to a TV program with Cabinet minister Nitin Gadkari.  He also wrote a book titled “All you need, Josh”.

Currently, MBA Chaiwala is one of the hot franchises in the food and beverage industry. At present, MBA Chaiwala has more than 50 franchisees and has been collecting revenue of more than  4Cr per year. Apart from running the MBA Chaiwala Franchise, Prafull Billore runs a  YouTube channel and has been influencing youths and young entrepreneurs.

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