All You Need To Know About Myntra Courier Franchise 

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Myntra Delivery Franchise

The logistics or courier industry worldwide was worth over 8.4 trillion euros in 2021. This figure is expected to increase rapidly by 2027. Many sources have revealed that the logistics or the courier industry is expected to expand to 13.7 billion euros by 2027.

Myntra Delivery Franchise

These figures prove that the logistics or courier business in the whole world is a massive business if done perfectly.

How does Myntra Deliver their Couriers? 

Now, many companies have started such services including Myntra. Myntra is one of the most famous e-commerce websites in India today. The dynamic change in user behavior has motivated Myntra to come into a separate website. If you are partnering up with Myntra that means you are partnering up with one of the best e-commerce websites in India.

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After you have registered yourself on Myntra as a seller, your products are shipped through Myntra courier partner Ekart Logistics. Other than that, Myntra has its logistics brand Myntra Logistics.

This changed when Flipkart acquired Myntra, it then merged Myntra Logistics with Ekart Logistics so, whenever the services are done, the couriers are sent through Ekart Logistics only. 

Myntra Logistics and Ekart Logistics came together and brought new changes to the logistics ecosystem in India. They operate under common infrastructure and capacity planning for the future. 

Does Myntra provide Courier Franchise? 

Myntra is always ready to offer franchises to the ones willing to conduct business with them. This is because no e-commerce websites including Myntra stops their work even for a day. They require lots of manpower, franchises, and partners to supply and process orders smoothly in the market.

This is one of the reasons why Myntra has become an ever-growing business today. 

Myntra does provide courier service franchises to the ones willing to get one. Though you will be getting an Ekart Logistics franchise from the company. Or you could directly visit the official website of Ekart Logistics to know more about the logistic franchise of the company. 

Ekart Logistics has become India’s largest logistics and supply chain company. The company delivers more than 10 million shipments within a month to 3800+ pin codes across India. The delivery of Ekart is consistent and excellent and have gained huge customer experience by delivering reliably and within time delivery. 

Will Myntra Provide Courier Franchise in the Future? 

As of now, one can surely become a distributor of Myntra or can open a franchise of one but, you cannot be a part of its own courier franchise. As it has been acquired by Flipkart so Myntra’s Logistics unit is handled by Flipkart’s Ekart Logistics only across the country. 

Now, if Myntra plans to open a separate logistics unit in the future then they will surely provide courier franchises. Other than that, we cannot expect a proper Myntra courier franchise as of now.

Anyways, one can always be a part of Myntra’s distributorship program as it is one of the best e-commerce platforms to help individuals take their business online and expand them as well. 

Other than that, Myntra has a professional team that helps distributors with an efficient onboarding process. If a customer has a problem with the shipment, then the distributor does not need to worry as it is taken care of by Myntra only. 

Investment Required For Myntra Courier Franchise

Stepping into the logistics business is quite expensive but, stepping into a courier business is affordable. Most courier companies across the country have tie-ups with various logistics companies that deliver products. There is a small commission that these couriers earn from the logistics companies after the products are ready for shipment. 

If you are planning to start a courier business in India, then the average investment requires is Rs 1 lakh. You will need to invest in the right equipment and in the right logistics company then, you can earn a good amount of money in return. 

Now, to open an Ekart Logistics franchise you will require a minimum of Rs 5 to Rs 8 lakhs. You will also need to give a Rs 1 lakh security deposit which is included in the total investment. Now, the total investment depends on the land value and location. If you plan to open in a highly demanded area then the total investment to open an Ekart Logistics franchise could go higher.

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