How to Open McDonald’s Franchise in India

if you are planning to open a restaurant business in India, this article is only for you. Here you will get the idea about how to start the business with the world largest restaurant chain “McDonald’s Franchise in India”.

Firstly, let’s try to understand what kind of franchises option are available with McDonald’s Franchise in India brand.

Currently, McDonald’s providing the four types of McDonald’s Franchise in India

You can also check about the below franchise business model

1- Patanjali Franchise Business 

2- Goli Vada Pav Franchise Business Model

3- Yewala Tea Franchise 

1- Traditional Franchises option:  In this franchises, You can open storefront, food court like the business. For such business, MacDonald’s provide 20 years of the franchise.

MacDonald Franchise in India Business

2- Settelight Frenchies business model:  In this Franchise model, You can start your restaurant business in a mall, college, railways station. Meaning of this business means you should have space nearby location.

3- STO and Start Location: In this model, you can start your business in small cities, nearby petrol pup and related stuff. In this case, you get at least 20 years of franchises.

4-BLF Franchises: In this model, you can either open your franchise in corporate offices or even you can convert your existing restaurant into MacDonald’s franchise business.


Now the most important things, How you can get the land/ of space for your business. So, here are two way:

1- You have your own way

2- Or in some case, Macdonald’s offer operator lease option for the business.

From where You can Get McDonald’s Franchise in India

MacDonald doesn’t offer any franchise directly from their own brand. In India, Macdonald’s appointed two companies to work for them. You as a business partner, you have to connect with them

For Western and  South Indian Area:

You can connect with Hardcastle restaurant private limited.

For Eastern and North Indian Area:

You can connect with Cavanaugh Plaza restaurant India Private Limited.


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