What Is PCD Pharma Franchise Business – All You Need to Know

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If your line of work involves pharmaceuticals, business with healthcare professionals and dealing in the pharma market, you must be slightly familiar with the term – PCD Pharma Franchise.

The term is being thrown around a lot lately. Every other retailer or medical representative is talking about how profitable it is to work with a PCD pharma company. And with all the positive reviews, it sounds like a great business opportunity too.

There are many companies such as Vivaceutical that are currently offering a PCD pharma franchise opportunity in India. You can contact them and find out if this sector works for you or not. But, do you really know what a PCD pharma franchise company is? What business opportunities it opens for you or how will it help your business succeed? If not, let’s walk through the details of a PCD company and the PCD pharma franchise business in India.

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What Is a PCD Company?

A PCD Pharma Company is a part of the pharma market that operates as per the PCD model. Here, PCD stands for Propaganda cum distribution. In a PCD pharma franchise model, the company sells the marketing and distribution rights of their product range to one or multiple people through a contract franchise agreement.

The franchise agreement is signed after both parties agree with the terms. Finally, the franchise owners get to sell the pharma products of the parent company in their area.

What Does PCD Mean?

In the pharma industry, Propaganda means to propagate, disseminate or spread. The term is specifically used by small cap pharma companies to define the route they take to grow in the pharma market. Small scale pharma companies compete with established and large scale pharmaceutical companies by partnering up with distributors or businesses who wish to join the pharmaceutical market without having to invest a lot.

Top PCD pharma companies in India are based on this business model.

How Do PCD Companies Work?

PCD companies work by offering pharma franchise to people or businesses. The pharma company allows their partners to conduct commercial activities using their brand name and products.

If you choose a PCD pharma franchise company in India, you get to buy the distribution rights and sell their quality medicines in your area. You get the right to use their trademark and products as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions. Basically, you get the propaganda and distribution rights of the PCD franchise company.

What Do PCD Pharma Companies Offer?

PCD pharma franchise companies offer business opportunities that can help small businesses grow without much investment. Essentially, the model is all about marketing and distribution. When you tie up with one of the best PCD pharma companies, it will offer you the following benefits-

  • Monopoly Rights
  • Low Risk Business Opportunity
  • High Profit for Low Investment
  • Marketing Support
  • Quality Products to Sell in Your Area

Let’s get into each of these points in detail.

Monopoly Rights

Monopoly rights is one of the highlights of a PCD pharma franchise company. It includes multiple aspects of the PCD franchise that you wish to get.

For starters, monopoly rights are exclusive rights to sell medicines and other products of a PCD company. As per the agreement, you become the primary seller of the company’s quality medicine in your area. This reduces the competition of identical business for pharma distributors and further increases chances for better sale.

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Low Risk Business Opportunity

Unlike the efforts required for starting a business from scratch, a PCD pharma franchise gives you an opportunity to make it big in the pharma industry without having to take a high risk.

If you partner with a top PCD pharma company, you wouldn’t have to worry about production of pharma products, the manufacturing process, packaging or marketing. Established PCD companies in India take care of everything so that their associates can focus on making sales. As a franchise owner, all you have to do is invest, place an order and start selling.

High Profit for Low Investment

A pharma franchise offers an opportunity to make up to 90% profit in the pharma sector provided you choose the best PCD pharma company.

PCD companies in India offer PCD pharma franchise for as low as ₹10,000. You can get started with small capital investment and get the ROI within a short span of time. And if proper communication and supply is maintained, the profit keeps on growing for the medical representatives.

Marketing Support

PCD pharma franchise companies in India work with medical reps who need all the marketing support that they can get. For this reason, companies offer promotional material for brand marketing. This includes bags, pens, notepads, LBLs, etc.

Quality Products for Distribution in Your Area

The end goal of every PCD pharma franchise company in India is distribution of their pharma products. In order to meet the goals, the company focuses on creating products that are of the highest quality.

In order meet the high quality healthcare standards, companies ensure the following-

  • Products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified facilities.
  • Top quality control starting from sourcing of raw materials to storage and supply.
  • Rigorous testing of raw material and finished product.
  • Quality packaging of products to avoid degradation due to environmental factors such as heat and moisture and supply.

PCD pharma franchise companies have set quality measures that maintain a standard for quality and safety. Their team of pharma professionals are responsible to look after all the standard operating procedures.

Start Your PCD Pharma Franchise Business in India

Are you already thinking about how to get a pharma franchise and start your business? If yes, then you need to first figure out which company is best for you.

There are multiple PCD companies cropping up everyday with the aim of bringing quality medicines to the people at an affordable price. If you are hoping to make a profit, you need to find the best pharma company. All you need to do is look for the green flags.

Low investment– You should have the option to start small with just ₹10k -₹15k and own a pharma franchise in your area.

Wide product portfolio – Make sure that whichever company you choose offers a broad range of pharmaceuticals. A wide range of therapeutic segments can be beneficial for business as customers can get whatever they want from one brand.

Dedicated customer service – The company should stay in touch with you and offer quick solutions to any problems related to order delivery, logistics, payments, etc.

Constant Supply – You should never run low on supply. Make sure that the PCD company offers same day shipment and 100% stock availability.

Now that we have gone through the basics of PCD pharma companies in India, do you think you are ready to get a franchise? At the end of the day, it’s all about making profit and marketing affordable pharmaceutical products to the people. If you align with this thought, then finding the top pharma franchise companies is something you should consider.

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