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PickUp USA Franchise

Fitness is something that all of us strive to excel in. The desire to run miles without stopping, and to exercise to reach our goals, proves that fitness is very crucial in our lives. The fitness industry is thriving globally. It is burgeoning to become a major stop for economic growth while also creating a more healthy environment- both physically and mentally.

Attaining one’s personal ideals of fitness is a vision that most of us try to bring to life. While it might not be one of the easiest tasks to achieve, there are fitness centres and instructors who dedicate their time to give a new life to these visions.

PickUp USA treads the same path, introducing health and fitness in a fun way with its basketball focused fitness. This article aims to put light on PickUp USA and its franchising opportunities.

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What is PickUp USA Franchise About?

PickUp USA franchise is a basketball-oriented fitness club which operates in the US. The establishment was set-up to find and improve ways for people to play basketball. They offer full-service gyms with a focus on basketball training, pick-up basketball games, all topped off with full-weight and cardio rooms.

Pickup USA offers a “true plug-and-play,” simple operating model to cater to the potential market of basketball and fitness aficionados. Basketball’s future is being shaped by PickUp Fitness, which attracts over 30 million participants annually.

Visualise your love for basketball and your desire for fitness forming a band together. Pickup USA is that band.

PickUp USA Fitness Franchise Cost

InvestmentIn DollarsIn Rupees
Liquid Capital$100,000Rs 78,32,650
Net Worth$300,000Rs 2,33,84,296
Franchise Fee$45,000Rs 35,24,692
Total Investment$533,266- $1,150,054Rs 4,17,68,859- Rs 9,00,79,704
Royalty Fee6%
Advertising Fee1%-2%
Furniture Set-upUndisclosed
Pickup USA Franchise cost

Furthemore, a veteran discount of $1,000 off mobile franchise and $2,000 off retail store is available.

How to get a PickUp USA Franchise?

Setting up a PickUp USA Franchise stands in strong solidarity with the company’s ideal of growing an important fitness industry.

The first step is the site selection process, where one has to determine the search area. Step two is when PickUp USA’s team will create a thorough report and Heat Maps, showing the interested applicants the qualifying facilities. The final step is when the team will help the applicant with the lease or purchase agreement terms negotiations.

This is followed by the designing and planning process, with its own three steps. The building that is bought and leased will be white boxed, and the membership will begin pre-selling. Next step is to choose a court layout. The last step is to create a fitness centre.

The last stage is to build out the process. This is followed by the courts and fitness room being installed. A lounge, front desk, and retail shop is then set-up to complete the process.

For further details, they can be contacted on 800-584-9507

Training & Support Required for PickUp USA Franchise

PickUp USA Franchise provides a committed team that will help the franchisee in every stage of the journey since the day they sign the franchise. The tools that the staff might need to maximise the financial and operational performance of the club will also be provided via their extensive training programmes.

Pickup Usa Fitness franchise

Prior to the opening of the club, one must receive thorough training, and ongoing refresher sessions are provided afterwards to ensure that the franchisee is always up to speed on the industry’s best practices for both operational and financial success.

Procedure to Open PickUp USA Franchise?

PickUp USA Fitness is aware of how much work goes into owning a franchise. The slogan for the company stands “work but no guesswork.” PickUp USA Fitness stands by its franchisees and provides a thorough support system that could be used at any time. The gym will be set-up, located, and operated with assistance from the PickUp USA Fitness Operations staff.

PickUp USA Profit Margin

The profit margin is determined by factors like location, size.,etc. Like any other franchise, this one may have expenses for utilities, staffing, inventory supplies, and administrative fees. The cost of the month may vary depending on the region and the season.

However, with over 60.9 million Americans belonging to fitness clubs; $30.01 billion total US fitness club revenues with an average annual growth of 7.44%; and over 30 million people in the United States playing basketball within the last year,Thus, the PickUp USA franchise is highly likely to provide a profit margin.

Eligibility & Requirements for PickUp USA Franchise

The franchise looks for applicants who believe in the concept of the company.

The franchises of PickUp USA follow a well-defined playbook. Franchises that put in the effort, carry out the strategy, and remain committed to expanding their club have a very good chance of succeeding in their system.

Furthemore monetary investment, mentioned above, is very crucial.

If the interested applicant is a resident of a U.S. state or a country that regulates the offer and sale of franchises, or if one receives a message in any other country or state, a franchise will not be offered until it has complied with applicable law.

An enquiry form has to be filled in, along with additional details on qualifications for being awarded a PickUp USA franchise.


So, if you have the dream of owning a business that is both economically profitable and rewarding, then setting up a PickUp USA Franchise is a great idea that will provide a rewarding career.

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