How to get PVR Franchise – PVR Franchise Cost, Investment, Profit Margin

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PVR is an enormous cinema company that was founded back in 1997 by Mr. Ajay Bijli. With its headquarters in Gurugram, PVR has become widely available across the country with quality movie experience offered to the customers. PVR Cinema became India’s number one multiplex chain and was one of the first companies to introduce first multiplex for movie lovers Priya Village Road Show abbreviated as PVR started its very first cinema hall under the name of Priya Cinema.

Mr. Ajay Bijli, who is the founder and the CEO of the company belonged from a well-to-do family. Completing his studies from Harvard University Mr Bijli’s family asked him to join his family business which was a transportation business. Mr. Bijli’s interest in Cinema grew when he was in his Honeymoon trip in Orlando where he was impressed by the cinemas out there.

After coming back to India his interest for the cinema business wanted to be a reality which is why Mr Bijli started with his father’s Priya cinema hall. With his entrepreneurial skills now we can see the growth PVR has reached today.

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PVR Franchise Business Model

The primary source for PVR cinemas is through the sale of tickets which was the only source back in the time when cinemas was first introduced in the Indian market. However, with increasing demand for movie and entertainment cinema halls like PVR started selling food and beverages to customers. This is why selling food and beverages is the second-largest revenue earning method for PVR. 

Other revenue sources of PVR include income through advertisements, income from movie production and its distribution. PVR also has income by charging convenience fees, virtual print fees and many such things. The highlights of PVR’s business model are as shown below.

Movie Distribution

PVR distributes Hollywood, Bollywood, and Regional movies and maintains good relations with the stakeholders of the movie industry like the movie producers, film stars etc.

Sale of tickets, food and beverages

Sale of tickets is the primary source for any movie hall and it is the same for PVR as well. PVR’s second highest income is through sale of food and beverages on cinema halls. The company is one of the leading companies to have the highest F&B spend per patron in the Indian film exhibition industry.

Convenience fee

PVR has been on a digital drive as they have provided the customers with the comfort of booking tickets and food and beverages online from their website. This is where they are able to charge some convenience fee.


PVR advertises various ads for their clients which includes both online and as well as offline options. 

Film exhibition

PVR is said to have a good amount of income from box office collections from the exhibition of movies of different genres and languages.

PVR Franchise Space, Cost and Manpower Required

Franchise space for PVR is ranged between 5000-10000 sq ft. Cinema halls require a huge space as it should be able to accommodate a large crowd at once and if you are planning to open up several at a time then the investment would also be a huge one. PVR is offering the opportunity for interested entrepreneurs to open up its franchise at a PAN India level.

A PVR cinema chain franchise in India typically operates through a land arrangement and is customized to the need of the company based on the property you have on offer.

The cost would mostly depend on the size and location of the cinema mall. As cinema malls are large in size so the investment is also maximum. However, it should also be in a good location in major cities. PVR charges a franchise fee of INR 10 lacs and the total franchise cost could be around INR 50 lacs to 1 crore or even 2 crore keeping in mind the increasing expenditure recently. 

When it comes to the manpower required cinema halls requires professional manpower as there are various services included while watching a movie like food and beverages selling and delivering in movie halls. Manpower required in ticket counters, security checks, cleaning staff and such. So, all in all manpower required could be around 15-20 people approximately. 

Documents Required For PVR Franchise

PVR franchise will not provide you its franchise if you do not have the required documents as it is necessary for the company to do a background check. The documents required for PVR franchise are.

  • Provisional NOCs
  • Designs must be passed
  • Provisional License from DM/DC
  • New cinema hall Construction license
  • Film copyright license
  • Valid land papers
  • Identity proof such as Aadhar card, Pan Card
  • Address proof (electricity bill)
  • Lease, rent property related documents
  • Passport sized photographs 

PVR Franchise: Procedure To Apply/Contact

You can visit the official website to know about the updates of PVR franchise. Interested people who wish to open up a PVR franchise can contact the nearest PVR operator or who is functioning a PVR business. This way you will be able to get proper and practical details about opening up a PVR franchise. 


PVR has become available in almost every state in the country and people love visiting its cinema to experience quality movies with the best audio as well. PVR do not compromise on such things which is why it has also become one of the leading cinema companies in India.

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