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Cafes are becoming a trendy business for new entrepreneurs as it becomes a great attraction for new customers in a new market. But, when marketing is done properly it is possible for every business to earn maximum profit in a competitive market.

Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

However, it is also important for food and beverage companies and brands to maintain good quality food and also introduce new items in the market so that it becomes a major attraction. One such cafe company that has made its presence available in the Indian market is The Rameshwaram Cafe. This Bangalore-based brand is really bringing out the authentic taste of South Indian breakfast dishes.

The Rameshwaram Cafe was founded by a couple who had started the cafe with the aim to provide original, unfiltered South Indian flavors globally. Over the years, both founders have received many prestigious awards and accolades for their impeccable contributions in their respective fields. Let us know more about the cafe company in detail. 

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The Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise 

The company started back in the year 2021 and they have expanded its outlets in other cities as well. The company has its head office based in Bangalore, Karnataka, and have got several outlets in its home city itself. It was in the year of its foundation when the company opened its second outlet as well along with the first one.

According to the official website of the company, The Rameshwaram Cafe has opened one more outlet in the city of Bangalore itself. Therefore, they have got three outlets in total and they are located in three different regions of Bangalore. 

If you wish to take its franchise then you would have to directly get in touch with the company personnel. The official website do not reveal any details about its franchise option but we hope that the company will soon bring changes to this in the future. 

About Rameshwaram Cafe Company & How It Started?

The Rameshwaram Cafe is a premium South Indian chain of QSR modules and is a trademark-registered brand under its mother company M/s. Altran Ventures Pvt Ltd. At The Rameshwaram Cafe it is ensured that all the cuisines are always prepared on the go and they are served hot to the customers to give them the best experience. The company uses the best and fresh high-quality ingredients, authentic recipes with the highest hygiene standards.

The company started back in the year 2021 by successfully launching two outlets in Bangalore. The name ‘Rameshwaram’ was chosen by the founders themselves to pay tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as it was his birthplace. The company believes that it holds true to its value of authenticity and the expansive flavours of South India. 

Tabular Overview Of Rameshwaram Cafe

Company nameThe Rameshwaram Cafe
Founded 2021
Founders Mr Raghavendra Rao and Mrs Divya Raghavendra Rao
Industry Restaurants 
Headquarters Bangalore 
Official website
Franchise N/A
Franchise total investment Approximately INR 10 lacs to 15 lacs
Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise Details

Rameshwaram Cafe Main Products 

The Rameshwaram cafe has made its presence for foodies in India for its authentic yet traditional South Indian dishes. The cafe has been famous for its quality food which only comes from the company using the highest quality ingredients. The food prepared in the cafe is on-the-go and is served hot to the customers which ultimately gives the premium taste of the South Indian dishes.

The food menu is large and it is also possible that every item in the menu is the best-selling item. However, let us look at some of the famous items from The Rameshwaram Cafe.

  • Idli 
  • Lemon Idli 
  • Ghee Sambar Button Idli 
  • Ven Pongal 
  • Khara Bhath Kesari Bhath 
  • Gulab Jamun 
  • Dosa 
  • Open Butter Dosa
  • Multi-Grain Dosa
  • Kerala Parotta 
  • Masala Tea 
  • Ghee Pudi Rice
  • Tomato Rice 
  • Lemon Rice
  • Puliyogare 
  • Curd Rice
  • Rice combo of 2

Why Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise?

There are various reasons to go for The Rameshwaram Cafe franchise. The official website reveals that the company wish to expand its business in several other cities in India within the next five years. This will give the franchise owners an opportunity to be a part of a fast-growing food company and therefore give them the opportunity to earn maximum profits.

However, the brand has been able to gain positive reviews and comments from the majority of the customers which is quite rare nowadays. People those who have ended up having its products have said that they were very much satisfied with the quality of food that The Rameshwaram Cafe was providing. 

This itself is one of the reasons why the brand would be doing great in the future and it is also normal that franchise owners would be getting equal reputation. If franchise owners are able to open up a store in a prime location then they can expect to earn a good amount of revenue every month. Being a startup company that is less than 3 years old it will be a wise option to go for its franchise considering the fact that the company will be expanding its business to other parts of India and as well as outside India. 

Investment Required For A Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise 

The official website of the company do not reveal any details about the total investment required to open up its franchise in a major city. Additionally, they also do not have any option for its franchise up one then you must contact the company personnel immediately and if they are interested then they may grant you permission to start its franchise outlet. You can expect a total investment of INR 10 lacs to INR 15 lacs to open up a cafe franchise in India. 

The amount mentioned above could be varied depending upon factors like the area and region where you decide to open up the store. Say suppose you open the store in a tier 1 city like in the case in Bangalore then your cost could be much higher than opening in cities like Kolkata.

The cost of raw materials and labor would be more in major cities which could ultimately increase the total investment amount. Additionally, the company may charge a franchise fee or brand fee. You must get in touch with the company to know more about such details. 

Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise Cost 

This company has been recently come up in the market. Other than that, the official website of the company does not reveal anything related to its franchise. The primary reason for such is that the company is quite new to the market and it is in its early stages.

The official website do reveal that, they are hoping to expand to other major cities across the country and outside the country as well. We can only hope that they expand their business by offering franchise business options to interested businessmen in the country. Moreover, we cannot give you any details related to its franchise and franchise cost. 

Now, if you are willing to know more details regarding their future plans on franchises, then we would highly recommend you to contact the company directly. It will make things clearer between you and the company as well. 

Requirements To Start A Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise 

If the company decides to provide its franchise opportunity to interested entrepreneurs then they must be meeting certain requirements for opening the franchise. The requirement would include basic things like prime area location, investment amount, labour, raw materials and such.

However, the company has not yet revealed what kind of partners they are looking for because if they want to look for experienced partners then you would have to meet their expectations to get the franchise opportunity. 

Documents Required for a Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

  • ID Proof (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter Card)
  • Address proof (Electricity bill)
  • NOC of the shop 
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Franchise agreement 
  • Rent agreement 
  • Food licence 
  • Trade licence 
  • GST number and GST certificate 
  • Proper contact details (Phone number and email ID)
  • Lease agreement if any
  • Bank details 
  • Passbook 
  • Cancelled cheque 

Experience Required for a Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

The company has not revealed any details about the kind of partners they want to provide the franchise opportunity. However, it is almost possible that the company would want to look for experienced and knowledgeable candidates for their franchise opportunity.

In case you are inexperienced then you may contact the company personnel and if they want to get you onboard for their franchise outlet then you may receive training from the company about how to manage and run the business. 

Manpower required for a Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

The total manpower required to manage and run the outlet successfully would depend on the size of the outlet and also the demand for its products. Say suppose the outlet is a large one then you would be requiring some extra manpower than opening a smaller outlet.

However, the average manpower required would be around 3-5 employees where two would be in the kitchen department, one would be the cashier or receptionist and one would be handling the customers. You can also hire staff for hygiene and maintenance as well for keeping the outlet as clean and hygienic as possible. 

Area Required for a Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

The company still has not revealed the total area required to open up its outlet. But, you can expect it to be around 100 sq ft to 200 sq ft. There should be some space in the front for parking of two-wheelers at least which will give an added advantage to the outlet.

The area inside the store should be spacious enough to fit in with all the required furniture like table and chairs and other such things. It should be attractive and catchy and must be comfortable for both employees and the customers to enjoy eating delicious food. 

Preferred Location for Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise Outlet

The location that you choose must be at a prime location which would be the best option for a food business because a prime location will be having the maximum footfall. Your main goal is to earn as much profit as possible and this is why your location is very crucial for the business to earn profit and grow in the future. 

How To Get Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise?

To get the franchise of The Rameshwaram cafe you must contact the company personnel directly. The official website or the social media handle (Instagram) does not reveal its franchise option. This is why you must get in touch with the company personnel directly and then inquire about the franchise. 

Is Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise Profitable?

Rameshwaram as a company is surely doing good business in the Indian market. All the food quality and ratings are well received by the customers. We can assume that, if they offer a franchise option to the general public then it will surely be a profitable business for them as well.

But, as it is located in South India, people from South India will prefer their food mostly and not in other parts of the country. If a franchise option is available then ensure you target those audiences only.

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