Theobroma Franchise In India – Franchise Cost, Investment & Profit Margin

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The businesses coming from the food and beverage industry today are attracting a lot of crowds towards them only because most of these companies are able to bring innovatively cool products. When talking about companies in the food and beverage industry people instantly think about giant brands like KFC, McDonald’s, and many more but many startups today are becoming major competitors for many existing companies.

It was in the year 2004 when a new patisserie company had been introduced in the market by the name of Theobroma. A graduate of IHM Mumbai named Kainaz Mesman had started this company in 2004. She worked as pastry chef at the Oberoi Udaivilas before setting up her first Theobroma patisserie store in 2004. Today, the company is aiming to maximise its sales and aims to earn a revenue of INR 600 crore by the year 2025.

Does Theobroma Provides Franchise in India?

Theobroma does not have a franchise model as the company operates all of its stores through their own management. In the past couple of years ever since the pandemic has ended the company have opened its stores in several major cities.

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The Mumbai-based company entered cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as well and is planning to open many more in the upcoming years. It was last year in the month of October 2022 when the brand had opened its first ever outlet in Chennai as well. 

Since the company is not offering its franchise this means that no one can have the opportunity to become its partner. The strong management of the company is proving that the brand can rely on its brand recognition in the market that will bring good business to their outlets located in different cities in India. 

Theobroma Providing Franchise In Australia

Theobroma has made its presence available with its franchise model in Australia. The company even has a separate website where people can apply for its franchise. The company has revealed that they provide support right from assistance in site selection to marketing and training to its franchise owners. The brand also claims that they can provide the resources necessary to enhance the franchisee experience. 

Investment Required for The obroma Franchise

If you wish to start its franchise then it would be a wise option to directly get in touch with the company personnel to inquire about the investment required details. The official website do reveal the contact details of the company where you can find the contact details and contact the company about its franchise cost and investment details.

However, apart from that the company did not reveal much about its franchise cost and total investment required to open up a Theobroma franchise outlet. 

On the other hand, the company is not currently offering its franchise in India which makes it clear that every outlet is being owned by the company itself. This also means that interested entrepreneurs and partners cannot inquire about its franchise details by contacting the company personnel. 

Profit Margin on Theobroma Franchise

Theobroma has turned out to be one of the most profitable business since the past decade. The company has got a strong team those who have worked effortlessly for the huge success of the patisserie business set up by Kainaz Messman. Rishi Gour (Chief Executive Officer), Nihal Harchandrai (VP- Digital Transformation, Legal & Investor Relations), Nazir Sarela (Chief Operating Officer) and many more are the core team members of the company. 

The franchise of Theobroma could earn a good amount of profit every month considering the reputation it has earned over the past decade. The brand is also planning to increase its number of outlets in the upcoming years and wish to make a revenue of INR 600 crores by the year 2025. 

How To Apply For Theobroma Franchise?

Applying for Theobroma franchise could be difficult because all of its outlets are managed and owned by the company itself. However, if you wish to contact with the company and let them know about your interest in taking the franchise then you can do that. The official website of the company do not have a separate tab for ‘Franchise’ and also does not reveal any information about franchising. 

Is Theobroma Franchise Profitable?

Theobroma has become a reputed brand and has got a huge customer base. This shows the efficient marketing strategy used by the company which became a major attraction for the crowd today. Yes, it is a profitable business in India and is only going to increase its sales in the upcoming years and is also planning to open many more outlets throughout the country.

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