Top 10 Venture Capital Firms who invest in startups in India

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In the dynamic realm of startups, securing the right financial backing can mean the difference between a budding idea and a full-fledged success story. Venture capital firms, as the powerhouses behind startup growth, offer more than just funds – they provide essential guidance and expertise.

India’s thriving startup ecosystem has witnessed the emergence of several top-tier venture capital firms actively investing in innovative concepts across diverse sectors.

The Role of Venture Capital Firms in India’s Startup Ecosystem

As India’s startup landscape experiences exponential growth, the path from idea to reality remains challenging for many startups, particularly in their early stages. Venture capital firms step in as partners, providing the much-needed capital injection, mentorship, and strategic insights.

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By shouldering risks alongside startups, these firms contribute to cultivating an environment conducive to innovation, economic progress, and job creation.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the top 10 venture capital firms propelling India’s startup landscape. Additionally, we’ll uncover the crucial role these firms play in shaping India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

1. Accel Partners

Accel Partners, a real veteran in the startup world, has been around since 1983. They’re like the wise wizards of investment, choosing promising startups with care. Think Atlassian, Flipkart, and Swiggy – those are just some of their success stories.

They’re not just about money; they guide startups from the start to the big moment of going public. It’s like having a cool mentor on your side. Accel Partners knows the internet, software, and services game well, and they’re all about turning small sparks into blazing successes.

NameAccel Partners
FounderArthur Patterson
Founded Year1983
Notable InvestmentsAtlassian, Cloudera, Etsy, Flipkart, Swiggy
Key SectorsInternet and Consumer Services, Infrastructure, Cloud -Enabled Services, Mobile and Software
StageSeed – IPO
Accel Partners

2. Indian Angel Network

Indian Angel Network, a key player since 2006, is all about nurturing young startups. With founders like Saurabh Srivastava, Padmaja Ruparel, and Raman Roy, they’ve been supporting ventures like WebEngage, Wow! Momo, and Druva.

It’s like they’ve been there from the start, helping startups grow. Indian Angel Network focuses on e-commerce and agriculture, two things that impact our daily lives. For startups seeking early-stage support, Indian Angel Network is like that experienced mentor.

They’ve even joined hands with Bangladesh Angels Network to create more opportunities for startups. In short, they’re like the seasoned guides of the startup world.

NameIndian Angel Network
FounderSaurabn Srivastava & Co.
Founded Year2006
Notable InvestmentsWebEngage, Wow! Momo, Druva, Box8, Faballey, Little Black Book
Key SectorsE-commerce & Agriculture
StageEarly Stage & Seed
Indian Angel Network

3. Blume Ventures

Blume Ventures, a younger player since 2011, is like a buddy for startups. They’re all about helping small ideas grow big. From Dunzo to LBB, they’ve supported cool startups. They’re like the first steps for startups, giving them a boost from the start to when they get bigger.

Blume Ventures likes stuff like phones, the internet, and software – things we use every day. If startups want a friend to help them start strong, Blume Ventures is like that helpful friend.

NameBlume Ventures
FounderKarthik Reddy
Founded Year2011
Notable InvestmentsDunzo, LBB, HealthifyMe, Instamojo
Key SectorsTelecommunications, Internet, Software
StageSeed B

4. VenturEast

VenturEast, a veteran in the startup world since 1997, is like a guiding light for innovative ideas. They focus on special areas like technology, healthcare, and keeping our environment clean. It’s like they have a treasure chest of around $325 million to support startups.

They’ve already helped more than 100 startups in their 20-year journey. Impressive, right? They’ve put their money in cool startups like Cron AI and Pitstop. And guess what? If you have a great startup idea, they’re open to hearing it – just check out their website!

FounderSarath Naru
Founded Year1997
Notable InvestmentsCron Al, Pitstop, Infinite Uptime, ekincare
Key SectorsTechnology, Healthcare, Clean Environment
StageEarly-Stage Venture, Late-Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed

5. Kae Capital

Kae Capital is like a mentor for startups, especially those just starting their journey. Since 2012, they’ve been helping early-stage businesses grow. They team up with founders and their squads to create successful ventures, with a particular interest in tech startups.

Kae Capital doesn’t limit itself to specific sectors, making it a versatile partner for startups. Some of their buddies in the business world include 1K, Porter, Wysa, and Zetwork. If you’re looking to connect with them, their main page provides easy ways to reach out and learn more about their supportive role in the startup arena.

NameKae Capital
FounderSasha Mirchandani
Founded Year2012
Notable InvestmentsZomato, Delhivery, WhiteHat Jr., Unacademy
Key SectorsFinance, Financial Services, Venture Capital
StageEarly-Stage Venture, Seed
Kae Capital

6. Helion Venture

Helion Venture, a helper to startups since a while back, is all about making dreams real. They’ve supported startups like Whatfix and Livspace. It’s like they’re there from the start to when startups do great things.

Helion Venture likes tech and things for people, like shopping online. If startups want someone to be with them on the journey, Helion Venture is like that trustworthy companion.

NameHelion Venture
FounderAshish Gupta
Founded Year2006
Notable InvestmentsWhatfix, Slintel, Livspace, Eye-Q
Key SectorsTechnology, Consumer Services, Healthcare
StageEarly – M
Helion Venture

7. Chiratae Ventures

Chiratae Ventures, a buddy to startups for a while, is all about turning ideas into gold. They’ve helped startups like Flipkart and Lenskart. It’s like they’re there from the start to when startups become big stars. Chiratae Ventures likes tech and shopping, things we use every day.

If startups want a friend to walk with them on the path to success, Chiratae Ventures is like that supportive friend.

NameChiratae Ventures
FounderSudhir Sethi
Founded Year2006
Notable InvestmentsFlipkart, FirstCry, Lenskart, Curefit
Key SectorsConsumer Media, Enterprise Tech, Fintech
StageEarly – G

8. Matrix Partners

Matrix Partners has been on the startup scene for quite some time, helping ideas flourish into reality. They’ve been behind startups like Chumbak and Dukaan. It’s like they’re there right from the start until startups achieve greatness.

Matrix Partners is interested in things like online shopping and tech innovations. For startups seeking a dependable guide on their growth journey, Matrix Partners is akin to that trusted mentor.

NameMatrix Partners
FounderPaul Ferri
Founded Year1977
Notable InvestmentsChumbak, Country Delight, Ola Electric
Key SectorsConsumer Tech, Enterprise Tech, Healthcare
StageSeed – B
Matrix Partners

9. Elevation Capital

Elevation Capital, a player in startups for a while, is all about making big dreams happen. They’ve backed startups like Paytm and Swiggy. It’s like they’re with startups from the beginning to the top.

Elevation Capital likes things like tech and food delivery – stuff we use all the time. If startups want someone to support them on their journey, Elevation Capital is like that reliable supporter.

NameElevation Capital
FounderRavi Adusumalli
Founded Year2001
Notable InvestmentsPaytm, Swiggy, Makemytrip, ShareChat
Key SectorsConsumer Internet, Fintech, Healthcare
StageEarly – G
Elevation Capital

10. Lightspeed Venture

LightSpeed Ventures, a name in startups for some time, is all about turning small sparks into bright flames. They’ve supported startups like Moglix and Ninjacart. It’s like they’re there from the start till startups shine.

LightSpeed Ventures is interested in things like technology and businesses that help us. If startups want someone to guide them on their way up, LightSpeed Ventures is like that trusted guide

NameLightspeed Venture
FounderBarry Eggers
Founded Year2000
Notable InvestmentsOyo, Byju’s, Udaan, Freshworks
Key SectorsEnterprise Tech, Consumer Tech, SaaS
StageSeed – G
Lightspeed Venture


The success of startups hinges on the support they receive, and venture capital firms are pivotal in this journey. These top 10 venture capital firms in India don’t just offer funds – they provide mentorship, direction, and expertise.

As India’s startup ecosystem continues to mature, the contributions of these firms will play an essential role in driving innovation, propelling startups toward global recognition, and solidifying India’s position as a fertile ground for entrepreneurship

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