How to Start a We Crunch Franchise Business ?- Cost, Profit, Investment

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People of every age group love having fast food items. The taste of such kinds of food items feel satisfying and delicious which is why majority of the people love having such kinds of food items. This gave the opportunity to several businesses to set up their own store and start selling fast food items for the common public.

Proper marketing and advertisement along with quality of food items are two crucial factors for making a business successful. This is why leading fast-food restaurant companies like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and many more are doing great business. 

In India there have been many companies that have come up that sell different kinds of fast food items. We Crunch is one of the companies that is one of them that sells a wide range of fast food items.

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Its unique menu options include foot items like fried chicken, burgers, wraps, and milkshakes. The company has also started to give its franchise to interested and eligible entrepreneurs.

How To Get We Crunch Franchise?

Getting a We Crunch Franchise will be a good option to think about if you are looking to start a fast food business. It is through the official website of the company that interested and eligible candidates will be able to apply for its franchise. If you visit the ‘Franchise’ section you will be able to see an application form which you need to fill in carefully. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for the We Crunch Franchise. 

  • First, go to your browser on your laptop or desktop (for better convenience) and search ‘We Crunch Franchise’. 
  • The very first website is the official website of the company and you need to click on that so that you can fill in the application form. 
  • The franchise enquiry form should be located right at the top of the page. The form will be asking for basic details like your name, email, your mobile number, location where you wish to open, and a separate message box. 
  • There is also a separate contact number provided in the website. In case you have any doubt you can call them up for help and assistance. 

It is important to keep a note about the requirements and financial investments before you apply for the franchise enquiry form. You should know every detail about what the company is expecting from you in return for its franchise. The official website has revealed most of the information that you might have which is why there would be no need to contact the company personnel. 

Investment Required For We Crunch Franchise 

The investment required for We Crunch franchise will range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. The number is just a maximum amount that has been mentioned here because the total amount may vary depending on factors like the location where you wish to set up the outlet and the space. Let us have a look at the unit franchise investment breakup below.

  • Franchise fee: INR 2 lakhs 
  • Kitchen equipments: INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 2 lakhs 
  • Interiors: INR 1 lakh to INR 3 lakhs (depending on shop size and requirements)

The company is charging a franchise fee of INR 2 lakhs and additionally they are not charging any kind of royalty fee. If you visit the official website of We Crunch Franchise then you will be able to have access to the franchise investment details then and there. 

Profit Margin for a We Crunch Franchise

The company claims that franchise owners can earn a profit margin of more than 50%. Now, this is something that someone will rarely come across because the company has been kind of advertising and boasting proudly about it. The official website also reveals the same thing where right below the branding a user can see that the company has put up saying that, ‘Profit margin, More than 50%’. 

Let us have a look at different kinds of projections to expect the profit amount earned by a franchise with the help of the table given below. 

Particulars Projection 1Projection 2Projection 3
Expected sales per day 60001000015000
Monthly Turnover 180000300000450000
Food cost (-40%)72000120000180000
Employee salary 220002200036000
Rent 120003000040000
Electricity bill 90001500022000
Royalty Nil Nil Nil 
Total expenses per month 115000187000278000
Total profit per month 65000113000172000

Now, seeing from the above table we can come to a conclusion that the volume of sales will determine your profitability per month. You may not earn massive profits right from the beginning of setting up your business. In the long run the We Crunch will give you a good amount of profit as shown in the table above. 

Return on Investment for a We Crunch Franchise

The official website of We Crunch reveals that the payback period is between 6 to 8 months. This is yet another thing that entrepreneurs wishing to take its franchise needs to take a closer look at. This is quite interesting that the company is proudly able to say that the return on interest is within less than a year. There are several companies that do not have such a payback period.  

Is We Crunch Franchise Really Profitable?

Profit earned by a We Crunch franchise would depend on the location where it has been set up. Apart from that it is also important to create and implement effective marketing strategies. Franchise owners can expect a good amount of profit once their business is able to gain a good amount of customers.

This is because profit is directly related to the volume of sales that the outlet is making. It would still be justified to say that the We Crunch franchise is a profitable business. 


In the end all that matters is the volume of sales made by the outlet per day. The franchise outlet can only be able to earn maximum profit only if their outlet receives a good amount of customers. So far, the company is claiming that its franchise owners can expect a profit margin of more than 50% which itself seems to be quite impressive.

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