Which is the best season to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands

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If you want to know what is the Best time to visit the Andaman Islands, let us tell you it can be visited all across the year, every season in Andaman has its charm and you will get to explore something new in every season.

Andaman is one of the best holiday destinations in India. It’s known for the blue-green waters, untouched beauty and above all the calmness it offers.

Though most people prefer to visit here from October to May, the rainy season has its beauty and gives you a feel of fairyland. The lush greenery and beautiful waters make Andamans a place everyone must visit once in their lifetime.

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Summers:– Summers in Andaman are mildly warm but pleasant. The summer months are from April till June, and this is also the best time for water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, and trekking. The temperature usually ranges from 24 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees celsius. Though it is not the Peak season in Andaman, this time is worth the visit.

Monsoons:- Andaman receives average to heavy rainfall, though it might not be the best time for water activities but to sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature. The temperature during monsoon months ranges between 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. If you want to stay indoors it can be the best month to visit Andaman for honeymoon.

Winters:– Most people prefer to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands during the winter months, the weather during this time stays pleasant for most of the time and temperature ranges between 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. These are the best months to visit Andaman and Nicobar with family or for the honeymoon.

The best month to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands for honeymoon

If you have a question, what is the Best month to visit Andaman for the honeymoon & book Andaman honeymoon packages every month and season is apt for it. You can visit here anytime and get to see what the place has to offer. Do not forget to ask your travel agent about special arrangements they can make for your honeymoon.

Best month to visit Andaman for the honeymoon

We all love the word “perfect” when it comes to the holiday experience. It is not just about having a good time, but it starts the moment you plan your holiday destination and starts looking for the places to visit there. And, it ends when you are back fully satisfied with the destination, hotels and other travel arrangements made by your travel agent. This is where Experience Andamans is the leader in offering best holiday travel advice and packages. You can also ask them about the best time to visit the Andaman Islands. Experience Andamans are the best planners when it comes to solo, family, or honeymoon travel. 

The most important aspect of a good journey is a personalized experience where you get to explore the things and places as per your convenience. Everything related to the travel is decided by you, right from the best month to visit Andaman and Nicobar, the itinerary, hotel, and car by which you will move. You might be looking for a super adventurous tour, an exciting honeymoon trip or a laid-back holiday – and you get all this when in Andaman.

There are immense adventure opportunities; you can trek, visit Barren Island, indulge in water sports, or learn one. You can opt to stay in a distant hotel with your beloved far away from the crowd and live a fairy tale life. You can opt to choose a luxury hotel, and stay disconnected from the world to unwind even during the peak season in Andaman.

About Experience Andamans

Experience Andamans one of the locally run travel agency takes pride in personalizing every holiday experience with equal zeal. They have a team of highly experienced people who belong to the Islands and who else than one who was born and lived an entire life in Andaman can guide you about the Best time to visit the Andaman Islands. It is always good to arrange travel through a local travel agency because they have the expertise to help you make the best of every situation.