Top 5 Youngest Billionaires Under 25 Age

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Know the Youngest Billionaires under 25 Age

In America, for example, the chances of becoming a billionaire is approximately one in 578,508. There are 2,043 billionaires in the world out of a population of 7.4 billion. More than other people, billionaires are aware of the influence that wealth has over them and the enormous responsibility that comes with it. They save money in certain areas while spending freely in others because of this worldview, which recognises the power of money.

Being a billionaire is difficult, especially if you have not already amassed millions of dollars. Becoming a billionaire requires time, patience, investment knowledge, and entrepreneurship. There are young entrepreneurs and hard workers all over the globe who have worked immensely hard and created a name for themselves on the list of youngest billionaires.

5. Pedro Franceschi

Pedro Franceschi is the Co-CEO of Brex, a fintech startup that wants to reinvent the business credit card. When he was a senior high school student living in native Brazil in 2012, he first connected with cofounder Henrique Dubugras over a Twitter fight, with whom he founded Brex.

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Pedro Franceschi

Brex is transforming business financial services, beginning with corporate cards for new companies. They employ a dynamic and diverse group with talented people from a variety of backrgounds as they create products from the bottom up.

Forbes acknowledged the value of Pedro’s skill set and business in 2019. The co-founder was included in Forbes’ `30 Under 30’ list, which honours the world’s top business people.

Age of Attaining Billionaire Status: 25

Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Industry: Fintech

Country: Brazil

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4. Katherine Andresen

One of the youngest billionaires in the world is Katharina Andresen, who was born in 1995. She and her younger sister Alexandra each received a 42 percent inheritance from the family-run financial firm, Ferd. With a dual-class share structure, the company is still governed by the sisters’ father, Johan, who still holds 70 percent of the votes

Ferd manages hedge funds, participates actively in the Nordic stock market, and has private equity holdings.

Age of Achieiving Billionaire Status: 25

Net Worth: $1.4 billion

Industry: Investment Firm

Country: Norway

3. Wang Zelong

Wang, the youngest billionaire in Asia, who surprisingly comes from Jiaozuo and not Beijing or Shanghai, owns shares of Lomon Billions Group and CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co., which are traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. His wealth comes from ownership of companies that manufacture titanium dioxide in China, CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide and Lomon Billions Group.

Age of Achieiving Billionaire Status: 25

Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Industry: Pigment Production

Country: China

2. Alexandra Andresen

A Norwegian heiress named Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen. At age 19 in 2016, she first broke the record for the world’s youngest billionaire.

Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen, who was born in July 1996, is an experienced and successful professional equestrian rider who has won numerous international dressage awards. She has additionally modelled for the equestrian apparel brand KingsLand, and the UK Telegraph claims that she attended a British boarding school.

Age of Achieiving Billionaire Status: 24

Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

Industry: Investment Firm

Country: Norway

1.Kevin David Lehmann

Kevin David Lehmann controls 50% of dm (drogerie markt), the largest pharmacy chain in Germany with annual sales of nearly $12 billion.

Goetz Werner established the business in 1973 by opening his first store in Karlsruhe, Germany. DM has about 3,700 sites today. Guenther Lehmann, the father of Kevin David Lehmann, invested in DM in 1974 when he was still in charge of the Pfannkuch grocery chain.

In 2017, Guenther gave Kevin David ownership of his 50% interest in the company. Neither Kevin David nor his father have ever participated in DM on an operational level.

Age of Achieiving Billionaire Status: 18

Net Worth: $3.3 billion

Industry: Drugstore

Country: Germany


Ultimately, a person is considered a billionaire if they have assets or a net worth of at least one billion dollars, euros, or pounds in their own currency. These 5 young billionaires have accumulated huge amounts of wealth, claiming a name place on the list of the top 5 youngest billionaires under 25.

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