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Elastic hair band making business

The demand for Hair Bands is found all throughout the year. You can start a home-based small business. You can start Colourful Hair Band Making business with a small amount. For more details click on grab the deals.

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You have to buy colorful nylon thread from the market. You can buy it from the market of Barobazar in Kolkata. Then put the nylon thread on the indicated place of the bobbin of the machine. Then start the machine and the band will be made automatically. Now you have to cut the band in indicated size as you want. Then join the band and your Hair Band is ready.
The machine can make up to 10 kg nylon thread band per hour.
It needs ½ hp motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.

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Q: 1) Who can start Elastic Hair Band Making Business??

Anyone can start this business. No specific criteria. Illiterate also can work on the same

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