One Person Company Registration

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One person company registration

OPC - One person company is one of the newest and trending legal form of business among yougsters and freelancers. The people who want to run their business with their own terms.

OPC is benificial for those who ideally belive in Quick business decision without any other intervension.


Offers & Services

Here are some key features of OPC - One person Company registration.

Limited Liablity

OPC is completly sole propwritership business with some limited specific liablity.

Single Owner

OPC As name suggest, this company has only one owner with full share and management authority.

Share Transfrablity 

OPC company owners Equity can not be transfer freely to any others.

Less Complience 

Its Require Almost few compliences with compare of Private LImited and Public Limited Company.


In case, share holder decesaed, the share eaisly transfer to Nominee.

Complete Step of Business

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