Food Franchise Business in India


Did you know? The food consumption value from 2012-16 was Rs 25.8 trillion. Just after the healthcare industry, the food industry is booming industry. People will never stop consuming food products as it is an essential part of our life.

Additionally, you can either start a food franchise with a heavy investment or with a very minimal investment as well. There is no fixed price to open a food franchise but, yes it depends on the company or brand you choose.

Other than that, if you do complete and proper research on your market area then you could open up your food business. But, initially, we would recommend you go for a franchise so that you understand the market better and gain experience.

Moreover, the food franchise business in India is highly profitable. Even small startups are earning huge profits within a short span.

Why Food Franchise Business?

Did you know? The food industry is one of those industries that play a very significant role in a country’s GDP. According to Food Processing Minister in 2020-21, the Indian food industry contributed 12.8% to India’s GDP. Yes, you can be a helping hand not only to the people or customers but, to the country’s growth as well.

This is one of the futuristic reasons why you would want to choose a food franchise business. Now, other than that, many countries have seen economic and social conditions. The food franchise is one of those businesses where people saw the opportunity that it could be easily opened.

Now, one of the instant advantages of opening a food franchise is you get brand recognition. Customers would surely be familiar with the brand and know its product quality. This is where you do not need to work extra to gain customers to sell any food products. Customer recognition is always there along with goodwill.

How to choose the right food franchise that fits you?

Choosing the right franchise could be of any industry can be tough for you. Yes, there are pros and cons to opening a franchise in your location. But, the pros and cons must be managed in such a way that they do not affect your profit margin at the end of the day.

Further, we will discuss how to choose the right food franchise that will fit you. Make sure you follow these steps or procedures properly so that you do not make any mistakes.

1. Decision

You must decide do you want to open a franchise or start a small food venture. When you are getting a franchise means you are buying a system. Now, not all people liked to be told what they should do. So, take a step back and think do you want to open a food franchise business or start a small venture?

2. Money

This is the most significant step that you must check before selecting a food franchise. You got to find a food franchise that fits your budget and is within your financial means. It does not mean you couldn’t take a loan but, it is always better to have good capital saved in your bank account. Make sure you do not stretch yourself too up financially. It is because you cannot expect the ROI soon it takes time. Other than that, you need to determine how much money you need to make and how much you want to make with the franchise. Make sure all the needs are covered by your business first then the rest could be your profit.

3. Location

Location is very important so that the customers can see a new franchise has opened up. Make sure you have an average location in your mind to open up a food franchise. It will be easier to make money on an average location as compared to hit locations. Other than that, you could buy a franchise that is making good money or open up a new franchise in a new location. It all depends on the person, location, and franchise.

4. Filling Gaps

You surely won’t have all the knowledge and information about your franchise and its daily operation. You can always hire one that has that skill set.  Make sure you fill out the hiring plan and fill in the gaps. After you close things down, there will be a lot of food franchises make sure you ask them the right questions.


Most people do not follow these basic steps to open a food franchise. But, these steps are necessary for anyone who is planning to open one. Always figure out do you want to open a franchise or not, do you have enough capital, does it impact your lifestyle, how much you need to make, and is it matching up with your skill sets or not. After this, you can figure out what food franchise business fits you.


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