About us

What is Startup Authority?

Everyone has a dream to grow in the business sector. Every startup looking to complete their business need within a limited budget also with limited deadlines. We at startup authority understand the difficulties and problems of startups. Here and onward, we play an important role.

Startup Authority is a rope for Startups to do, make, and innovate and put a wing toward their business journey under Startup India Initiative. Startup Authority helping the people, small and medium enterprises not only to connects the startup with the right vendors who are best to take care of all the other service/business needs that are required to run a successful startup business but also they are giving you the world-class digital branding solution for your business.

We are not limited over here only, we have experts teammate who understand the innovation which is required for the Startup, including the ideas which look out and find the best deals and also make them available exclusively to those registered startups with Startup authority. We exist to assist and help Startups.

Why startup authority?

we at startup authority, innovate your brand and ideas, make your product 100% acceptable to a wide range of audiences.

It might be possible that You will be a visionary with million dollars business idea but it’s always not certainly as an HR specialist or as an online digital marketer and that’s a reason to choose Startup Authority. Startup Authority helps you to find the right (SSP) startup service providers who offer exclusive startup deals and online branding solutions for your business.



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For Startups, let’s start with your interest, If you are looking for a deal, you don’t need to register yourself. Just search for the service that meets your requirement and click Grab Button. Your Deal will be delivered in your inbox with an exclusive discount available on the service.

For Startup Service Providers(SSP):

If you are a Startup Service Provider, then you need to register your business with the Startup Authority. Once registered, you are ready to promote your product/services to the startup world through the globe. For exclusive features and offerings please register for paid plans. check our premium plans to explore it more.