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Are you looking for Domino’s Franchise in India? In This article we will provide complete details of the Domino’s Franchise cost in india in 2021, contact details, profits, expenses, how to apply for domino’s franchise application, and a few more necessary information.

Owning a business in the food & beverages sector is always a good call. Moreover opting for Domino’s franchise is like butter on bread. Domino’s dominates in fast food sector worldwide & ranks #1 for top & best pizza chains, with annual turnover of $6.6B and ranks number 9 in the world’s top 10 restaurant companies with Revenue (TTM): $3.7 billion.You may also read about top 10 pizza franchise in India in 2021.

It’s well known that Dominos is the largest pizza company in the world. Domino’s owns more than seventeen thousand outlets in ninety countries. Domino’s has grown exponentially in Indian market. Althought at beginning, it was thought domino’s can’t sustain in Indian marketplace due to it’s high ticket value & only upper class can afford it. But apart from speculations if we see statistics : In the year 2019, Domino’s Pizza had around 1312 outlets across 276 cities in India, wherein in 2006 India had only 128 Dominos pizza stores in India.

You might be wandering looking at these numbers,you can get a idea that how much potential is still left. Now let’s see how someone can get a domino’s franchise.

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How to get dominos franchise in india

To get Dominos Franchise in India, you need to know the requirements and complete details of the domino’s franchise. You should have knowledge about Jubilant FoodWorks Limited and its subsidiaries who own the franchise rights of Domino’s Pizza in India.

Domino's franchise profit margin
Domino’s Franchise Cost & Profit Margin

As being the dominant leader in the fast-food chain, they have been at the top India too for their best quality services and products. Before applying for the domino’s pizza franchise you should that you meets all the requirements of the franchise owners.

Hence it becomes necessary to know the requirements to open a dominos franchise. So, let’s know in brief about the requirements to open a domino’s franchise.

Requirements  to open a dominos franchise

Locality : For any type of food franchise, space is required and should be preffered by the customers as  well as dominos. There are mainly four  types of franchise formats where Domino’s employs:

  • Traditional Stores
  • Non-Traditional Stores
  • Transitional stores
  • License Issuing

Traditional Stores  You might have seen shops in malls like pvr mall, Great India place etc.These are the retail locations, predominantly located in shopping centers, strip centers, and these stores have proper parking for the customers and the delivery vehicles. These Domino’s traditional pizza stores only sell authorized products, via delivery & carry out services

Non-Traditional Stores – These non-traditional Domino’s pizza stores sell authorized products & services at non-traditional locations. Locations can be in office buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, zoos, airports, convenience stores, and similar retail facilities. Mostly these traditional stores offer only carry out services.
Transitional stores – You must have seen that a drive through domino’s has slightly different menu than usual ones. Mostly in these outlets the food menu is customized according to the regional taste of the people. These types of stores are located where the consumers are less in numbers!

License Issuing – There are several places like colleges, institutions stadiums where authorities require license authorizaqtion. In this case, the franchisor also provides licenses to large public entertainment or alike facility operators. For instance, stadiums or their dealer/vendor, also suitable store operators to sell approved products for license fee based on facility sales. License once issued, can sell pizza and other authorized products.

Space required for Domino’s franchise

For such an well know brand;s franchise , it’s obvious to have decent space. Make sure that the space that you’ll be opting for has enough place which includes kitchen area, cash counter where people can see the menu and order and space to serve people where people can have domino’s pizza. Make sure that the area is not too compact

Training Required for Domino’s franchise

Initial level training for professional services is very necessary run the business so that the service quality and the fundamentals are carried out according to Domino’s metrics. Don’t worry you don’t need to have this training, Domino’s provides this initial level training.

Training required for domino’s franchise

Domino’s provides high quality training to restraint owners so they can run the business for efficiently. They teach Customer handling skills, culinary cooking skills, soft skills, how to achieve a sales target, how to handle a customer and many more things .

You’ll learn all the basics things during the training program, how to execute current operations, procedures, and criteria which will benefit you and ease the chances that take place in the franchise.

Skills Required for Domino’s Franchise

Previous experience in Food & Beverages sector is required and applicant needs to maintain the right professions and administration control. Applicant should be passionate about domino’s franchise and have a strong desire to grow & willing to work with other people. You must have good cooking skills, administrative skills, financial skills to operate the business.

Domino’s franchise cost in india 2021

To apply for dominos franchise in India, you need to apply at their internal website Franchise management Schools page or directly e-mail at [email protected].

Dominos Franchise Contact Details

Official Franchise PageJubilant FoodWorks
Domino’s Franchise Email[email protected]
Contact Email[email protected]
Domino’s Franchise Email 2[email protected]
Domino’s Website
Address5th Floor, Tower D, Plot No. 5, Logix Techno Park, Sector 127, Noida – 201 304, U.P., India
Domino’s franchise contact details

Investment for Domino’s franchise in India

Location                                            Price for Domino’s Franchise
Traditional Store30,00000 INR (30 Lakhs approx)
Non- Traditional Store50,00000 INR (50 Lakh approx)
Investment required fore Domino’s Franchise

Domino’s Franchise profit margin

Depending on the location of the store and delivery availability it can be expected to have 1-3 Lakhs profit margin per month. Domino’s do not disclose any information about this and we too have no enough data to claim but this is a lumpsum idea for the Domino’s profit margin.

How to get Domino’s franchise in india

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