FedEx Franchise Cost- How to Start, Profit, Commission, ROI, Support 

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Looking for a good courier business or franchise option then you should never miss FedEx Franchise. This name is the abbreviation of Federal Express which is an American multinational conglomerate holding company. The only focus of this company is on transportation, e-commerce, and business services for customers. 

Starting from a very low expansion area to serving 211 countries in the world is the achievement this company have had. In a very short time, this courier or delivery company became famous not only in its country but, in other major countries as well. Only because of their amazing and quality services, the company is growing rapidly in the world market today. Interestingly, you can become a part of this company by opening a franchise option. 

FedEx Franchise Details 

Area required 250-500 square feet 
Experience requirement Must have some experience in running a store 
Investment Rs 2-5 lakhs 
Royalty commission 30%

Why FedEx Franchise? 

Some of the greatest reasons for opening or becoming a part of FedEx is given in the first paragraph of the article. But, if you are looking for other reasons to be a part of this amazing courier company then there are many. The company have not given a chance to people to complain about their services in the world today. Still, here are some reasons why you should go for a FedEx franchise:-

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  • Well-kwown brand- The milestones achieved by this brand prove how well-known and reputable they are. 
  • Strong management- Because of their strong management the company has grown rapidly. There is no compromise in the management portion. 
  • Support- You get the best support from the best in industry. 
  • Provide reliable revenue- This is what you will expect from a business and you get the best from FedEx. 

FedEx Franchise Investment Requirement 

Opening a courier franchise requires a large area and proper equipment. If you have these then running a courier shipment centre becomes a lot easier. To open a FedEx franchise you require Rs 40-50 lakhs maximum. The franchise fee is Rs 5 lakhs from FedEx. 

With this investment, you can get all the required materials or machines for your shipment centre. 

How Much Is FedEx Franchise Commission? 

When you open a franchise the parent company takes a slight commission from the franchisee. Similarly, after you take a FedEx franchise business you also need to pay some commission to the company. 

You need to give a royalty commission of 30% to the company. Other than this, the people of franchise owner get some commission after a parcel is sent for delivery. 

How Much Time Does it Take for FedEx Franchise to Breakeven? 

It takes up to 1 year for the FedEx franchise to breakeven. 

Type of FedEx Franchise 

You can open a FedEx Authorized Shipment Centre by obtaining all the permissions from the officials. Other than this, you can work as an employee for the company. 

How to Start a FedEx Franchise Business? 

Here is how you can start a FedEx franchise business:-

  • You must register on the official FedEx Shipment program of the company
  • Make sure all the requirements of the company are met
  • Then you are required to fill out the application form 
  • Make sure every detail is given properly 
  • After giving all the details click on the submit button 

Does FedEx Provide Training to its Business Partners? 

FedEx offers amazing support and training to all of its business partners. The company believes in strong network connection and that can only be achieved by offering proper training. 

What Kind of Marketing Support is Provided by FedEx to their Franchises? 

Here are the type of marketing support provided by FedEx to their franchises:-

  • Unit interior and exterior ads 
  • Local advertisement 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Prints advertisements 
  • Event/seminars 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Brochures, newspapers, magazines
  • Social media (all platforms) 
  • Banners, billboards


Q1. Is FedEx franchise profitable?

Ans- FedEx franchise is surely a profitable business as it offers 90% commission to the franchisee owners and we all know how reputable the company is.

Q2. Does FedEx sell franchises? 

Ans- FedEx does not actually sell franchises but, you can open a FedEx Authorized Shipment Centre. 



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