Flipkart Health Plus Franchise Cost, Investment Details & Profit Margin

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About Flipkart Health Plus Franchise 


Ever since Flipkart was established in the market, it changed the face of the ‘online store companies’. Due to its high success rate, Flipkart has so many subsidiary companies that are helping the company to generate revenue from different fields. Some of the famous subsidiaries under Flipkart are ANS Commerce, Ekart, Cleartrip, Myntra, Flipkart Wholesale, Flipkart Health Plus, and many more.

Flipkart Health Plus is an e-commerce platform that deals with healthcare, online pharmacy, diagnostics, genuine medicines, and e-consultation in India. Sastasundar Healthbuddy Limited was a Kolkata-based online pharmacy company. This healthcare company was doing quite well, receiving huge funding from various investors. It has established more than 200 stores across India. 

Flipkart Health Plus
Flipkart Health Plus Franchise

Back in April 2022, Flipkart acquired a majority of its stake in Sastasundar. As a result, the ownership rights of Sastasundar changed to Walmart, which is also the parent company of Flipkart. Latter, Walmart-backed company Flipkart acquired Sastasundar to officially enter into the healthcare industry. 

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Interestingly, in a press conference, Flipkart revealed that its healthcare vertical would be called Flipkart Health Plus. Soon after acquiring Sastasundar, Flipkart Health Plus appointed Prashant Jhaveri as the Chief Executive Officer on March 15, 2022, to date. Ever since Flipkart Health Plus or Health Buddy is serving customers in India. Further, in this article, we will talk about Flipkart Health Plus and all about it.

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Flipkart Health Plus Franchise Benefits 

The Walmart-owned company would never disappoint its beloved customers. Other than that, Flipkart has gained huge trust from customers in India. People proudly trust the company and its products. Now, after the launch of the Flipkart Health Plus platform, customers were quite satisfied with its range and varieties of genuine medicines on offer. 

Now, opening a Flipkart Health Plus franchise includes lots of benefits. You become a part of a proper system when you partner up with Flipkart. Now, here are some of the benefits of partnering up with Flipkart Health Plus company:-

Reputation and goodwill

Flipkart is not just a company but, an emotion to many. Launching Flipkart Health Plus not only benefited the customers but, it created lots of job opportunities for the Indian public. Now, one can imagine if they take up a Flipkart Health Plus franchise then it will already have a good customer base and as a result, the daily sale will keep growing. 

Zero investment business opportunity

One will require a proper investment to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise but, Flipkart has launched another method of conducting business with them, and that too without any investment. The business opportunity offered by Flipkart Health Plus is ‘Health Champion’. This business opportunity is not only for the franchise owners but, anyone can avail of this opportunity. 

Systematic process

Walmart-owned company will surely have a proper systematic approach. When you open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise you become a part of a proper business system. Now, when there is a proper business system the daily business operation will be smooth. 

Full support and assistance

Flipkart as a company always takes care of its franchises across the country and the world. Similarly, if an individual is planning to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise they get proper support from starting to the end. Flipkart also offers both marketing and sales assistance to the franchise. 

Faster process

Flipkart is one of those e-commerce companies in India that is known for its speedy delivery and smooth process. Interestingly, you even get a 2-hour delivery offer from Flipkart. Moreover, the average delivery time is between 2-3 days but, they do not delay that much. 

Good profit rate

Partnering up with a reputable business always gives a good profit margin. Now, the healthcare sector is a booming industry so an amazing profit rate is natural. After payment for an order is received the franchise owner gets a commission for each. So, the more order is being placed at your franchise the better your profit rate becomes monthly and annually. 

Flipkart Health Plus Business Model 

Flipkart Health Plus has a very simple business model just like any other healthcare business in India. From the customer’s point-of-view, they will order medicine using the official app or website of Flipkart Health Plus and the nearest store or franchise will receive the order and will go out to deliver within its estimated time slot. Both Flipkart and the franchise owner will earn a certain commission per order placed and payment received.

Flipkart as a company already has onboarded more than 500 independent sellers with a network of registered pharmacists for validation of medical prescriptions and accurate dispensation of medicines. Flipkart as a company has put various quality checks and verification of all protocols. 

Now, the franchise model functions like any other healthcare platform. The franchise model connects the clients and the vendors. Flipkart Health Plus has proper partnerships with licensed medical vendors across the country. Now, the Flipkart Health Plus franchise is quite beneficial for people who are unaware of the availability of online medical services. The franchises earn by delivering medications including the online platform. Other than that, the old traditional way of earning by in-person visitors is always there. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements to Get a Flipkart Health Plus Franchise 

To get any franchise across the globe one needs to fulfill and follow the eligibility criteria, requirements, terms, and conditions of that particular company. Getting into the medical or healthcare industry requires proper attention to the eligibility criteria and any requirements from the parent company. Now, when you plan to partner up with Flipkart, one of the highly reputed e-commerce companies in India will require strict following of all the rules and regulations set by them. 

Here are the eligibility criteria that one must go through properly if they are planning to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India:-

  • The age criteria to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise is 21 years old 
  • There is no degree required to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India 
  • Interested candidates must have a keen interest in learning something new in this business
  • Franchise owners must ensure they can generate proper sales from Flipkart Health Plus in the area they are willing to open the franchise 
  • Candidate must be of sound mind and must understand the needs of customers 
  • Franchise seekers must not have a criminal background or record. If they have any they might not be allowed to open a franchise from the parent company 

Now, here are the basic requirements to get a Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India:-

Area requirement for Flipkart Health Plus Franchise

A proper area is required to smoothly operate a Flipkart Health Plus franchise. The minimum area required to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise is 120 square feet. Now, within this area, you can easily fit all the required machinery and keep your franchise running. 

Manpower required for Flipkart Health Plus Franchise

Opening a Flipkart Health Plus franchise does not require lots of labor or manpower. The medicines come from the parent company and the franchise needs to sell them to the end customers. The minimum manpower required is 2 and not more than that. One will be required for day-to-day delivery and the other will look after the franchise 

Franchise frontage area

Opening a Flipkart Health Plus franchise will require at least 6 feet of area in front of the shop. This is because it will become easier for the franchise to loan and unload products that come from the parent company. 

The franchise must be fully furnished along with an air conditioner. 

Documents Required for Flipkart Health Plus Franchise

Proper and up-to-date documents are necessary to conduct business or become a partner. This is because without proper documentation nothing can be processed and as a result, you cannot open a franchise. Now, here are some documents required to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India:-

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Canceled Cheque 
  4. The electricity bill for address proof 
  5. GST Number and GST Certificate
  6. Trade License  
  7. Certificate of Incorporation 
  8. Shop Or Unit Establishment License 
  9. Passport Size Photographs 
  10. Bank Details
  11. Proper contact details of the person who is willing to open a Flipkart Health Plus franchise
  12. Drug License  

Services Provided by Flipkart Health Plus 

Flipkart Health Plus falls under the service sector. Whatever you choose from Flipkart you are not only buying their products but, their services as well. Now, the basic service offered by Flipkart Health Plus is a wide range of medicines, foods, drinks, beauty products, personal products, healthcare products, and many more. When you visit the official website or application of Flipkart Health Plus you are offered lots of products in different categories to choose from. This is the basic and primary service that is offered by the company. 

The second utmost significant service offered by Flipkart Health Plus is by delivering products. Delivering products on time is one of the greatest services offered by Flipkart. Whatever you order from the company the products are delivered within a few days of making the final order or payment. 

Flipkart Health Plus has become a one-stop medical hub for customers. The company is already revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem or healthcare digital platforms in India. They offer 100% genuine medicines and healthcare products to customers. Other than that, the company provides accurate medicine information such as composition and usage for the customers’ knowledge. Interestingly, the company also offers medicines at discounted prices to help customers save the most on their purchases from the platform. 

Flipkart Health Care Plus Franchise Investment Required 

Getting into a healthcare business through Flipkart is one of the best ways to earn profit. If you are planning to open a new medical business in today’s market that would cost you a heavy investment. But, when you have opted to choose the Flipkart Health Care Plus franchise you can easily open one at a reasonable investment. 

The total investment required to open a Flipkart Health Care Plus franchise is Rs 2 lakhs and not more than that. Now, here is the breakdown of the necessary investments that will be done by a Flipkart Health Plus franchise owner:-

  • Security Deposit- Rs 1 lakh
  • Store Area Deposit- Rs 25k 
  • License- Rs 25k
  • Infrastructure cost- Rs 70k (AC, table chair, computer, printer, and fridge) 

Profit Margin for Flipkart Health Plus Franchise 

Partnering up with a reputable company means you will get a guaranteed profit rate or profit margin. Whenever you plan to get into a booming industry make sure to get into the best player in the market. It will help you get and earn good profit at the end of the month or year. 

Interestingly, on an initial level, the parent company offers a net profit margin of 7.5% and not more than that. Other than that, the parent company comes up with lots of timely offers and discount programs. This is where all the franchise owners must ensure they actively participate and can earn more income during those phases. 

How to get Flipkart Health Plus Franchise?

Flipkart has made very easy access for interested people who are willing to become a business partners. Now, here is how one can get a Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India:-

  • You will need to visit the official website of the company or simply use this link here https://healthplus.flipkart.com/user/apply_as_hb 
  • After you have clicked on this link the official partnership page of Flipkart Health Plus will open up 
  • You will see lots of details and information regarding the company and the franchise as well. Make sure you read all of them carefully and then scroll down below 
  • Now when you scroll down below you will see a ‘Partner with us’ form in the middle of the official page 
  • The company will ask you some basic questions in this section that needs to be filled 
  • Some of the questions asked will be name, email, mobile, location, and a few more
  • Make sure to answer them correctly and provide proper contact details 
  • After you have rechecked them make sure to hit the ‘submit’ button present just below the form 
  • You can directly send an email to [email protected] for your intention 

Flipkart Health Plus Competitors 

Here are some of the top competitors of Flipkart Health Plus:-

  • Amazon Healthcare
  • Rakuten Medical 
  • Trinomab
  • Tata 1MG 
  • Pharmeasy 
  • Organ Technologies 

Flipkart Health Plus Franchise Contact Details 

Here are the official contact details of Flipkart Health Plus franchise in India:-


Ever since Flipkart made its entry into the healthcare sector, it grew rapidly. Other than that, the company changed the face and ecosystem of the old medicine ordering and delivery method. It will play a major role in the overall healthcare system in India and will bring innovations that will hugely benefit the customers.

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