Will India’s Own AI Krutrim Survive through it’s Business Model & Revenue Model ?

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India has become the epicenter of new innovation and most importantly, knowledge. We Indians are known for creating and implementing new ideas to solve common problems for anything.

We have Krutrim which means ‘Artificial’ in Sanskrit is a large language model which has generative support for 22 Indian languages. 

This AI language model was founded by Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal, which was launched in December 2023. Interestingly, not many will know but, this is India’s very first AI unicorn and has already become the fastest company to reach that milestone. 

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Due to its efficiency, this company is giving rough and tough competition to renowned ChatGPT and Bard. People are now calling Krutrim the ‘Desi’ competitor to ChatGPT and Bard.

How Krutrim is different than ChatGPT? 

Krutrim is built on the local Indian language, knowledge, and data. Now, this is what has been claimed by the company. Now, in comparison with ChatGPT’s GPT-4, Krutrim works much faster in Indian languages. It is very fast and the results are very accurate, take less time, and use less computing. 

How Krutrim is different than Bard? 

Bard is quite powerful as compared to Krutrim. Currently, Bard supports 40 languages focusing on different parts of the world. This Google-based AI model is based on the Palm 2 language family. 

Revenue Model of Krutrim AI

Krutrim already made news when it became the very first Indian company startup to gain a billion-dollar valuation. Interestingly, Krutrim is only making revenue from raising funds from funding rounds.

Recently, after a funding round from which this company got huge amounts from notable investors such as Matrix Partners India, and many more it a unicorn company. 

One must also know that Krutrim is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial use. But, they also have a subscription-based model from where the company is earning good revenue. 

The Krutrim Basic plan is completely free of charge where up to 10,000 tokens can only be used a month. But, if you are willing to get 10 extra tokens then you need to purchase Krutrim Pro which costs Rs 1000 per month.

You will also benefit from some additional and unique features once you purchase this subscription from Krutrim. 

Krutrim AI Business Model 

Krutrim works similarly to its other competitors in the market like Chat Gpt Business Model. Here is how its business model is divided into several steps:-

Data collection and processing 

This is the primary job of Krutrim to collect data and process it. It collects data in different Indian languages, understands, processes, and then tries to provide accurate results to users or clients.

Interestingly, Krutrim AI has been trained on more than 2 trillion tokens to collect them and provide accurate answers. 

Model architecture and training 

Krutrim has a very simple yet amazing architecture with proper training for it. The architecture of it employs a neural network which is capable of learning all the relationships between words and sentences and creating accurate results.

It has around 1.5 billion parameters, from which they understand how a model should process and create output. 

Evaluation and deployment

Krutrim has all the capability to understand several tasks like sentiment analysis, language processing, question and answering, machine translation, and many more. It properly evaluates these parameters of tasks and tries to offer accurate answers. 

Krutrim is deployed in two versions and they are: the basic Krutrim model and Krutrim Pro. 

Krutrim AI Valuation

The recent funding of this AI startup has taken this new company to a brand new level. I am sure, the founder of this company had never imagined that this startup would take such new heights in a very short span. 

Investors from various parts of our country and even the world were impressed by the problem that was being solved by Krutrim. That is one of the major reasons why they thought of investing a huge chunk of money to this company. After raising $50 million, it helped Krutrim to reach $1 billion valuation mark. 

Yes, this huge and amazing milestone helped the AI company to become the fastest unicorn Indian company. There are no other companies in our country to achieve such a brilliant milestone. 

Krutrim AI Funding and Investors 

Krutrim has received a total funding of $50M over one round from Matrix Partners India. It was in the series A round that Matrix Partners India invested that amount to Krutrim. In fact, they are the only institutional investor of Krutrim.

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