How to apply for More Supermarket Franchise? More Supermarket Franchise Cost, Profit Margin, etc

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About More Supermarket Franchise


More Supermarket has been in the Indian market for quite a long time. More is a retail store that is quite famous for serving fresh vegetables to customers. More Retail Private Limited is a national omnichannel grocery and food retailer. Interestingly, this retail supermarket operates its business in two different formats and they are supermarket franchise and hypermarkets. More Retail was founded by Kumar Mangalam Birla way back in 2007 and its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India.

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This retail supermarket has a rich history when it comes to business. Previously this supermarket and hypermarket chain was known as Aditya Birla Retail Limited. This was when the supermarket franchise was a part of the Aditya Birla Group. The real history of More Retail goes way back to 1986.

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It was in 1986, K Anjaneyulu and his wife established Trinethra Super Retail. This was a Hyderabad-based retail store in India. Later in 2007, it was Aditya Birla Group acquired Trinethra Super Retail. Ever since Trinethra was established, they opened up 172 Super stores in four different cities in India. After the acquisition, all the stores opened by Trinethra were operated by the Aditya Birla Group.

It was in 2008, where More Retail launched its first More Retail Hypermarket in Baroda and Mysore. Soon, this new business idea implanted by More Supermarket went a hit among consumers and its clients. By the end of 2013, More Retail expanded its footprint to more than 630 stores across India. On the other hand, Aditya Birla Group was actively acquiring other brands and expanding its business in the supermarket and hypermarket industry.

Later in 2019, a company named Witzig Advisory acquired Aditya Birla Retail from AB Group. After this acquisition, Witzig Advisory renamed the brand as ‘More Retail Private Limited’. Now, this new brand name gave the business good and new recognition in the Indian and world market.

More Supermarket Franchise Business Model

More Supermarket’s business model is unique. They not only deal with the supermarket but, the hypermarket as well. The business model of More Supermarket is very much like other supermarkets in the country. They follow the same traditional business model to date.

More Supermarket franchise acquires and assembles a wide range of products from individual suppliers. When all the products and goods are assembled they are further distributed to retail stores or consumers. Many supermarket franchisees get in products and they again further sell them to small retailers for more profit.

The same kind of supermarket franchise is followed by this company. You need to have a large area to conduct smooth and superior business. Now, the same kind of business model might not be followed by its hypermarket format. Hypermarket is a large self-service store offering a wide range of products and goods to consumers. Interestingly, hypermarkets are generally located outside a town where you have huge land and area.

How More Supermarkets Different than Other Supermarket Franchise?

The name itself says that the supermarket franchise has quite a lot to offer its consumers and clients. More Supermarket franchises made their name under the ‘Top 10 Supermarkets in India’ because of a reason. Initially, this company was helped by another famous multinational conglomerate company, Aditya Birla Group.

Some of the head-to-head competitors of More Supermarket franchise are Big Bazaar, DMart, Hypercity, Reliance Fresh, Spar, Spencer’s Retail, and many more. All of these franchises might have something in common but, some features and achievements make them different from each other.

This supermarket and hypermarket franchise started earning respect and goodwill ever since. Today, some of the features that make More Supermarket different than other brands or companies are the following:-

  • More Supermarket franchises or More Retail have made a very strong pan-India presence. As of today, More Supermarket has more than 500 supermarkets and 9 hypermarkets across India.
  • Interestingly, More Supermarket franchise owns privately labeled food brands which very few of its competitors do. Some of the privately labeled brands owned by More Supermarket franchise are Feasters, Kitchens, and many more.
  • More Supermarket franchise has over 11,000 employees working for them daily. This number is quite huge when it comes to the supermarket industry.
  • The company still has strong backing from the Aditya Birla Group. In the future, if the company is planning to expand its business in other niches then it can easily take help from its former owner.
  • Due to its high-quality products and services, More Supermarket has earned huge respect and brand value in the country. People are highly attracted to the products on offer and the quality offered by them.
  • The loyalty program offered by More Supermarket has more than 1 million customers in India only. Yes, not all supermarket brands in the country have such a huge customer base online.

These are some of the points that make More Supermarket franchise different than any other brand. Interestingly, these are the strength of More Retail Private Limited as well.

How to get More Supermarket Franchises?

Opening a More Supermarket franchises can be slightly difficult. This is because opening a supermarket or hypermarket franchise needs lots of time and effort and that might not be possible for an individual. Now, if you are planning to open a More Supermarket franchise then you can easily do it.

More Supermarkets will surely be highly interested to face new opportunities coming to them. The general public willing to open supermarket franchises is the best way to expand a business. In the same way, below are some of the simple steps of how you can get a More Supermarket franchise:-

  • For any details make sure you visit the official website of the company. Make sure you do not contact them through any other media. Doing that will lead you to fraudulence and the company will surely not be liable for it.
  • After you have visited the official website of the company you will see four different options they are Consumer Complaint, Supplier Registration, Property Listing, and Marketing Enquiry.
  • Now, you may choose any option according to your taste and preference. But, if you are willing to open a franchise then click on ‘Property Listing’
  • After you have clicked on ‘Property Listing’ you will see an informational page opened up for you
  • Make sure you fill in all the details that are being asked by the company properly. Some of the details that you need to fill in this section are property location, first name, property size, fax, title, last name, contact number, and email ID.
  • Before submitting all the final details make sure they are all correct. This is because the concerned team or person will contact you using those details only.

More Supermarket Franchise Cost

The franchise cost depends on the location, area, store size, and products you are willing to deal with. Supermarket franchises have a wide range of products which is what makes their supermarket. So, if you are planning to open a supermarket franchise you will be dealing with lots of products in bulk.

Opening up a supermarket in India is generally expensive. It is because you need to have a large land, a good interior, lots of tools, and many more necessary items. So, in the end, you need to invest quite a lot to open a supermarket franchise.

The average franchise cost of opening a More Supermarket franchise is between Rs 15-60 lakhs. That amount could be high if you are planning to open in a much larger and more demanded area.

Requirements for More Supermarket Franchises

Opening a supermarket franchise requires some requirements that need to be fulfilled. If you do not have enough land, space, and investment then you are directly not eligible to open a franchise.

In the same way, some of the requirements asked by More Supermarket franchise are the following:-

  • Area required- 1000-2000 square feet
  • Parking facility- 1-2 compulsory
  • Billing counter- 1 compulsory
  • Infrastructure investment- Rs 10-20 Lakhs
  • Age limit- 50 years and above
  • Business experience- highly necessary
  • Academic qualification- Must be a graduate (minimum)
  • Documents required- franchise agreement, aadhar card, PAN card, proprietor photo, business TAN copy, business address proof, rent agreement, and NOC for shop

More Supermarket Franchise Profit Margin and Return on Investment

Profit is what everyone is hungry for in the current world. Without profit, no business would run. The same goes if you are planning to open a supermarket franchise. Investing a high amount of money in such businesses and getting no profit is surely not what anyone would want.

The general profit margin of any supermarket chain in India is between 1-3%. Now, you could expect the same from More Supermarket franchise. The profit margin of More Supermarket lies between 3-6% which is slightly higher than the average.

This also includes how long would take to recover what you have invested. According to some reports, it was revealed that people who opened More Supermarket franchise received their ROI within 1 year of establishment.


Looking for food and groceries then More Supermarket is just the one for you. Every product and service offered by this retail store is just amazing. They not only offer pocket-friendly products but, the quality is never compromised. Additionally, the same goes for the products of its subsidiary brands. So, opening a More Supermarket franchise is not just a business it is an emotion.  

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