Tagda Raho Startup Business Model, Why MS Dhoni Invested In Fitness Startup?

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Tagda Raho Startup Business: Today’s generation is quite health-focused and it has become a very important part of our lives. People have become more health-focused after the dangerous coronavirus pandemic or outbreak. That is one of the reasons why so many celebrities or other influencers are promoting healthy products and fitness videos through their social media handles. 

Leading a proper and healthy life is very important. Only eating healthy is just not the solution to staying healthy, while you are eating healthy you must do some workouts for better results. Even our Indian government have taken so many initiatives for people to stay healthy and fit. Similarly, we have Tagda Raho which is a fitness program for people to live a healthy and fit life. 

What is Tagda Raho Startup? 

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Many people who are into the fitness world or have knowledge of the field will know what is Tagda Raho. Tagda Raho is a fitness startup and Rishabh Malhotra is the founder of this amazing company. This fitness startup company is not like any other company and it is slightly different. 

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The company was inspired by the old and traditional physical culture. It focuses quite a lot on Yoga which was first introduced in our country, India. The company’s primary focus and mission is to reintroduce the tradition to India again through their products and various training programmes. 

Name Tagda Raho 
Industry Wellness and Fitness 
Founded 2020
Founder Rishabh Malhotra 
Tagda Raho Startup Business details

Scope of Tagda Raho Startup 

Tagda Raho as a startup business has grown rapidly in the market only because of its genuine products and services. The goal of this company and its offered programmes is only to promote fitness to the Indian people and all the culture in the country. People willing to join hands with such a company can either join their programmes or they can start a franchise. 

People who are inspired by their journey can easily open a Tagda Raho franchise. This is how the company has been offering business opportunities to people who are highly interested. 

Tagda Raho Startup Business Model 

This company was started in 2020 by Rishabh Malhotra and the business model of the company is very simple. The company offers both products and services to customers. The company sells training equipment, and t-shirts, and offers various training programmes. 

People willing to buy their products can easily visit the official website and the same goes for its training programmes. 

How Tagda Raho Startup Earns Money? 

Here is how Tagda Raho startup earns money from the market:-

  • Selling products 
  • Offering training programmes 
  • Offering franchise options to people who are interested 
  • Investments from individuals and other companies 

Who are the Investors in Tagda Raho Startup? 

Here are the investors of Tagda Raho startup company:-

  • MS Dhoni 
  • Rigi 
  • Shaka Harry 
  • Garuda Aerospace 
  • HomeLane 

Who is the Brand Ambassador of Tagda Raho Startup? 

Unfortunately, we are not sure if Tagda Raho has any brand ambassador but, the founder of the company has always seen MS Dhoni as the role model for the country and defines physical fitness. He plays a major part in the company’s prestige across the country and the world. 


Q1. Does M.S. Dhoni invested in Tagda Raho?

Ans- Former Indian captain and cricketer M.S. Dhoni has invested in Tagda Raho. 

Q2. How much share did he get from Tagda Raho?

Ans- Due to the undisclosed invested amount we do not know how many shares did he get from Tagda Raho.

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