How to start toilet cleaner manufacturing business ? Investment, Profit Margin

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Toilet cleaner manufacturing Business

For all people, keeping the bathroom clean is crucial. All of the bacteria and germs that harm the human body initiate their first prong of attack here; because of this, the restrooms must be sanitised every day.

Many people frequently use toilet cleaners in their houses because they consider them to be a daily requirement. Turning it into a quickly moving product on the market that is widely utilized by every home to maintain cleanliness or hygiene in their toilets, preventing any illnesses. 

With effective product quality and market price, one can anticipate maintaining a profit margin of between 10% and 25% in the toilet cleaner manufacturing business.This alone demonstrates the market potential for this company.

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How To Start a Toilet Cleaner manufacturing Business ?

For starting a toilet cleaning business, branding is very important. Since consumers almost always have a need for toilet cleaner, it is always advised to develop a brand for one’s company. This would make it easier for the customer to tell one’s brand apart from competing brands. For small businesses, branding is crucial because it can be challenging for them to compete with big brands.

Secondly, low pricing is also very essential. The well-known brands that are currently in existence have high prices for their goods. If one’s company’s production costs are modest, they are likely to see frequent and newer clients.

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Market Overview

The toilet cleaner manufacturing industry has enormous potential, even on a global basis, as it almost falls under the FMCG category. Every home with a toilet would require toilet cleaners, so increase that number by the total number of Indian households or, more accurately, the country’s population.

Limescale, tough stains, facial debris, and uric acid residue are all successfully removed from the inside surface of toilets with toilet cleaner. There is no compromising on health when it comes to hygiene, which is why toilet cleaners play such a significant part in many families.

The regularity with which toilet cleansers are used in homes is a significant additional influence. It is a product with recurrent demand even after just one month because consumers use it pretty regularly.

The fact that very little investment is needed is another benefit of the toilet cleaner manufacturing industry. All you need to do to start this firm is learn the formula once, put together the relatively tiny team, generate demand, and presto—you’re set to go.

Requirements for Toilet Cleaner manufacturing Business

Documents required for toilet cleaner making business

SSI Unit Licence
Firm Registration
Current Bank Account
Trade Mark
GST Registration
Trade License
Documents required for toilet cleaner making business

Machines required for Toilet cleaner manufacturing

Apart from machinery to manufacture and sell the products, other equipment such as stirrers, hand gloves, large beakers, balancing scales and containers.

Manpower required for Toilet cleaner manufacturing

There are two variations on the toilet cleaning business. One that is both small scale and large scale.

One to two skilled individuals would be needed to start a small-scale toilet cleaner manufacturing company.

While for a large-scale toilet cleaner manufacturing company, one would need at most, 3 to 4 workers.

Space Required for Toilet Cleaner Manufacturing Business

While there are no specific square footage requirements to start a toilet cleaning business. One should take into account the need for a space that is big enough to accommodate the raw materials, manufacturing equipment, packaging, and manpower without creating any hindrances to the efficient functioning of the production.

Investment Required for Toilet Cleaner Manufacturing Business

As mentioned above, there are two types of toilet cleaning businesses- small and large scale.

For the former, Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh is needed; while for the latter Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh is needed.

Raw Materials

Basic Raw materials are crucial for any business, and the same is true for the toilet cleaning business. The following are the different raw materials needed for the toilet cleaner manufacturing industry.

  1. Certain amount of water
  2. A small amount of colour
  3. A paintbrush
  4. Certain amount of acid thickener
  5. A plastic bucket with a wide top
  6. A few grammes of acid
  7. Empty boxes of the packaging-required size

Manufacturing Process of Toilet Cleaner

The manufacturing process of toilet cleaners is simple and effective, making it a great business to start.

  1. First, fill a bucket with 800 g of water. Following that, add colours as needed.
  2. One can use any shade of green, blue, or red for this.
  3. Next, thoroughly combine the water.
  4. Add the acid thickener to the colour mixture after it has been thoroughly mixed in the water for 5 minutes.
  5. Continue to add “acid thickener” to the colour after thoroughly blending it.
  6. Continue thoroughly blending it for the next five minutes.
  7. 200 g of acid should be added after the acid thickener.
  8. After combining all the ingredients, add some perfumed oil as a last step.

Where to Sell these Toilet Cleaners ?

No matter how big or small a business is, one should always start with local shops. As a result, it is the primary target for the sale of toilet cleaners.

Secondly, retailers. With the demand for toilet cleaners, a crucial need is maintained to make it available at all times. This is where retailers play a major role.

Toilet cleaner making business

Thirdly, supermarkets, which are the source where demand would be highest. One can approach supermarkets because they typically have huge inventories and higher product demand.

Followed by online retail stores. There are many online retailers that sell a variety of goods. One can market their toilet cleaner to these retailers.

One can also approach distributors to increase their reach. This is an efficient strategy to connect with more merchants and a quality audience.

In addition to selling toilet cleaner in stores like supermarkets, one can also sell it to wholesalers in large quantities.

Public Restrooms and Mobile Restrooms can also be targeted as consumers. On different occasions and events, there are mobile restrooms that are placed outside the event, allowing for chances to sell one’s cleaning products.

And lastly, hotels might serve as one’s constant and long-term customer. Hotels typically need toilet cleaners quickly and in large quantities, so they are a great option.

How to Do Advertising & Promotions for Toilet Cleaner making Business ?

Given the fact that there are currently so many well-known brands on the market, marketing is absolutely essential to boosting sales of one’s goods. In order to maintain one’s position in the market, selling products on a minimal range provides benefits.
Additionally, if it’s possible, one should offer free samples to let consumers try their products. Furthermore one can use a variety of advertising channels, such as newspaper ads, handbills, and billboards.

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