Top 5 Real Estate Franchise In India

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Why Real Estate Franchise ?

Real estate is referred to as the land as well as any permanent, whether natural or man-made, structures or improvements related to the property, such as a house.

The desire for luxurious residences has increased along with urbanisation, making India’s real estate industry one of the country’s fastest expanding industries. Real estate franchise opportunities include selling and renting residential and commercial real estate as well as real estate brokerage services.

In addition to being a significant employer, the real estate industry also contributes 6-7 percent of the GDP to the economy. Consumer attitudes are significantly influenced by the health of the real estate industry, and housing has socio economic repercussions, as is well known. The benefits of real estate investing include leverage, diversification, passive income, dependable cash flow, and tax advantages.

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Franchises provide excellent pre-opening and ongoing support, including design, construction, site selection, financing, training, and an opening programme. They also provide ongoing supervision and management support, training for national and regional advertising operating procedures, operational assistance, and increased purchasing power. Furthemore it is beneficial to open a franchise business as they offer better brand recognition and franchisor support throughout the whole business lifecycle than independent agencies do.

Top 5 Best Real Estate Franchise in India

This article aims to bring forth the top 5 real estate franchises in India


With a presence in 225 locations across India, provides end users with real-estate and commercial properties for rent, sell, and lease. A new home buyer also gets assistance from the company’s web portal.  It might be referred to as a marketplace for real estate deals.

Founded: 2013

Franchise Initiation: 2014

Owned Outlets: 60

Franchise Outlets: 225

Initial Investment: Rs 10K to Rs 50K


Regrob is a real estate agency powered by technology that aids in home purchases and sales. In India’s real estate brokerage sector, Regrob is an Online-to-Offline (O2O) platform. In order to find the right properties for the buyers, they look forward to growing their network and inviting state, city, and area franchisees and affiliates. These individuals will be in charge of locating real estate properties, fostering business growth in a specific area, and facilitating the process.

Furthemore, customer testimonials claim that Regrob provides the best solutions at incredible prices, hassle-free services, and knowledgeable guidance.  As a result, its prominence has grown even more.

Founded: 2011

Franchise Initiation: 2011

Owned Outlets: 15

Franchise Outlets: 15

Initial Investment: Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs

Area Required: 500 Sq ft

3. L.J. Hooker

With more than 480 locations and 6,000 sales experts, LJ Hooker has one of the largest residential and commercial sales and property management networks.

They are one of the biggest and most reputable real estate firms in the world, and offer services that help the customer through all stages of purchasing, selling, renting, and leasing a home. These services include property management, financing, insurance, and moving.

Founded: 1950

Franchise Initiation: 1980

Owned Outlets: –

Franchise Outlets: 730 worldwide

Initial Investment: Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs

Area Required: 500 to 800 Sq ft


The Vadodara-based Rebi Property Professionals, real estate industry experts, can assist one in selecting the best properties at the best prices. Currently, REBI is India’s largest real estate transaction services provider, having a significant presence in one-stop property shops throughout 20 states and 70 cities. The customer experience when buying or selling real estate with REBI (REAL ESTATE BANK INDIA PVT LTD) is very efficient.

REBI is a ground-breaking innovation and a paradigm shift in real estate selling and other services. A multi-layered franchise system is at the core of REBI’s business operations. A huge number of entrepreneurs in India are given the chance to start their own businesses through REBI’s franchising model, which consists of a network of “Property Shops.”

Founded: 2006

Franchise Initiation: 2007

Owned Outlets: –

Franchise Outlets: 120

Initial Investment: Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs

Area Required: 400+ Sq ft


Mr. Samir SAM Chopra’s initiative to deliver the finest in business to the nation led to the creation of RE/MAX India, the 73rd nation in the international network of RE/MAX. In many nations, RE/MAX was a trailblazer in structuring the disorganised real estate markets, and the Indian franchise was planned to follow suit.

The administrative prowess of its franchisees and the sales prowess of its Broker Associates have been combined by RE/MAX to build a structured and professional environment where customers may not only buy/sell real estate but also receive financial and legal support, all under one roof.

Founded: 1973

Franchise Initiation: 1976

Owned Outlets: 1

Franchise Outlets: 7000 Globally; 30 in India

Initial Investment: Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs

Area Required: 600 Sq ft

Which is the Best Real Estate Franchise ? | The Conclusion

In conclusion, any of the real estate franchises mentioned above are worthwhile investments. But there are many things to take into account when deciding which one is ideal for you. Consider the brand’s reputation, the assistance and training provided, and the success of the other franchisees.You may also need best real estate lead generation company in india & we are there to help you.

However, the most important thing you should do is match the brand’s investment requirements with your budget. Once all these aspects are taken into account, one can determine which franchise suits them the best.

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