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WOW Momo Franchise Overview


Did you know this crazy fact about momo? Every shape of momo that is sold in its original location has a different name. Today, this food item is one of the most-loved foods among Indians. The monthly profit of momo sellers in India will drive you crazy as they have averaged between Rs 18-25 thousand monthly.

Wow! Momo Franchise is an Indian chain of fast-food restaurants quite famous for serving varieties of momo recipes to customers.

Brand NameWow Momo
Active Since2009
Company HeadquartersKolkata
Active Outlets500+
Presence in Major CitiesKolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai
SpecialtyFast Food
IndustryFood & Beverages
Instagram handle@wowmomos
Linkedin PageWow Momo Linkedin
Wow Momo Franchise Overview

Founder of WOW Momo

The headquarters of the Wow Momo Franchise is located in Kolkata. Wow, Momo was established by alumni of St. Xavier’s College Sagar Daryani, Binod Homagai, Shah Miftaur Rahman, and L Muralikrishnan. The company was founded way back in 2008 and has been in the business for 14 years now.

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Sagar and Binod were the first to come up with this business idea. They first met at their college and with only Rs 30,000 started this venture. This company began as a 6′ by 6′ kiosk inside Spencer’s store. Sagar looked after the branding, marketing, and retail operations. On the other hand, Binod focused more on product quality and overall production.

They were again later joined by alumni of the same college Shah Miftaur. Now, Shah took full responsibility for cost control and finance. L. Muralikrishnan joined as the last co-founder of Wow! Momo back in 2018.

Not everyone’s success story is easy. It requires a lot of hard work, efficiency, and determination for a business to become successful. In the same way, all the founders of Wow! Momo faced a lot of hardships during their initial days. But, it was their determination, efficiency, and hard work that helped them gain success.

Recently, Wow! Momo opened a digital outlet in the metaverse, becoming the most recent brand in a legion of global and Indian brands that expect the metaverse to become the next frontier of e-commerce. The brand can be seen on a new metaverse platform called Festemverse, it is a platform that curates festivals of India across the year.

During the initial days, both Sagar and Binod approached every customer entering the Spencer store. They gave out sample momos to almost every customer who visited Spencers. For branding, both the owners would wear Wow! Momo printed t-shirts so people knew of them.

Now, slowly they earned customers within the local area. Within two years, both founders opened similar kiosks in other famous commercial locations. Other than that, they opened small shops in parks, tech parks, malls, and hypermarkets. This further helped them to spread the knowledge of their product and its quality.

This is how Wow! Momo got popular and opened up outlets in so many populated areas. The secret behind their success is the effort given by all four founders in different departments. They targeted the right market at the right time along with its price tag.

Additionally, people were quite satisfied with the product quality sold by this company.

Today, Wow! Momo has opened more than 200 outlets in 13 cities in India as of 2018. Interestingly, their pan-fried momos became a unique selling product. This food item is just delicious as it sounds.

Wow Momo Franchise Menu and Best Products

Not everyone’s tastes and preferences are the same. Visiting Wow! Momo you might not like its popular food item but, love another. Still, every restaurant chain has its USP for what they are known for in its respective markets.

In the same way, the most popular food item sold at any Wow! Momo franchise is the pan-fried momos. People just drool over this food item the fast-food restaurant chain company sells. Additionally, the restaurant company has come up with unique food items for consumers in the market. Interestingly, all of these food items are directly or indirectly related to momos.

Now, the menu of Wow! Momo is divided into five-six categories under which food items are sold. The menu list of Wow! Momo is given below:-

Steamed Momos

  • Veggie Momo
  • Paneer Momo
  • Corn and Cheese Momo
  • Chicken Momo
  • Chicken Schezwan Momo
  • Chicken and Cheese Momo

Pan Fried Momos

  • Veggie Pan Fried Momo
  • Paneer Pan Fried Momo
  • Corn and Cheese Pan Fried Momo
  • Chicken Pan Fried Momo
  • Chicken and Cheese Pan Fried Momo

Wow Momo Combos

  • Buy a plate of any momos and get a MoBurg for Rs 49 extra
  • Get a plate of any momo and get chocolate momo worth Rs 30
  • Get a plate of any momo and you will get Thunderbuzz worth Rs 69

Fried Momos

  • Veggie Fried Momo
  • Paneer Fried Momo
  • Corn and Cheese Fried Momo
  • Chicken Fried Momo
  • Chicken and Cheese Fried Momo

Baked Momos

  • Veggie Baked Momo
  • Chicken Baked Momo

Wow Metro Meals

  • Veggie (Momo+ MoBurg+ Pepsi Can)
  • Chicken (Momo+ MoBurg+ Pepsi Can)


  • Chocolate Momo
  • Chocolate Momo Platter


  • Water
  • Pepsi
  • Coca Cola
  • Fanta
  • Sprite

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Wow Momo Franchise

The eligibility criteria to open a Wow! Momo franchise is the following:-

  • Must be 18 years old and not below that
  • Must not have a criminal history
  • Must have a proper education certificate from a listed institute
  • Must be of sound mind
  • Passionate about food and must have a strong will to run the business
  • Valid documents must be there

Requirements for Wow Momo Franchise

If you are willing to open up any franchise certain requirements must be met. In fact, you must check the requirements and eligibility criteria before even thinking of opening a franchise. Now, the eligibility criteria and requirements for Wow! The Momo franchise is very simple. You can start a Wow! Momo franchise at a very reasonable investment and earn good profit.

Now, the requirements for Wow! Momo franchise is the following:-

Area required for WoW Momo Franchise

The area required to start a Wow Momo franchise is not more than 250-300 square feet. This area is quiet enough to have a billing counter, washroom & enough space to serve customers for din in as well as takeaway WoW Momo meals.

Man Power Required for WoW Momo Franchise

The minimum manpower as per WoW Momo is 2 persons only. If the outlet is quite big then you will require 4-5 people working.

Total Investment Required for WoW Momo Franchise

Now, Wow! Momo has four different business models to offer. The investments for all these models are not the same. It depends on what business model you are willing to get from Wow! Momo. The business models along with their total investment are the following:-

  • Distributorship- Rs 6-8 lakhs
  • Takeaway Kiosk model- Rs 1-2 lakhs
  • Quick Service Restaurant- Rs 2-4 lakhs
  • Franchise- Rs 4-6 lakhs

Preferred Experience and Expertise to run a Momo Franchise

Now, to open a Wow! Momo franchises, takeaway kiosk mode, distributorship, and quick service restaurants do not require any experience. All of these models are Franchise Owned and Company Operated (FOMO). You get quite a lot of benefits from the parent company. Additionally, one master chef is offered by the parent company for training your staff members.

Documents Required to open a WoW Momo franchise

To open any franchise all the documents must be valid and ready. Even for the application process you require documents so that they can validate. Now, all the documents required to start Wow! Momo franchises are the following:-

  • Online application form submission
  • Aadhar card for address proof
  • PAN Card
  • Passport size photographs
  • Shop Electricity bill or Shop Affidavit
  • Past 3 months’ account statement in PDF format
  • Shop picture (if possible all-around view)

How to apply for WoW Momo Franchise?

The application process and method of getting a Wow Momo franchise are quite simple. Most of the process is handled by the concerned department of Wow! Momo itself. Still, the application process for Wow! Momo franchise is the following:-

  • Visit this official website
  • Just below you will see “Apply for Wow Momo Franchise” written and click on it
  • It will further lead you to another page where you need to provide some basic details such as full name, email ID, state, pin code, phone number, investment amount, and current shop address
  • After you have filled out this form do not forget to click on the ‘Submit’ button
  • Now if your form is shortlisted then the concerned department will contact you within 24-48 hours

Wow Momo Franchise Cost

Wow! Momo has different business models in the current Indian market. The cost of each business model is not the same and you will get different profit returns. The franchise cost depends on your location as well. Now, if you already have land and shop then your rent, agreement fee, or any other fee is saved. If you do not have then the franchise cost could be slightly more.

Still below are the details of opening a Wow! Momo franchise cost:-

  • Total Investment- Rs 8-10 lakhs
  • Monthly Rent- Rs 30000
  • Other expenses- Rs 5000
  • Electricity bill- Rs 3000
  • Salary for 4 employees- Rs 40,000
  • Total monthly expense- Rs 78000

Is Wow Momo Franchise Profitable?

Wow! Momo has become one of the highly reputed fast-food companies in India. They have a variety of products coming up each year and being appreciated. There is a good profit margin for starting a Wow! Momo franchise.
After excluding all the monthly expenses such as rent, electricity bill, employee’s salary, and many more you can save a lot. On average, you earn Rs Rs 95000 monthly.

Wow Momo Franchise Return on Investment

The return on investment for your franchise is within 8-9 months. Now, if you are per day sale is good then you can easily achieve your ROI within 8-9 months.  

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