My Lawyers Advice

My Lawyers Advice

My Lawyers Advice is a full service boutique web based online platform which is a unique and one of its kind venture started by a group of highly qualified, meticulously skilled and professionally trained group of Advocates and Lawyers in Delhi-NCR, India. The same is a clear departure from the primitive and traditional system where an Individual or a Corporate has to travel and wait for long in order to avail and obtain professional legal services, however, with the advent of the e-age time has come when the professional legal services are just a click away travelling beyond the barriers of distance and time which ultimately helps in the resolution of the issue in hand without any hassles and without any wastage of resources.

Company's Product

Startup Legal Services

We advice and assist Startups in the following 1. Incorporation 2. Legal Compliances 3. Agreement an

Smalll Business Legal Services

We provide the following services 1. Preparation of Employee Documents 2. Drafting Agreements &

Corporate Legal Advice & Consultancy

We provide the following services 1. Corporate Legal Advice & Consultancy 2. Legal Advice for Jo

Legal Services for E-Commerce Platforms

We provide the following services 1. Drafting of the Website Terms & Conditions 2. Drafting of t

Legal Advice & Consultancy for Franchise Business

We provide the following business services 1. Drafting of Franchise Business Agreement 2. Review of

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