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Pest Control Service

Now the environment is getting change. people are getting ill due to pests.befor going forward let's understand what are the pests? Pests are destructive insects and small animals that act as a nuisance to crops in villages, under every household items, food, livestock etc. 

In India, pests are a big concern that requires your solid attention toward pests. Depending on the type of pest attack, there are different types of pest control methods adopted to fight these menaces. From ants, flies, and cockroaches on our food to snakes, lizards, and spiders in the garden and termites, silverfish, and moths attacking our household items, pests are everywhere.

These rates are valid for up to 2500 sq ft. area.


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The general Pest control Service an annual package that includes four services. Once you sign up for your first service, our customer relationship manager will contact you to remind you about your next Quarterly Service and block suitable date of the service. Our team of professional pest control specialist uses Eco- friendly herbal sprays and gel treatment to give you a pest control environment. Our treatment covers cockroaches, drain flies, fruit flies, black ants, red ants, mosquitoes, Spiders.  

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Termite control with 01 yr w

Termite control service with 01 yr warranty at 25% discount..


General Pest Control Service

Now the environment is getting change. people are getting ill due t..



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Customers Questions & Answers

Q: 1) I want to start pest control business.Please assist me?

Thanks, Dear Shailendra Girme for asking such a valuable question. To start the Pest control business you must have to get pest control certification and than only you will be able to start the same.