Maritime Risk Management Services

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Maritime Risk Management services

We Are:  HiLo is the only data-driven risk management company in the world helping the shipping industry predict and prevent catastrophes. The company was founded by Shell Shipping, Maritime Maersk Tankers A/S, and Lloyd’s Register Consulting in April 2018. 

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At HiLo, we devise concrete solutions to mitigate the risks involved in shipping by using day-to-day data collected internally by shipping companies. Our risk analytics use predictive modelling to identify which low-level incidents need immediate attention to safeguard shipping companies from potential high impact disasters. HiLo uses a data-based statistical model to deliver security to seafarers through its Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre. The database was created by Maritime experts and developed by HSSE professionals by analysing every cause and effect relationship to ensure the events line up with existing shipping experience. The system works to build a network of interconnected events—from daily warning signals to high impact incidents. We have analysed risks for approximately 4800 ships and 150,000 events from 2016 to 2020. Our basic agenda is to aid the shipping industry in preventing high impact, low-frequency events, avoiding fatalities, shielding assets, and saving cost.  Vision:- HiLo’s vision is to create the best quality information to reduce accidents for taking away the element of shock from the shipping industry. Mission:- HiLo’s mission is to connect the whole maritime industry through data, from industry bodies to P&I Clubs and from manufacturers to the end-users - ship managers; and ensure mariners have the best guidance, the best equipment, and the best protection from hazardous situations. Customer:- “HiLo is taking a leading role in using risk prediction to improve safety. It has our full support.", Peter Livanos, Chairman of GasLog Functioning:- HiLo’s Maritime Industry Knowledge Centre provides well-analysed safety and security solutions that deliver step-by-step guides to avoid high impact events. The companies have access to the most accurate Maritime Safety Big Data Analytics by holding the predictive modelling tool on a secure portal.    The portal has an in-built feature to collect, compile, and standardise all the relevant data directly from the client’s system files. Upon analysis, the portal applies the industry-leading risk analysis program to highlight the highest risk incidents for a particular company, along with the complete HiLo Fleet. HiLo is different:- Since HiLo is a unique service industry, there are no competitors yet.Hilo enjoys a monopoly as a risk predictive and prevention management company for the shipping industry in the world. The internal safety data is collected daily from the shipping companies for analysis. Our core strength is secured client data anonymity while enhancing maritime safety. Our data library focuses on every part of the industry, from micro to macro, leaving no information untouched. Our wide range of data collection and predictive analysis is what makes us unique in this domain - currently 3500 ships (2200 tankers, 800 bulk carriers, and 500 container ships).  Feat:- The industry-leading predictive modelling has assisted in minimising the risk elements of the Maritime industry right from daily warning signals to undesired potentially fatal situations. The risk of lifeboat incidents has dropped by 72%, engine room fires by 65%, and bunker spill by 25% in the year 2017-18, making HiLo the go-to safety statistical model for the top 50 shipping companies in the world. The model works on investigating every aspect of safety for mariners - from incident reports to audits. While collecting the data leading to a more comprehensive solution, the risk factors involved are also taken into consideration without fail. We have strengthened the safety process of seafarers with our data collection library - 20x more near-miss data, 5x more collision data, 3x more grounding data, 5x more lifeboat incident data, 30x more mooring equipment data, and 8x more flooding data.


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Maritime Risk Management services

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We Are:  HiLo is the only data-driven risk management company in the world helping the shipping industry predict..

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