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Noodle Making Business

Planning to start your Own Noodle making a business from home or office? Want to know about the investment, profit, Business marketing, and Business machine details? Click the below link and share your details company will connect you soon.

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Business Registration & Licensing 

Starting small scale noodles making business requires following registration & licenses.

  • Register your Company
  • Book A business domain for the website
  • Apply for the Trade License from the local Municipal Authority.
  • Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar online. It’s not mandatory. However, it helps in getting the Govt. subsidies and loans. The packaged food processing operation requires
  • FSSAI registration. It is mandatory.
  • Also, you can apply for the BIS certification if you want to sell the product throughout the country. BIS specification for Noodles is IS 1485:1976.
  • Apply for the Trademark registration of your brand name  

Complete Step of Business

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