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Arun Ice Cream Franchise: Arun Ice Cream was introduced in the market in the early 1970s (1971 to be exact). The parent company of this company is Hatsun Agro Products based in Tamil Nadu. Arun Ice Cream became a well-known brand for Hatsun Agro Products.

People living in cities may or may not have heard the name of Arun Ice Creams because of the presence of other major Indian and as well as foreign players in the market. This is where Arun had decided to take its products to suburban and even rural areas where foreign players have not entered yet. 

It is quite surprising and also a great initiative that the brand had taken so that the taste and experience of flavourful ice creams reach into the hearts of millions of people. The company reveals that its products caters to different people with different tastes with a whole range of ice cream bars exclusively for kids and novel ice cream flavours like Indian sweets.

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What is the Arun Ice cream Franchise?

Arun Icecreams is probably one of the most well-known Hatsun brands. When other ice cream brands opened parlours exclusively in the city, Arun decided to take to suburban and even rural areas, leading the ice cream into the hearts of millions.

Arun caters to different people with different tastes with a whole range of ice cream bars exclusively for kids and novel ice cream flavours like Indian sweets. The brand also consistently introduces new flavours every season, just to make sure customers have something fresh to look forward to every time they walk into an Arun Icecreams parlour.

Arun Ice Cream Franchise Benefits

Arun Produces Fresh Dairy products which give satisfaction to the customers and their needs. This provided reliable delivery experiences. The company’s retail extension could be a key step to meeting the increasing demand of business as well as new customers from small cities in India.

How much is the Profit Margin of Arun Ice Cream Franchise?

A profit margin of 12-15% can be earned by Arun Ice Cream franchise owners. It all depends on how much sales your franchise is making. The more sales you are able to meet every day with it will provide higher profit margin at the end of the day.

However, looking at the growth rate of Arun Ice Creams and its rising customer demand it is only possible that the above-mentioned profit margin will be increasing every year.

Arun Ice Cream Franchise Cost:

Check the details below to know more about Amul Ice cream Franchise cost investment and royalties

S.NName of FeeBudget
1Planning and Development
and Design Costs
Rs. 1 -1.5 Lakh
2Initial InventoryRs. 50,000 – 1 Lakh
3Additional FundsRs. 50,000
4Net WorthRs. 12 Lakh- 15 Lakh
5Available LiquidityRs. 10 Lakh
6Initial Franchise FeeRs. 2 lacs
7Floor area1000 sq. ft.
8Royalty Fee5%
9Ad royalty FeeNil
10Total Initial InvestmentRs. 3 -5 Lakh
Arun Ice Cream Franchise

Arun Ice Cream Franchise Requirements

In a franchise, there are a lot of things that are required to start a franchise:

Total Investment Required For A Arun Ice Cream Franchise 

The demand for ice creams increase during the summer season but they are still consumed by majority of ice cream lovers during the winters as well. However, it is introduced as a summer food and therefore in a country like India where summers remain in the country for more than 6-8 months starting a ice cream franchise could be one of the best business opportunities.

You can look up to take Arun Ice Cream franchise as well in case you do not wish to take franchise of other brands. 

The brand has been able to provide customer satisfaction to the ultimate consumers. Since they target the suburban and rural areas which is a big market in a country like India taking its franchise could bring a lot of smile in millions of faces in those areas. Talking about the total investment required to start a Arun Ice Cream franchise then one must have at least INR 10 lacs to INR 15 lacs.

Arun Ice Cream Franchise Location

Location is always one of the most important things about Franchise. In food and beverage segment location always matters.

Maximum foot fall is equal to maximum Profit. So if you want to get maximum profit, than you have to put your business at place where people gathered mostly, like market, bus stand, Railway stand, school or college.

Arun Franchise Area Requirements

The minimum Area requirements for the franchise are 2000SQF to 5000 Sqf. If you have such space in the location you can be eligible for Arun Ice Cream Franchise.

Documents that shall be needed to apply for Arun Ice Cream franchise

  • ID Proof documents (Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Voter Card)
  • Address proof documents (Electricity bill)
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Bank account details 
  • Cancelled cheque 
  • Passbook 
  • Agreement details 
  • GST Registration and Certificate 
  • Trade licence 
  • Food licence 
  • Shop licence 

How to Apply for Arun Ice Cream Franchise

If you want to apply for Arun Franchise business, you have to simply visit the official website of Arun Icecream official website, then go to the contact section and call them.

Support and Services Provided By Arun Ice Cream Franchise 

You would need to contact customer care or directly the company personnel from the management level to talk about the support and services that you are going to receive after taking its franchise. However, you can also go through the franchise agreement that the company would present to you where you will also find the details about what kind of support they are going to provide. You can expect the following support and services from the company in case they approve your franchise request.

  • Training and guidance to employees for managing and handling machinery 
  • Training for proper management and running the business 
  • Proper storage of food products instructions 

FAQ – Arun IceCream Franchise

Is the Arun Icecream franchise profitable?

Yes, Today every business in the food and beverage business is profitable.

How do I start an Arun ice cream shop?

Investment: Start from 50,000 to 2 Lac
Area Requirements: 2000SQF to 5000 SQf
ROI: 1 Year to 3 Year
Royalty Fee: 5%

What is the profit of an ice cream Parlour?

 20-30% profit margin available in Ice Cream Parlour business, This franchise helps you to get much profit margin.

Who is the manufacturer of Arun ice cream?

Arun Ice Creams products are manufactured by Hatsun Agro Product Limited 

Who is the owner of Arun ice cream?

Arun Ice cream is owned by Hatsun Agro Product Limited 

Is Arun ice cream milk?

Arun ice cream is based on 100%

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