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Bank ATM Franchise Business: Today’s Almost all of using Bank ATMs for cash transactions and it is like a part of the day to day life. In India when demonetization happens, at that time Bank ATM show a prominent role to get cash and it was the time when first time India realized the power ATM and after that, the use of the ATM got boosted from then.

In India, only 25 ATM Are available per Lac of people. Which is lower than the world’s slandered. The international standard is 50+ ATMs per lac of people. So this ATM Franchise or ATM business wide range of opportunities to earn money through that.

Here in this video, we will help you to know how to start a Bank ATM business? How you can get the same and what will be the profit after getting the bank ATM  Franchise.

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Bank ATM services is a very successful model in today’s era tata group is giving you are chance to open an atm. You can easily earn 30-40 thousand rupees every month by taking the tata indicash ATM Franchise.

1)How to get Bank ATM Franchise Business:

The matter gets back to the 1980s when the first ATM was opened in India in the last 20 years there has been a flood of ATMs in the country yet still they are far behind at the global level.

India has only 28 ATMs for a lakh population as against the global average of 50 ATMs

Banking actor experts say that ATM is a very important than personality in terms of the Indian economy and banking it in rural areas is still not like that in such a situation tata indicash ATM Franchise business is also a successful business model.

Watch This Video To Know More TATA Indicash Franchise

According to the September 2020 report of the Reserve Bank of India, the number of ATMs in the entire country was 2lakh 64 thousand 244. Especially after demonetization, there has been a lot of boom to the ATMs Franchise Business. How important ATMs are for financial work with n our country can be gauged from the fact that according to the report of the Hindu Business live on an average 2lakh 60 thousand crore rupees are withdrawn from ATMs every year. It is 10% of the total currency circulation if you also want to take an ATM franchise then it has become quite easy let us know about it in detail.

2)Who Provide ATM Franchise:

ATM franchise is a profitable MUTHOOT ATM business model from which years’ regular income is earned first if all let us tell you that this franchise is not given by any bank but the bank has handed over this work to third-party vendors. The prominent names in these are


TATA INDICASH is the largest and oldest company among them. It offers franchises on security. Deposits of 2lakhs which is refundable. Apart from this Rs 3lakhs will have to be deposited as working capital in this way the total investment is Rs 5lakhs.

3)ATM Franchise Investment:

According to the information available on TATA INDICASH FRANCHISE, this franchise can be taken if you have at least 60-80 square feet of commercial space at the right location it can also happen on a space lease. After entering the application, TATA INDICASH first shortlists your location. After this, an agreement is proposed with the company. The total investment is Rs 5lakh of which 2lakh is refundable

4) How to Maintain The Bank ATM Franchise Business:

Once the ATM is started you got a commission for all the transactions. Whoever you get the franchise it is his responsibility to see the ATM operational work.

Apart from this, the electricity bill payment carpenter works housekeeping and cleanliness. There will be your responsibility. There is also a lock-in period of 1 year for this. Before that, if the ATMs branch is closed Rs 1 lakh can be deducted as a penalty.

5)Bank ATM Franchise Commison Rate

Taking about earning you get Rs 8 on every transaction and Rs 2 on non-cash transactions. The return in investment ranges from 33-50% on annual basis. In such a situation if you also want to take the franchise of ATMs the fill the complete information by visiting TATA indicash ATM Franchise Apart from this you can also get the complete information by calling us on the toll-free number 18002662660

6)Money Circulation in Bank ATM Franchise

In the middle story,3lakg working capital and return in investment have been mentioned. This is the same working capital that you will have to deposit by withdrawing from the bank again and again when the cash runs out in the ATMs.Bank deposits money from the ATMs the bank keeps depositing the money in your current account and in return, you also get a commission

7) How to Earn Money From Bank ATM Franchise

If you do a rough calculation of how much you earn from ATMs then if there are 250 transactions on a daily basis on a working capital of 5lakhs in which 65% income will be close to 45 thousand rupees with an average of 65/35 if 350 transactions are done daily then 60-62 thousand rupees and if 500 transactions are done daily about 88-90 thousand rupees will be made as commission if the ATM space is your own then the total expenditure of electricity and security guard will be around 80thousand every month. In this way, it is possible to earn at least 15thousand rupees and a maximum of 50 thousand rupees in a month. By the way, the earning can be both more and less than this. It depends on how many transactions they do

Here we have divided the profit analysis into three-part Normal business good business and best business.

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