How to Become LIC Agent: Education, Skills and Exam 

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We have seen lots of agents in our lives for various work purposes including a LIC agent. They are the person or individuals who advice clients or potential customers to get life insurance plans to cover their family from unexpected events such as death, accident, or retirement. 

In this wrok, you require quite a lot of communication and convincing skills. The work of such agents is to sell as many insurances to people as possible and in return, they get some commission from the company they are offering. It surely is not an easy job in the current life insurance market. Further in this article, we will talk about how one can become an LIC agent and their salary structure. 

What Is the LIC Agent Salary Structure?

Whenever you plan to get yourself in a corporate position you always check out the salary structure of that particular position. Now, most salary structure in the corporate world depends on the experience and skills you have. The more and better skills you posses the better salary structure you get from the company you are willing to work for. 

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Similarly, if you are willing to become an LIC agent in India then the base salary is quite low but, as you become experienced in the field it starts to rise. Moreover, LIC agent salary in India ranges between Rs 0.2 lakhs to Rs 5.5 lakhs with an average salary of Rs 2.0 lakhs. 

What Benefits LIC Agent Get? 

LIC agents get amazing benefits and they surely attract more candidates to become one. Here are some of the benefits that a LIC agent gets:-

  • Amazing commission rate- LIC agents get attractive commission rates on the sale of policies. Every sale they make at least gives them a commission of 35% of the premium value. 
  • Interest-free loan- LIC agents get interest-free loans from Life Insurance Corporation of India to fulfil their financial requirements. 
  • Great earning potential- If you have good communication skills then you can surely use that to earn good profit by selling policies to potential customers. 
  • Retirement provisions- They get a commission when it comes to the lifetime pension. 

What is LIC Agent Registration Process? 

Here is the registration process to become an LIC agent:-

  • You need to visit the official LIC website 
  • After you visit the website you need to click on the “Apply now and register” option
  • After submitting your application, you need to submit documents 
  • The third step includes to pay basic fees 
  • After you are done with all the steps officials will contact for further details 

Pros & cons of LIC Agent


  • Have a Flexibile Work Style
  • High Earning Potential
  • Positive Impact
  • Professional Growth
  • Job Security


  • Commission-Based Income
  • No Guarantees to be a successfull
  • Challenging Work
  • High Competition
  • Regulatory Requirements

LIC Agent Commission 

An LIC Agent most gets 35% commission on the first year premium, which includes money back plan, new endowment plan, term plan, pension plan, child plan, and health insurance plan. 

LIC Agent Commission Chart 

1st year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th year 5th year 6th year 7th year 8th Year 9th Year 10th year 
New Commission 35%2100002541003074613720284501545446866590707974759649441167583
Renewal commission @7.5%4500054450658857972096461116718141229170887206774
Total Income2100002991004069115223626620588310911035620128310015825511944886
Monthly Income 17500249253390943530551726925886302106925131879162074
Income per hour 58383111301451183923092877356443965402

LIC Agent Gratuity Calculation Formula 

The formula is 15 x your last drawn salary x the working tenure /30. 

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