Top 5 Best-Ever Pitches in The History of Shark Tank USA

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Shark Tank, that TV show we all love, started back in 2009. The show is not all about entertaining; it is rather a place where budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in front of entrepreneurs who have already made it big in the space.

The main reason behind the pitching is not just about raising money but also about the expertise that the “sharks” bring into the company they invest.

In this article, we will embark on a comprehensive exploration of the top 5 finest Shark Tank pitches in the annals of the show, delving into the nuanced intricacies that rendered these enterprises exceptional.

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1. Scrub Daddy

FounderAaron Krause
Stake Offered20% Equity
InvestorLori Greiner
Initial Valuation$1 MN
Current Valuation$ 300 MN +
Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy stands as one of the most iconic and successful products to emerge from the Shark Tank arena. The brainchild of Aaron Krause, the Scrub Daddy is not just an ordinary sponge; it’s a smiley-faced cleaning marvel that transforms its texture based on water temperature – firm in cold water and soft in warm water.

Listed Below are some of the reasons why Scrub Daddy received great funding options:

Energetic Demonstration: Krause’s live demonstration of the product was nothing short of mesmerizing. He showcased the sponge’s incredible versatility and its uncanny ability to tackle various surfaces with ease.

Infomercial-style pitch: Krause’s pitch exuded confidence and charisma, resembling the captivating allure of an infomercial. It left the sharks spellbound002E

Greiner’s $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% equity stake proved transformative. Since then, Scrub Daddy has scaled incredible heights, boasting sales figures of around $80 million annually.

2. Bombas

FounderDavid Heath and Randy Goldberg
Stake Offered17.5% Equity
InvestorDaymond John
Initial Valuation$1.14 MN
Current Valuation$ 500 MN +

Bombas, founded by David Heath and Randy Goldberg, is not your typical sock company. It’s a company with a profound social mission. For every pair of socks sold, Bombas donates a pair to homeless shelters, making a substantial impact on the lives of those in need.

Listed Below are some of the reasons why Scrub Daddy received great funding options:

Social Mission: Bombas’ unwavering commitment to social responsibility struck a chord with both the sharks and consumers alike. Their “buy one, donate one” model touched hearts.

Loyal Customer Base: Bombas’ relentless focus on comfort and quality has cultivated a devoted customer base, further fueling their remarkable success.

Daymond John’s $200,000 investment in return for a 17.5% equity stake set Bombas on a trajectory of success. Their lifetime sales have now soared beyond $225 million.

3. Squatty Potty

FounderBobby Edwards and Judy Edwards
Stake Offered10% Equity
InvestorLori Greiner
Initial Valuation$3.5 MN
Current Valuation$ 60 MN +
Squatty Potty on Shark Tank India

Squatty Potty, founded by Bobby and Judy Edwards, brought a revolution to the way we approach bathroom comfort with their ingenious toilet stool. This product is ingeniously designed to promote easier and more natural bowel movements.

Listed Below are some of the reasons why Scrub Daddy received great funding options:

Viral Marketing Triumph: Squatty Potty’s quirky and humorous marketing video went viral in 2015, catapulting sales and attracting the attention of celebrities.

Health and Wellness Focus: Squatty Potty capitalized on the burgeoning health and wellness trend, positioning itself as an indispensable product for improved digestive health.

Lori Greiner’s investment of $350,000 for a 10% equity stake facilitated exponential growth. They currently achieve an astonishing $12 million in sales every year.

4. Simply Fit Board

FounderGloria Hoffman
Stake Offered20% Equity
InvestorLori Greiner
Initial Valuation$625 K
Current ValuationNA
Simply Fit Board Shark Tank

Gloria Hoffman’s Simply Fit Board introduced an entertaining and effective twist to fitness. This balance board enables users to engage their core muscles through simple twisting exercises, making fitness accessible to all.

Listed Below are some of the reasons why Scrub Daddy received great funding options:

Instant Triumph: The Simply Fit Board resonated with consumers immediately. Within just 24 hours of its appearance on Shark Tank, it generated an astonishing $1.25 million in sales.

Accessible Fitness: The product’s simplicity and effectiveness made it inclusive and appealing to a broad consumer base, contributing significantly to its enduring success.

Lori Greiner’s $125,000 investment in exchange for 20% equity ignited the company’s meteoric rise. To date, it has accumulated sales exceeding $160 million.

5. The Original Comfy

FounderBrian Speciale
Stake Offered30% Equity
InvestorBarbara Corcoran
Initial Valuation$166 K
Current Valuation$ 50 MN
The Original Comfy

The Original Comfy, conceived by Brian Speciale, redefined the concept of comfort with its wearable blankets featuring hoods. It became the go-to, cozy companion for individuals seeking warmth and relaxation.

The Comfy Shark Tank

Listed Below are some of the reasons why Scrub Daddy received great funding options:

Unique Comfort Offering: The Original Comfy tapped into the universal desire for comfort and coziness, establishing itself as a must-have product.

Diversified Product Line: The company’s expansion beyond wearable blankets has solidified its presence in the comfort market, catering to a broader range of preferences.

Barbara Corcoran’s $50,000 investment in return for 30% equity enabled the company to grow and prosper. Today, it boasts a remarkable valuation of $150 million.


These five extraordinary Shark Tank pitches and the companies they represent exemplify the power of innovation, unwavering passion, and exceptional presentation. From cleaning sponges to socially responsible socks, these entrepreneurs transformed their visionary concepts into thriving businesses thanks to the invaluable support of the sharks.

The detailed funding insights and valuations underscore the incredible growth these companies achieved following their appearances on the show.

These companies offer more than just good business opportunities. They may have a profound social mission, a viral marketing strategy, or a focus on enhancing health and wellness.

Shark Tank remains a platform where dreams transform into reality, and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to turn their visions into prosperous ventures. These top 5 best Shark Tank pitches serve as shining examples of what can be accomplished with sheer determination, innovative thinking, and the right investor.

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