How to get Dhakka Mukki Franchise ? Dhakka Mukki Franchise Cost, Investment & Profit margin

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About Dhakka Mukki Franchise

The face of the fast-food industry is changing in India quite effectively. Fast foods that are being offered today to customers are highly health-focused. Yes, you heard it right, fast-foods are becoming healthier in today’s food industry or market. Every fast-food company that is coming up in the market offers customers the best quality and health-focused food items. We are definitely going to see a new era where consuming fast food will not be a harm to health.

Similarly, we have Dhakka Mukki, it is a fast food cafe franchise opened up in Gujarat. Dhakka Mukki was founded by Dinesh Parmar and co-founder Archana Chavda. This fast food brand in Gujarat is offering franchise business opportunities quite actively. The only motive o this fast food cafe brand is to expand its business not only in Gujarat but, all over India.

Dhakka Mukki Franchise Offers

The primary product sold by this brand is all types of fast foods at a pocket-friendly price tag along with health-focused methods. Every food item offered by the brand is authentic and does not have any preservatives. One of the most-sold items at Dhakka Mukki outlets or franchises is their burger. People just rush into the nearest Dhakka Mukki franchise outlets to try out their burgers and other fast food items. 

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Now, further, in this article, we will talk about almost everything about the Dhakka Mukki franchise. 

Dhakka Mukki Franchise Cost 

The brand is getting lots of appreciation and praise not only because of its food products but, because of its low-investment franchise cost as well. People who have partnered up with Dhakka Mukki through their franchise model were shocked that they could join a successful business with a very low investment. 

They are providing a complete setup for 2.99 Lakhs along with unlimited kitchen training to all the staff. You surely will be surprised that, Dhakka Mukki does not charge any royalty fee, profit sharing charges, and admin charges. Most fast-food cafe franchises charge such fees from its franchises but, that is not the case with Dhakka Mukki. 

The franchise Cost of Dhakka Mukki is only Rs 1 lakh. Yes, you heard it right the franchise fee is way lesser than the average franchise fee in India. You can easily become a part of a fast-food franchise at a very low investment. 

Kitchen Accessories Kit for Dhakka Mukki Franchise

When you open a Dhakka Mukki franchise you are offered with full kitchen accessories kit. The total kitchen setup offered by Dhakka Mukki is worth Rs 2.99 lakhs. Interestingly, all of the equipment is included in the total investment of the Dhakka Mukki franchise. Some of the equipment that will be offered are the following:-

  1. Deep fridge- 1
  2. Microwave Induction
  3. Deep fridge- 2
  4. VC Cooler Fridge
  5. Pizza Oven
  6. Sandwich Grill
  7. Hot Plate

Support provided by Dhakka Mukki Franchise

  1. Training -Proper training for both staff and managers of the franchise will be provided by Dhakka Mukki.  Moreover, you will receive proper training on how to deal with customers, kitchen training from professional chefs, handling customers, and many more 
  2. Software– Along with free kitchen training, Dhakka Mukki is offering free software training. This will help all staff and the manager to work efficiently knowing how the software work. 
  3. Promotion and Marketing– The major part of product promotion and marketing are done by the parent company through various social media accounts. Other than that, once you have opened up their franchise they send you menu cards, brochures, pamphlets, hoardings, and banners for your franchise. Moreover, you will get full support when it comes to the promotion and marketing of Dhakka Mukki’s products. 
  4. Other accessories/Equipment– Dhakka Mukki does take good care of all its franchises. Some of the other accessories or equipment offered by Dhakka Mukki are Induction, shake blender, ice crusher, deep fryer, storage crates, LED board, and many more. 

How to get Dhakka Mukki franchise? 

Dhakka Mukki is one of those cafe fast-food franchises in India that is effectively focusing on expanding its business through the franchise model. If you visit any of its online platforms such as its website, application, and social media handles, you will see the company is promoting only its franchise model. Due to this heavy promotion of its franchise model, the brand has already opened up 145 outlets all over Gujarat. This also proves that the process of getting a Dhakka Mukki franchise is easily accessible to businessmen. 

Now, here is the process of how one can get a Dhakka Mukki franchise in India:-

  • Dhakka Mukki’s official website does not have a franchise form as of today. So, if you are searching for its franchise form then you will not get one
  • You will need to contact directly to the officials by visiting 
  • Franchise phone number is 9081304030 make sure you call them and give them the reason why you contacted them
  • In return you will be asked some basic details make sure to answer them properly. Other than that, make sure to keep your documents ready just in case 
  • If all the eligibility criteria are met then the chance of getting your franchise will be easier. 

Dhakka Mukki Franchise Contact Details 

Here are the contact details of Dhakka Mukki:-

For a franchise call 9081304030
Instagram handle 
YouTube channel 
FaceBook account 
Dhakka Mukki Franchise Contact Details

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