How to get a DHL Courier Franchise? Cost, Profit, Investment & Other Details

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Why DHL Courier Franchise?

DHL is an American-founded German logistics company that provides courier, package delivery, and express mail services. The company is one of the largest logistics companies in the world delivering around 1.8 billion parcels every year. The company was founded in the year 1969 in San Francisco and now has its headquarters based in Germany. Deutsche Post is the parent organisation of DHL.

DHL Courier Franchise

DHL is one of the most reputable logistics companies all over the world. The company has its business in India as well and if you want to take its franchise then you would have to contact the concerned authority. When it comes to e-commerce sales then the numbers has been rising in a country like India.

This is where courier companies like DHL’s services are being utilised more and more and thus thee company is earning maximum revenues. The numbers are expected to keep rising in the future as well ever since the pandemic ended most consumers have shifted to e-commerce platforms for purchasing necessary items and other products. 

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Types Of DHL Courier Franchise

In the year 2002, Blue Dart which is another major logistics company had a business alliance with DHL Express and by the year 2004, DHL Express had invested 120 million in it and since then they have become the major stakeholder in the company. DHL Express is a Singapore-based company and Blue Dart is a Chennai-based company. 

There are three levels of courier franchise services that the company will be offering to you in India. Since India is a country with cities and villages it will be necessary for you to enter the pincode where you want to setup the franchise outlet and depending on that you can open up a DHL franchise outlet. 

The area where you wish to open the outlet will also determine the total investment required to open the store. This is because if you open in a major city then the cost would be more as compared to opening in a rural area. Interested entrepreneurs needs to contact the company personnel to know more details about the franchise types. 

DHL Courier Franchise Requirements 

Requirements to get a DHL franchise in India involve meeting some of the eligibility criteria and the investment required to open the franchise. However, the company also charge a certain amount as a franchise fee which can also be considered as a requirement in order to open up its franchise. The eligibility requirements are as the following. 

  • The entrepreneur or the person wishing to start DHL franchise must be Indian citizen
  • The candidate needs to be at least 21 years old or above 
  • The candidate needs to be a pass out from 10th and as well as 12th standard
  • Having knowledge in this field and some experience will be an additional advantage to get the franchise from DHL 
  • The candidate must not be a criminal or must not have any criminal record. This could hamper the goodwill of the business 
  • The candidates must be willing to furnish all their personal details to the company for the verification process 
  • Bank and financial details when asked by the company should be submitted and they should be updated 

The above-mentioned list includes the eligibility criteria to open up a DHL franchise. You can contact the company personnel or visit a nearby branch to know more details about the requirements. 

DHL Courier Franchise Cost 

The security deposit or the franchise cost could be around INR 1 lacs to INR 1.5 lacs if you wish to open up a franchise in a rural area. The company has tied up with Blue Dart and is functioning its business in India. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the franchise cost depending on the area where you wish to open the franchise then you should contact the company personnel directly. 

There are many factors that will determine the security deposit asked by the company like the area, volume of delivery and other such kinds of things. However, the amount that has been mentioned above is the maximum estimated value that could be asked of the franchise owners. Therefore, it would be a wise option to get in touch with the company to know more about such financial details. 

Staff Requirements for DHL Courier Franchise

A logistics company or outlet will require professional staff members because there are various departments that people will be working in for the smooth functioning of the business. For example, a receptionist would be required to handle customers and manage the computer for maintaining records. Two to three employees for packaging the courier services and a couple more for loading the transportation of the packages. 

Packages need to be handled with care as it is not just paper materials that are sent to the customers but there are expensive items as well that are delivered. If the service quality becomes poor then people will automatically shift to other logistic companies which will hamper the goodwill of your business and as well as the company. 

Therefore, if you have hired the right employees then you may offer/provide them training so that they can do their job well. The services need to be well-maintained since it is a reputed company in the world and has to live up to its name. Other staff members like hygiene and maintenance staff could be hired at the franchise location. The number could increase by one or two depending on the size of the franchise. 

DHL Courier Franchise Documents Required 

  • Personal documents 
  • ID Proof documents (Aadhaar card, Voter Card, PAN Card)
  • Address proof (electricity bill, ration card)
  • Passport sized photographs 
  • Email ID 
  • Mobile number 
  • Banking and financial details 
  • Cancelled cheque 
  • Copy of passbook 

Business documents 

  • Requisite financial documents 
  • GST Number 
  • GST Certificate 
  • Trade Licences 
  • Registration number 
  • NOC certificates 

Space Requirements for a DHL Courier Franchise 

The outlet of the DHL franchise could be a total space of 200-300 sq ft. The space should be able to fit in with all the required furniture like office desk, computer, printer, AC, printer, CCTV camera and more. However, while choosing a location for the franchise you should also keep in mind that there should be enough space in the front for parking.

In case in future your franchise or outlet receives heavy demand then there should be space for large trucks or even medium-sized trucks to park so that for easy loading and unloading of packages. 

A vehicle parking space of 500 sq ft to 1000 sq ft would be required depending on the location and size of the store. If you are still confused about the area required then it is best to contact the concerned authority and get the details about it.  You can also talk to the nearest branch about such matters so that you get an in-depth idea about the space required. 

DHL Courier Franchise Training 

Once the DHL courier franchise has been approved by the company then you will be receiving proper training from them. This is to make sure that you know how a courier business works and in extreme pressure you must be able to manage and handle difficult situations. You will also be trained on using the DHL software to manage and update daily activities, deliveries and other such kinds of things. 

You can simply even hire a team who can do the job for you but in most cases people think that  it is a costly option which is why they receive proper training from the company itself. Since the company is helping you out by offering its training support it would be a wise option to learn things yourself. If you want to know more then you can contact the company. 

What Types Of Vehicles Did DHL Courier Need To Run?

If you have got this query in mind then you should communicate with the company because there are various factors that would determine the answer to this question. Some of them are the demand of the services because at the initial stages of the outlet your business may not have as heavy demand as it will have in the upcoming years which is why it would not be necessary to invest on huge trucks for delivering purposes. 

A small fleet of mid-size trucks would be enough at the initial stages because the demand would be less and looking at the growing popularity of the ecommerce platform these days it will be only a matter of time before your outlet also receives huge number of deliveries services. You can plan out the need for vehicles with the company because they can provide you with accurate suggestions and it will be a less cost for you as well. 

How Many Drivers Do I Need For Parcel Delivery?

Again a similar answer for this question because at the initial stages your business will be at the lowest and therefore it would not be a wise option to invest heavily on trucks and vehicles and hiring extra drivers unnecessarily. You can stay in touch with the local drivers those who can offer their best services and whenever your business is in heavy demands you can hire them for a preplanned salary. 

Who Would Provide Training?

Contact the company to know about who would provide training to the drivers. The driver’s job is to drive the vehicle to the address mentioned in the package and another person will be helping it for delivering to the customer. If the driver is local and knows the route then it would become easy to conduct the business or else training must be provided to him. It would be quite risky as well if the driver is not trained which is why you need to contact the company to know about the training details. 

Necessary Accessories To Run DHL Courier Franchise 

  • Desk and chair 
  • Computer system with active internet connection
  • Power supply (strong)
  • Barcode scanners 
  • Printers 
  • Vehicles 
  • Office equipments 
  • Quality tape for packaging 
  • Storage shelves, cupboards 
  • CCTV 
  • AC

DHL Courier Franchise Profit Margin 

There are various courier franchises in the country and you could open any one of them but a company like DHL has become a reputed brand around the globe. The brand recognition is itself one of the reasons why you could earn maximum profit from its franchise. Setting up a DHL franchise can easily earn your business up to 25-40% profit margin. The profit margin would majorly depend on the demand of the services.

However, a crucial role would be played if the location is in a great location that will serve you well. A residential complex or neighbourhood with many retail businesses will surely provide your business with regular business. At the initial stages the demand may not be huge but it will start slowly and your business will earn good profit margin. 

How To Submit DHL Courier Franchise Application?

Since DHL has partnered with Blue Dart you can visit the official website of Blue Dart as well and fill out an application form for the franchise enquiry. However, you can also contact them by getting the contact details from the official website and once you let them know about your intention then they may arrange a meeting with you soon. 

After the application process if the manager finds your business proposition feasible then your application will be accepted and you can now open up its franchise at the desired location. There is also the offline mode where you can directly visit the branch and talk to the authority there where you will know the requirements for the opening of the franchise along with the application form details. 


How do I become a business partner with DHL?

Ans: Visit the official website of DHL and in the website you will be able to see the partnership option. You can click on that to view more details about how to become a business partner with DHL. 

Is the DHL franchise a good investment?

Ans: Yes, DHL franchise would be the best investment if you wish to open up a logistics business today. The company is one of the well-known logistics companies in the world. DHL is functioning its business with Blue Dart in India.

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