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Ding Tea franchise – Overview

Ding Tea Franchise : Ding Tea is a bubble tea franchise that offers fresh tea, a large and well-prepared tea variety, and unique flavor beverages. They claim that every aspect is important to them, and they strive to maintain a professional level of quality and perfection.

In 2004, the brand was launched, and the first Ding Tea franchise was available for purchase. The chain has grown to 400 locations worldwide in over 17 years.

A minimal concept, a recognized marketing strategy is the brand’s considerable advantage over the competition. They provide training and ongoing support to their partners as they start and run their businesses.

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How to get Ding Tea Franchise in us ?

Ding Tea is a tea franchise dedicated to giving clients the best tea experience possible. It has grown tremendously since its establishment. Traditional black and green teas and more unusual flavours like rose milk tea and royal jasmine tea are all available at Ding Tea. Customers also can add toppings to their tea, such as pearls or pudding.

Ding Tea’s focus on quality sets it apart from most other bubble tea brands. Its teas have no flavourings or preservatives and are produced with fresh ingredients. Ding Tea is now one of the most famous bubble tea brands, thanks to its commitment to quality.

Every individual who wants to enter the tea industry would like to remain at the top, and that’s only possible with proper knowledge and guidance. So here are some basic fundamental facts a business entrepreneur should consider before opting for a famous tea franchise like the Ding tea franchise:

  • Make sure your capitalization is appropriate : A necessary start-up investment of $123,000 is required to open a Ding Tea beverage franchise.
  • Recognize the financial commitment needed for a franchise : You will need to include the expense of the equipment, licences and permits, uniforms, insurance, and other things.
  • Assess your experience and abilities : Before opening a Ding Tea franchise, you should carefully consider your previous business experience.
  • Analyze the market’s availability : Before starting with the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Ding Tea franchises to see whether there are any available markets in your desired location.
  • Fill out the application and submit it : The Ding Tea franchise team will review your application. Upon receiving your application form, you will receive an email confirmation receipt and the franchise owner’s contact information.

Get approval and start your Ding Tea franchise

  • Once all the financial and background checks are completed, you will be approved for a franchise.
  • Only candidates who fulfill all franchise owners’ standards will be approved. Once the candidate gets an approval for a Ding Tea franchise, some additional basic facilities are being provided, which are mentioned below.
  • 3- Year trademark rights for Ding Tea are granted.
  • Complete and thorough training is provided.
  • A model of the store design is provided, as well as design suggestions. 
  • Counseling and support are also provided.

How much does the Ding Tea franchise cost?

  • Ding Tea has a $20,000 franchise fee and a total initial cost range of $123,000 to $422,000 .
  • A $20,000 franchise fee is required at the beginning.
  • A royalty fee of 2-5% is charged on an annual basis.
  • A USD$4,000 non-interest bearing security deposit is also required. 
Franchise fee$20,000
Initial cost123,000 to $422,000
Royalty Fee2-5 % Depending upon the gross sales
Security Deposit$4,000 non-interest
Ding Tea Franchise Cos

If you want to open a Ding Tea franchise in the United States, France, China, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, or somewhere else, we provide estimated franchise costs.

Ding tea franchise cost in different Countries

Franchise CostCountry
Ding tea franchise cost in USA$123,000 to $422,000
Ding tea franchise cost in CanadaCAD 154,040 to 528,494
Ding tea franchise cost in Japan14.02 and 48.09 million yen
Ding tea franchise cost in ChinaCNY 785,060 to 2,693,415
Ding tea franchise cost in TaiwanTWD 3.42 to 11.72 million
Ding tea franchise cost in VietnamVND 2.787 to 9.560 billion dongs
Ding tea franchise cost in Malaysia511,864 – MYR 1 756,153 ringgits
Ding tea franchise cost in IndonasiaIDR 1.743 to 5.980 billion rupiahs
Ding tea franchise cost in various countries

Is Ding Tea Franchise profitable?

The market determines the profitability of a Ding tea franchise. You are more likely to earn enough to cover your bills if you live in a trendy or wealthy neighbourhood. The industry is continuing to expand. As a result, a profitable firm can be built in this market.

The amount of money you can make with the Ding Tea franchise is determined by the size of your establishment. Destinations, prices, and costs are all important considerations. On the other hand, many stores make $3 or more per serving, and materials can be as low as $0.75. Before deducting other costs, selling 500 goods each day might net you over $30,000 per month.

Requirements for Ding Tea Franchise

  • You must first scout places for your Ding Tea franchise. Look for somewhere in an elite or popular location that is easily accessible by foot. It would be nice to be in a popular downtown area.
  • Then having equipment and materials on hand would be beneficial. Grinders, ovens, tea shakers, glasses, straw, tea contents, and tapioca pearls are all included. You will also need to comply with any local licensee and inspection requirements.
  • You will need a trademark, advertising, menu, and price list on the business planning side. Consider how you will reach out to clients and how many things you believe you’ll be ready to sell per day.
  • Recruit and train a team to develop all of the cocktails on your menu before opening.
  • If you choose a Ding Tea Franchise, most of these tasks will be outlined for you.

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