How to Setup Electric charging station

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Planning to set up your own Electric charging station (e-charging station) in India? Don’t know how to set up and take the benefit of the Government scheme be Electric (e-charging ) charging station, you can check this article.

In order to promote the sale of electric cars, the government will now provide a subsidy as a subsidy for the installation of charging stations. This help will depend on the cost of the devices connected to the charging station of electric vehicles. The business or company interested in setting up the charging station can contact the Government of India’s Heavy Industries Interested applicants can apply to apply for charging stations subsidized by 20th August.

The process will be completed within one month of the expiry of the date of application. Selected applicants will be given 9 months to complete the charging station. In the first phase, 1000 charging stations will be installed. There will be 6 chargers at every charging station.

Important Information to start the Electric charging station (e-charging station)

1- Can be stationed at private or public places :

Most charging stations will be installed in cities with more than 4 million population. But charging stations can be installed in any city having more than 10 lakh population. This station can be placed in any private land or public place. Companies will be able to charge 15% more for the charging station than the cost of their supply.

2- Online booking will be available for charging

Those charging stations will also have to provide an online service. Customers will be able to book the time of charging their cars through online booking. The person or person employing a charging station can take electricity from any power distribution company under Open Access.

3- Currently only 150 Electric charging station (e-charging stations) in India

There are only 150 stations in India, while the number of electric car charging stations in China has crossed 10 million.

In China, the number of public charging stations by June was 4.12 lakhs, while private charging posts were 5.91 million. In just one year, the number of charging stations has increased by 69.3%.

There will be 6 chargers at a charging station and at least 3 of this will be the fast charger

According to the terms of the ministry, there will be 6 chargers at a charging station and at least 3 of this will be the fast charger. That means it will be able to charge your vehicle in half an hour. The rest will have three slow chargers. There will be three types of charging stations.

The first category will be the charging station for commercial use in public space. In the second category, there will be stations in the Ministry, Secretariat, Government Hospital and other government buildings to be charged only for charging vehicles coming to that campus.

In the third category, there will be charging stations imposed on non-public places which are available commercially for the public. The subsidy from the government will depend on which category the charging station is being set up.

To apply for Electric charging station (e-charging station), click the below link


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