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“Energy is sources of function or activity. Without energy nothing runs. In the age of industrialization machines have become an integral part of our life. To run machine energy is required. Machineries are mostly run by three sources of energy petroleum, electricity and coal. Petroleum generated fuel like- petrol, diesel and lubricants are still main source of energy vehicles, trains, and motors.

Without fuel almost all our industries as well transportations will come to halt. Investment in Fuel Sector industry will be always in the profit. If you have enough money to start a new venture, then FuelBuddy is the best option for you.”    

FuelBuddy Franchise – How it started

Fuel Buddy is India’s largest, legal and private door steps fuel delivery service provider. It is a technology driven company dedicated to address the problems of safety, adulteration and pilferage in fuel management services.

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The company promises doorstep delivery of energy with personalized solution. It helps to improve productivity, convenience, control, reliability, safety and saving on you fuel management to the consumers. From procuring to delivering of petrol and diesel is taken care by FuelBuddy. A Customer feels delights in saving time and money.

Fuel buddy provides many options to ensure the uninterrupted supply of fuel to customers. Its fuel delivery fleets are always ready in. it gives option to store fuel at customer site like Smart Tank and Buddy Cans.

In modern Smart world, the e-commerce has penetrated every industry. Almost every commodity is easily available at the customer’s doorstep just a click away. Mobile apps have made e-commerce easier than ever before.  However, Fuel was only one sector of business where customer has to go to the fuel-station to get fuel.  Going to petrol pump costs extra burden to consumers.

There were many hassles like cost of storage, maintenance, wastage of time, delay in transportation, and various such problems. This impacts efficiency and productivity, especially in the industrial sector. FuelBuddy is revolutionizing the doorstep fuel-delivery in India. It is India’s first legal-private company having all the permissions in place for doorstep fuel-delivery.

FuelBuddy is an app-based fuel-delivery service provider having IoT and cloud-enabled features. The company charges no extra fees and delivers fuel at the same prices as that of any regular fuel-station.

FuelBuddy Franchise Market Potential

The company deals in supply of petroleum fuel like petrol and diesel. It also supplies lubricants. Its net revenue is $2.66 million as per the date available on internet. It has grown multifold in last three years. It seems its network is expanding every quarter or moth. Since 2018 to January 2022 it has reach up to 57 cities. In March 2022 the company network reach grew up to 80 cities in India.  The company claims that it has delivered more than 5 Cr. liters of petrol and lubricants. The company is receiving a lot of investment from its business partner.  The company is expecting to gather $60-70$ billion fund in coming years. Its vision is to open 180,000 petrol pumps in next few years in India.

The average Return of Investment of FueBuddy is 25% which is higher any other invest option of such big amount. 

FuelBuddy Founder and Foundation date

The company was founded by a team of highly inspired technocrats. Adnan Kidwai, Divij Talwar, Gautam Malhotra, Sumit Narvar  are the co founder of FuelBuddy company. It is Delhi based company. Its office is located at A-41, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area, New Delhi.

FuelBuddy franchise says that the company was to fill the gap of fuel delivery business. Before 2018  the regulation did not allow to sell petrol outside of petrol premises. A normal company cannot purchase petrol form Oil manufacturing Companies (OMC) because OMC sells not less than 12000 liters of petrol or diesel. Its storage, maintenance was not any easy task.  The regulation was modified in 2018. Many companies like IOCL, BPCL, and HPCL got petrol license. FuelBuddy got license to with BPCL

Though the company was founded in 2016 but its actual operation started in 2018. Since then it’s expanding steadily and rapidly.

FuelBuddy Franchise Cost

Space for FuelBuddy franchise required the same as regulation allows. The fuelbuddy franchise cost is from Rs.1.5 Cr. to Rs. 2.0 Cr. Almost 60% of investment amount goes for land acquisition. All the paper work and lease related things and the other charges will be mostly taken care by FuelBuddy.  Man power differ from location and size of petrol pump However at least 5 to 7 people are required to operate a petrol pump.

FuelBuddy Franchise Eligibility

FuelBuddy Franchise can be taken by anybody. No age limit or prior experience is required. Only invest amount plus some liquidity plus passion and patience of growing business are required to have franchise.  

FuelBuddy Franchise : Documents Required

Following are some essential documents required to have franchise.

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. Passport Size photographs
  4. GST no.
  5. TIN No
  6. License from authority
  7. Lease documents etc.

FuelBuddy Franchise Business Model

In FuelBuddy Franchise Model, a franchise gets commission on sales amount. The company assists the Franchisee in setting up Fuel Delivery vertical by providing legal, financial, technological and marketing support as well as regular trainings & technology upgrades. A Franchisee uses FuelBuddy’s proprietary technology on its browsers to provide door-step delivery of fuel. Consumers will use the FuelBuddy app to place their orders. It is available in both IOS &Android.

FuelBuddy will create a network of Franchisees across India to support the demand and make FuelBuddy a household brand.

Besides the commission, a franchise is authorized to sell FuelBuddy products like:DOT-Diesel on Tap, Smart Tank, Buddy Cans and Kiosk.

DOT-Diesel on Tap: is used to Diesel Storage, Monitoring and dispensing Solution.

Smart Tank is for Diesel storage and monitoring.  And Buddy Cans for petrol/ diesel storage. 

FuelBuddy Franchisor Supports

A potential Franchisee will get following support from Fuelbuddy-

1. Legal License/Approval

2. Bowser Support

3. Diesel Supply

4. FuelBuddy Application

5. Dashboard/ Order Management System

6. Training Support

7. Sales Support

8. Dash Board Training Support

9. Backend Support (Operation/Backend Support)

10. Product support

How to apply for FuelBuddy Franchise

FuelBuddy is India’s Largest, Legal and India’s first Private doorstep fuel delivery service provider company. The company is dedicated to address the problems of safety, adulteration and pilferage in fuel management services.  Application procedure for franchise is very easy. Online application form is available on its official website-

An applicant needs to take following steps to apply.

  1. Visit its official website-
  2. On the homepage, Partnership link is available. Click on it.
  3. A new page will open. Enter your details correctly.
  4. Select proper radio buttons applicable for
  5. Enter the Validation Code in given box and submit.

Note: Applicants will received call or email on his/her given number or email id.

Should you go for FuelBuddy Franchise : Our Opinion

Energy resources like- petrol, diesel and lubricants will be always remain high in demand in the age of industrialization. Regular and uninterrupted supply of fuel is lifeline of industries. Before 2018, the law does not allow to fulfill the gap of supply and demand. However, regulation was modified and this gap is being filled by such companies. FuelBuddy is India’s largest and fast growing company. Net ROI of this company is 25% which is higher than any other investment field. It is new untapped field and a huge gap is still open to be filled. There is great potential of higher growth.

Apart from the commission, a franchisee is authorized to sell FuelBuddy’s products which will additional income of franchisee.

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