How to Start DTDC Courier Franchise, Cost, Profit and More

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DTDC Courier Franchise: DTDC Courier Services has invited franchises partners to work with the DTDC.You may also check this video To know more about the courier services.

What is the process to get the DTDC Courier Franchise?

Step 1: Identification of the Prospect

The very first step is to identify the prospect whether it’s through Reference, personal Contacts, marketing, advertising, etc.

Step 2 ( Day 1): Discussion with the client 

In the second step, the complete information about the company is provided to the applicant including operation processes, and all Terms & Conditions are Discussed.

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Step 3 (Day 2): Inspection of the Operation area/premises and office area 

In the second step Inspection of premises is done by the DTDC Team. 

Requirements for premises: The premises should be on the ground floor and should be facing the Road along with either side and should be sufficient for the movement of large carriers.

Step 4 (Day3): Franchise form submission by the applicant

On Day 3 , the Application form has to be submitted to the DTDC by the applicant requesting the franchise.

Step 5 (Day 4 & 5): Collection & Verification of application form along with the given Documents

  • Security fee & Establishment fee deposited through Demand draft. (As per discussions)
  • Proof of Identity: Proof of Identity issued by the government (Voter Card/Aadhaar Card/Driving License)
  • Proof of Address: Electricity bill/ration card/telephone bill etc.
  • Leave & license agreement or premises ownership agreement
  • Bank Details: Bank passbook or bank statement
  • Letter of reference (If any)

Step 6 (Day 5): Verification of Documents

Step 7 (Day 6 &7) : Inspection & approval of Documents by :

  • Resident Construction manager
  • Zone Convexity manager
  • Regional head
  • General manager

Step 8 (Day 8): Code activation & Communication through E-mail from GM’s Desk

Step 9 (Day 9-12) :Essential trainings

All the essential pieces of training are provided to the applicant and their team by the channel department which consists of :

  • On-field training to the staff for fluent operations and work optimization.
  • Off-field training to the IT departments, Css department, Accounts department & Sales department.

Step 10 (Day 13): Certification

After successful completion of all the essential training,  Training certificate is  provided to the Franchise owner duly signed by RM/GM only.

Step  11 (Day 14): Welcome!

From this day you are officially owner of an DTDC Franchise.You will get a Welcome kit in the regional office and will be introduced to the Regional office staff and support staff.

Step 12 (Day 15): Opening the franchise

Congrats! you are there with your franchise. Now you are ready to boom!

What Are The DTDC Courier Franchise Structure?

Joining courier franchises means you will earn lot of profit and more if you apply for a reputable one. Similarly, we have DTDC which is one of the best courier services in our country. This amazing courier company does offer a franchise option to people who are willing to open one. Now, there are four types of franchise structures offered by DTDC and they are:-

  • Single Unit Franchise 
  • Master DTDC Franchise 
  • Super Franchise and 
  • Corporate Syndication 

Single Unit Franchise

In this type of franchise, people can start their business in a single location. More than 95% of DTDC’s corporations are formed by this franchise only. 

Master DTDC Franchise

Franchises can work inside the Regional Office’s city limit. 

Super Franchise

It is a business associate, who acts as a Branch on the company’s behalf. 

Corporate Syndication

DTDC Franchise Cost/ Investment 

There are three categories in which DTDC offers their franchises to people. The franchise costs for each of them are given below:-

  • Category A- Rs 1.50,000
  • Category B- Rs 1,00,000
  • Category C- Rs 50,000

Requirements for a DTDC Franchise 

Area requirement- The minimum area required for DTDC franchise is between 300 to 450 square feet. Within this area, you can easily place all the required materials for your courier business. 

Branding and Hygiene- Owners need to build brand awareness and maintain the basic store branch 

Proper investment- If you are willing to open a DTDC courier franchise then proper investment is required. 

Documents- The documents required are:-

  • Aadhar card 
  • PAN card 
  • Voter ID card
  • Rent agreement 
  • Lease agreement 
  • Electricity Bill 

Does DTDC Provide Training & Support to Franchise? 

DTDC does offer training in various operational subjects, especially for the franchises’ field staff. This is done so that they can do their work smoothly. 

Benefits of Getting DTDC Franchise 

Here are the benefits of getting a DTDC franchise:-

  • Support 
  • Reputed company 
  • Good profit margin 
  • PAN India presence 
  • Convenient business model 

How to Apply for DTDC Franchise

If you are also interested to start DTDC Courier and Cargo services, you can send your details to the email address provides below this post.

North India[email protected]
South India[email protected]
West India[email protected]
East India[email protected]
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